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  1. How long should I be waiting for my ABS date?
  2. Fake nation tests tomorrow's Special Forces
  3. SF teaching question
  4. Medical waiver (mental) question
  5. Special Forces Medical (Vision)
  6. beret at gun show
  7. Considering either Civil Affairs or Special Forces
  8. ODA driver designation
  9. More Questions/Advice
  10. 18x Medical Question
  11. SF License Plate
  12. Advice
  13. Hard Times
  14. Please Read Before Asking
  15. 18x question
  16. Snipers in SF
  17. How do you deal with it?
  18. 18x Medical Waiver Question
  19. Question from a Marine
  20. International Studies degree/ Arabic fluency thinking about 18X
  21. 528th Sustainment Bde. Medics
  22. Is it possible to get into SF from 11B?
  23. Thank You
  24. Support Role
  25. Opinions on the Multicam camo pattern
  26. the Green Beret
  27. SF age requirement
  28. SAS Exchange Program?
  29. DTS issues with graduating 19th and 20th SFG soldiers
  30. Question for Old "SF Babies"
  31. Thoughts on legal name change before 18x?
  32. Tobacco(cigarettes) usage in SF
  33. Mentality of the SF Soldier
  34. DLI vs. College major or minor
  35. Prior service 18x? Going back active.
  36. Reason for age minimum
  37. Muslims in the SF
  39. Family Life in SFG
  40. SF Recruiter
  41. Requesting Info on Nighstalker Pilots?
  42. Some 18X Questions...
  43. Ear plugs
  44. SF Cartoon
  45. Blood Doping in SF
  46. I have a question....
  47. Questions on FID in relation to SF...hear me out.
  48. Special Forces beret flashes
  49. Question about dual-citizenship
  50. combat question
  51. Combat Tracking Course
  52. Past history question.
  53. Extremely complicated - looking for a shot
  54. Depth Perception
  55. CDQC Packing List Prep
  56. no prior service 18x contracts
  57. COB Adder POC
  58. What Would you Do Differently?
  59. 18X Assessment
  60. Misspelled SF tattoo
  61. Can SF soldiers switch their specialty ?
  62. Question about coming back to Course
  63. Blue to Green
  64. EOD a good skill
  65. Workout that helps prepare for Q course?
  66. 18x path
  67. Build and SF
  68. Is it better to take steps to becoming Special Forces?
  69. SF Tasks
  70. National Guard to Active Duty question
  71. Ranger School First?
  72. Can 18D cross train in other 18 series?
  73. Looking for mentor in Fort Bliss/El Paso area
  74. Do SOF feel more of a brotherhood with each other than the conventional units......
  75. Going from non SF to SF warrant officer?
  76. TAG/unit release to SF
  77. MATA Mile?
  78. Required asvab combat operations score
  79. Special forces physique
  80. (MK) for 18E
  81. TABE Question?
  82. SF Docs?
  83. Recognize this Bad Tölz coin?
  84. Running in snowy weather
  85. CID and SF
  86. Combat divers
  87. SF @ JFK Funeral
  88. 75th Make Good SF?
  89. SF in NYC or NYS
  90. Mentor
  91. Sharpe Army Depot
  92. Are many SF soldiers former Recon Marines?
  93. Vibram Five Fingers allowed in SFAS?
  94. Question about SF pipeline in late 1970s
  95. Question About MEPS.
  96. Mittlere Reife
  97. Disqualified to enlist as 18X; 11X or 68W instead?
  98. 3/7 History Questions
  99. Best route for SF?
  100. Summer Fall issue 1996
  101. Life After SFG
  102. Dealing with a recruiter - Becoming an 18A
  103. How LDS mission affected SF career
  104. FA or Infantry officer?
  105. IST from USMC denied - no space for 18A transfers in FY11/12?
  106. Billy Shelton
  107. Planning of training
  108. # Career Firefights
  109. Asthma
  110. How do you know.....
  111. 68WW1 or SF
  112. Why do SF make fun of the term "operator?"
  113. Life as a SF soldier
  114. Marriage during Q Course?
  115. SFAS preparation
  116. Just curious, "what if"
  117. After all that
  118. Im currently in DEP as 11x can i still go SF?
  119. Army Berets Going Away?
  120. Essential reading for those interested in SF
  121. Meyers Briggs and SOF
  122. The SF Soldier - COL Aaron Bank
  123. Latin Motto
  124. Option 18x
  125. does anyone recognize this man?
