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10-24-2013, 11:55
Hello all,

I am 2 years away from being age eligible for an 18x contract, and am wondering if I am medically qualified, or if waiting 2 years to try to get a contract would be for nothing. I have pectus excavatum, a condition where the sternum is sunken toward the spine compared to where it should be.

The enlistment medical regulations state "...pectus excavatum (754.81), or pectus
carinatum (754.82), if these conditions interfere with vigorous physical exertion, does not meet the standard."

Fortunately, my condition does not interfere with vigorous physical exertion, and the medical regulations for "Medical Fitness Standards for Miscellaneous Purposes" (which includes Special Forces training and duty) refer to the above regulation.

That being said, to my knowledge, MFF is now a requirement for the Q course, and the regulations for MFF are more stringent, stating, "Congenital or acquired defects that restrict pulmonary function, cause air-trapping, or affect ventilation-perfusion [are disqualifying]."

I have no idea if my condition causes any of the above, however I know that I have never felt any negative effects from it.

Have there been any Special Forces soldiers, medically eligible Special Forces candidates, or MFF school graduates how have had pectus excavatum?

I understand that my question is very specific, but was wondering if, since the Special Forces community is small and tight knit, anyone knew of any Quiet Professionals with the condition.

Thank you for your time.

10-24-2013, 14:28
Yes, I went through the Q-course with a soldier born with pectus excavatum. He completed the MOS phase but was medically dropped during SUT due to an unrelated medical issue (hip injury). He is now an ER physician.