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03-01-2013, 11:18
I have used this site and read and learned much from the many posts and threads about Special Forces training and life. I made up my mind to finally enlist yesterday under the 18x contract. My recruiter informed me that it is no longer available as of earlier this month. I was obviously bummed, but he told me I should enlist with opt 40 Ranger contract instead and go through RASP and Ranger school, then put in a packet for SFAS. Should I do this, or should I wait a couple months and see if the option opens up again? On the army website, when you search for jobs, there were few for March, more for April through may with no 18x, but in June 18x was an option. So, thats why my question is should I be patient and wait, or should I go through Ranger first. My goal and the whole reason I want to join is to become a member of the Special Forces family and community, and to serve in the role that Special Forces fills in the army. My desire is to be able to serve my country, but also to work with others wherever in the world, relate to them through culture and language, and teach them to be successful in war and peace. I love DA as much as the next guy, but I really love the By, With, and Through approach of the SF. Also, nothing against the Rangers, they are an amazing and top Light Infantry force in the world and US Army, and I know many SF guys are prior Rangers.

Just a note: I am 25 years old, have a wife and 3 kids, hold a BA degree in History, and am currently a High School Social Studies teacher. I have been preparing physically for a while to get back into shape, this has been my motivation. Also, my wife is fully on board with this decision, fully supports me, and loves the mission of SF soldiers. We have studied on this site, searched the web, and I have read Dick Couch's "Chosen Soldier" which was very helpful as well.

Thanks for any advice and help on this matter.


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03-01-2013, 17:24
Check out this site.


It's @ FtBragg. Many Recruiters don't like to mess with 18Xs because it is a lot of WORK for them!! My oldest graduated the Q last year and my youngest ships into the pipeline as an 18X in a few days.

Good Luck.

03-01-2013, 19:13
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"If you had asked they would have rang the Rock and opened a slot for you"

03-02-2013, 06:47
I'll keep this short and to the point.

Your path will be yours, as will the obstacles you find along the way. No one can tell you the best route as it is long, complicated at times, and personally demanding. As I have posted before, if you want something bad enough you'll find a way.

Now: I am a RGR pvt that found his way from a RGR Battalion, through the regular army infantry, to where I am now. The basic lessons and skills I learned as a private in Rgr Battalion served me very well as I pushed myself twenty years down the road. It was no easy day then, but the pain and work I endured as a private getting my ass smoked set me up for successes I experienced latter. The basic lessons of discipline and teamwork instilled there were unmatched by anything I have experienced since.

IF you make it through basic training at the top of your class, and IF you pass RASP (in my day it was called RIP or Ranger Indoctrination Program), then I think you will be MUCH better off to face SFAS and the Q than any other option out there. (Remember the odds are heavily against you ever donning a Green Beret at this moment.) I've never heard of a Batt Boy (Rgr) failing SFAS or the Q for lack of prior training, attitude yes, but not for lack of prior training.

One last comment; You offered a preference for By With and Through versus Direct Action, right? Even as an instructor and mentor you have to know what it is you are teaching those you will meet around the world. Basic infantry tactics are normally heavily weighted in Programs Of Instruction (POI's) that you will bring to our allies and friends around the world. Would you think a solid background from the RGR Bn would help here? Not Ranger School, not Sapper School aka "I wish I could pass Ranger School", but Ranger Bn? From my point of view and past experience it helped a great deal.

Good Luck with all you choose to do.

03-07-2013, 09:47
Thank you everyone who has replied. All the information has been very helpful. blue02hd, thanks for the Ranger insight and that makes sense that it would be very helpful to have as much of that training and knowledge that can be learned through Ranger bn.

I told my recruiter that the SF mission was my inspiration for wanting to join the army and that if there was a possibility of a spot opening up in 18x that I would be willing to wait. I had also talked to my wife and if a spot didn't open up soon we decided that we would go the Ranger bn. route.

The next day when I went in to talk to my recruiter, he said that after learned that SF was my primary reason for joining he called another recruiter fried and Ft. Bragg and one spot in 18x was open because a future soldier had to drop out for some reason and couldn't leave on his ship date.

Anyways, of course I was excited about that and my recruiters friend was able to freeze the spot open long enough for me to do my paper work, practice asvab, and get my waiver for having too many dependents to join, and my 18x spot was pulled today temporarily for 7 days until I go to meps next thursday.

I am thankful that the spot opened and I am looking forward to joining next week. I got a 70 on my practice asvab also, so I think my GT score should be high enough to qualify for the 18x contract.

Again, thanks for all the help and I will update when things are finalized next week or if anything has changed.


03-08-2013, 11:36
My recruiter called yesterday, and in order for my dependents waiver to go through I had to take the asvab yesterday evening right after work to make sure I can make the right scores.

I was a little nervous since I was planning on having some more study time before I was supposed to take it next week. However it turned out great. I ended up getting an 88 afqt and a gt score of 124. I'm pretty excited and they were able to temporarily pull my 18x job for a week until I go through meps next thursday.

As to the reason of this thread at the beginning, the answer to my question is no they did not get rid of the 18x program, just closed it because their slots were full. Luckily I was able to obtain one.

Thanks again for all the help and information and I look forward to continued use of this site to prepare for the army and the SF pipeline.