  126. Question regarding tattoos
  127. Which route should I take for reenlistment?
  128. HFA in Special Forces
  129. Before the army?
  130. 05S/18Es: CW Keys Used
  131. ARMY mos before trying out for Special Forces
  132. Religion
  133. I think I have a plan
  134. duty assignment
  135. Graduation Ceremony Question
  136. Age Requirements
  137. Ranger School for SF Qualified
  138. converting lat long
  139. EOD teams attached to SF detachments - Whats it like?
  140. When and what made you decide to pursue SF?
  141. Swore in as an 18x 2 weeks later got dqed
  142. Non combat Mos nat guard to AD SF
  143. Typical injuries/wear-and-tear for a career spent in Special Forces
  144. Giving it a go!
  145. Prior Service Waivers
  146. Current status of DLAB as a requirement (18X)
  147. Confused
  148. To the Professionals..
  149. Experiences with the Amharic Language
  150. From ROTC to SF
  151. Worked with AFSOC?
  152. SERE 215
  153. Path to 18A.
  154. Which SFG is the most fun?
  155. SFA&S
  156. Why don't special forces say "hooah"?
  157. tips for woo'ing recruiters
  158. Definitive answer
  159. tips for patrol leading
  160. SF Dive School
  161. P/S Going 18x OSUT again?
  162. A Recruiter's Perspective
  163. What kind of experience?
  164. Prospective 18X with questions for success.
  165. Possible Airsoft Poser?
  166. PSA Board
  167. EN branch a good feeder for SF?
  168. SF Team in Tehran during Eagle Claw
  169. will my family be taken care of?
  170. National Guard SF units
  171. W. William Nicholsonne
  172. MOS Change
  173. Questions about 18x for prior service
  174. SF Baby
  175. Looking for sources
  176. Career Decision: Looking For Quiet Professional Insight
  177. SOPC for Prior Service
  178. An SF Soldier's skillset
  179. SF special skills/courses
  180. Questions about class dates
  181. Where should I live when I get to Bragg?
  182. What were your day to day lives before 9/11?
  183. Path to SF....
  184. Question about the original USAF Ravens (not the UAV)
  185. O4 to E4
  186. FLPP
  187. SF Ring Legend
  188. After West point or ROTC......
  189. Joining the Military with a Degree.
  190. VietNam era Valor Awards
  191. Earn The Tab
  192. Baby on the Way?
  193. Stuck in the Crossroads of Enlisting or Officer Route
  194. Revoked tab
  195. SF workday
  196. 18D course - 14 weeks?
  197. Color Vision Question... Haha
  198. 11x to 18x in basic
  199. Classes to take???
  200. Ascensions Board
  201. Making time for the family...
  202. Enlist as 18x or 19D before going SF?
  203. Women in Combat?
  204. Learning Arabic prior to enlistment
  205. Question For SF Candidates/QP's
  206. Post High School question
  207. Anyone Who Left Their Group Before Their First Commitment
  208. 18x contract closed?
  209. Does Rep-63 still exist?
  210. Specail forces black hat?
  211. Interservice Transfer/Resigning Commission to apply to SF?
  212. War on Terror and SF research for Masters Degree
  213. 18x NG to Active Duty?
  214. Breaks in Training?
  215. James Brown
  216. Security Clearance??
  217. Land Nav
  218. 18X Questions.
  219. SOTA
  220. Camoflauge
  221. Lateral Transfers
  222. What does "Flash Qualified" Mean?
  223. Unconventional leader stuck in a Conventional leadeship
  224. What is the worst field environment you have experienced
  225. Pectus Excavatum
  226. Female agents
  227. 2nd SF Group?
  228. Combat Photographers
  229. For all 18xers
  230. NG vs Active Operators.
  231. 18x/reserves
  232. Group Assignments post graduation
  233. Civilian Employment Retention
  234. Team K9s?
  235. SWCS Academic Handbook
  236. Grade Waiver Inquiry
  237. APFT Scoring
  238. I have two traffic violations, will that buggar me up for security clearance?
  239. Another Clearance Question
  240. This Is Probably The Only Thread I Will Start
  241. Red/Green Colorblind
  242. Bad Past. Can I still join?
  243. Can a Chaplain Corp Officer become a Special Forces Officer?
  244. I need recruiting help. my future depends on it.
  245. Future of SF in Afghanistan
  246. Future Theaters
  247. Was accessed into CA and want SF
  248. GI bill question
  249. Advice on Future
  250. Combat Diver Preparation