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Unapologetic Soldier
08-04-2012, 09:10
Iíll be starting SFQC within the next six months; that being said my wife and I will be PCSíing to Ft Bragg within the next five. We have no children so being in a preferred school district or zip code is not an issue.

Iím looking to get some feedback on where I should live when I get there. Iím not opposed to on or off post housing; just want to make an informed discussion. I assume SFQC will be filled with late nights and early mornings; seems like it would make since to live on post? If I do live on post whatís the housing like (Iím a SSG) for guys going through SFQC. Iíve been told if I live off post I should stay about a half hour from Bragg to avoid the high crime rate of Fayetteville. Is the drive time/cost of gas worth the commute to avoid living on post? (My BAH is listed at $1218.00)

Iím sure individual experience varies and everyone has a preference on whatís worth it. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

08-04-2012, 09:24
The bigger question is "What" do you want to live in.

Condo and Town Home developments usually have pools and other facilities + no yard work.

Detached homes have no facilities and you have to do yard work or hire it done - but it's detached.

Also hard to know any neighbors until you move in.

Crime in Fayetteville? That is a very "neighborhood" specific statistic. There are a number of crime tracking sites on line you can use to check out statistics in any given area.

08-04-2012, 09:29
Agree with Pete and would add do you have kids going to school. I have been here since 96 if and on married with no worries about crime.

Most places will be a 25 to 30 min drive into work.

08-04-2012, 10:21

The Reaper
08-04-2012, 16:44
Yet again, the Search button is your friend.

You are not the first guy to go through the SFQC, young padawan.


08-04-2012, 17:44
I know a house available right off Plank rd.
$1000 a month
4 bedroom
2 bath
2 car garage
fenced yard
pets welcome.

PM me for more info.

Unapologetic Soldier
08-05-2012, 06:54
Thanks all for the help, still looking around.

08-27-2012, 21:57
My property management company is "On site realty" in Sanford. Its about a 20 minute drive to work, maybe 25 on odd days. however traffic coming in through the north side of post was pretty slim when I was here.

I went and looked at my rental house the other day and saw a few other houses in the area for rent.

School districts are good, and crime is damn near next to none.

Good luck

Unapologetic Soldier
08-28-2012, 00:59
Thanks to all those who posted, Iíve been looking around comparing on post housing to off post housing. This is what Iíve come up with hopefully it helps others heading to Bragg in the future.

For me schools, districts, zip codes and other things to consider when moving with kids are of no concern, Iím married but have not little ones for the time being.

Going into SFQC I assume there will be long nights and early mornings. If I was to live off post I would not want to waste time on a long drive. I quickly started to lean more towards living on post for this reason.
To view on post housing go to http://www.braggpicerne.com/ enter your pay grade and number of dependents the site will show you what your options are and the wait time for each community that your eligible for. I found the site to be user friendly, if you have any follow up question Email them and they are pretty good at getting back to you. Additionally if you have specific questions you can call then as well, the guys on the other end was happy to help out.

A side note:
When you go to the above site, if youíre an E-6 you have to enter your number of dependents as three to find out what your eligible for. Itís a glitch in the system they trying to fix it; as long as you have one dependent it doesnít matter if you donítí have three.

Also if you have dogs youíre probably going to need a back yard fence, something most of the houses donítí came with. You have two options; you can buy the supplies and build your own fence (after itís approved by the housing department) or two you can rent a fence. I asked for the dimensions of the back yards so I know how much wood I would need to buy vs. renting a fence but was told they all differ in size so they couldnít help me out. I talked to a few people and from what I got itís about 70 to 100 bucks a month to rent a fence. Quick math 100 bucks times the 24 months that youíll be at the Q is 2400 when you can build your own fence for around 800 to 1000. Not to mention if you end up staying with 3rd group after the Q.
Last thing youíre going to need to supply your own washer and dryer. Look into renting vs. buying same shit as above. Cost of buying vs. long term renting.

If you canít bear to live on post and want to go elsewhere itís as easy as hitting search on Google to find a place. Or better yet look at the above post and link up with someone off this site, I donít think you can go wrong with that idea.

Again thanks to all who posted I found what I was looking for. :lifter

08-30-2012, 15:29

I used this website when looking for a place in regards to crime. Hope it helps

Unapologetic Soldier
08-30-2012, 22:51

I used this website when looking for a place in regards to crime. Hope it helps

Thanks I'll check it out