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08-11-2013, 12:02
I am currently an Airborne 11B SSG in a deactivating unit. I reenlisted for 35P (Arabic) but can't go to DLI because EFMP cannot support my son (ADHD, nothing big but the system sucks). I do have a very good working knowledge of French and I am studying for the DLPT to circumvent DLI and go to a group assignment, I need a 2/2 minimum to go as a "native speaker". This plan has been blessed by MI branch.

I am interested in going to a SOTA and also some information on the DLPT that the vague guide from DLI doesn't cover and JLU doesn't let you know where you'd score.

If I'm going to be a support guy I want to support the best.

PM me for my official email and thank you in advance.

08-12-2013, 14:03
One thing I would look at seriously is your family care plan and ensuring that your child is taken care of. You will deploy, you will be busy even when not deployed, you will need to be as focused on the task at hand and not have any distractions. The down time between deployments is spent on language training, fieldcraft, and red cycle taskings.

This goes for all Soldiers, but even more so Support Soldiers in SF Bn's.

I've been at it for 7 years in 1st Bn, 3rd SFG (A). I've done time as an Intel Sergeant, Sr. Intel Sergeant, Chief Intel Sergeant and MID NCOIC in my time here. I've shuffled between the Sr. and Chief positions 3 times in that 7 years. You will support, then support some more, then support some more.

You will be well placed if you can hold on to your field craft skills and make use of them if you get to Group. If you don't, you will still be value added in your MOS.

Best of luck to you, and PM me for info if you need any.

As a caveat, I cannot get you to Group. The Army will decide. Having completed Airborne, you have a better chance than most. They aren't looking to spend any more money than necessary.

PT your ass off, and be prepared for RSLC, Ranger School if you get here. They are attempting to professionalize the force to get pro-pay started (still, pipe-dream, likely to fail as usual).

Lastly, no I will not elude to, divulge or entertain what it is we do (any 35 MOS in Group). Just bad form, and just a bad way to conduct business.

08-13-2013, 10:34
Nope, I understand the caveat. Thank you. PM in route.

08-20-2013, 19:56
Is your question about the DLPT V or how to get on a SOT-A?

08-24-2013, 19:37
How to get on a SOT-A. MI Branch can assign me to a group but I just don't want to be supporting from the rear in the room with no walls after having spent 11 years in the Infantry.

PM in route.

10-24-2013, 23:10
Scored a 2 on my reading for French, taking the full 30 days for listening.

Got approved on JLU for Rosetta Stone but level 5 is proving too easy, my issue is how the ENGLISH questions are phrased in the questions (ironic eh?) but my translations have been spot on for news and radio broadcasts. So far not bad for a language I haven't spoken in 20 years.

This is just a thank you for the guys who PM'ed me with the tips on taking the DLPT and hopefully I can do great things on your side of the fence here soon.

November 14th is my listening day...

11-14-2013, 21:05
sorry, English is not my first language, but trying to perfecting it.

The Reaper
11-14-2013, 22:01
As 35P student now, prior MOS 68W, I want to know more about SOTA and really hope to get in.

I know SOTA first time when I was in bragg as language contractor, I was reservist back then, and now get active reclass to 35P, since I got 3/3 on my DLPT so I bypass the DLI. Now just need to finish school so I can get to my unit.

Should I wait until I hit my unit and volunteer to go airborne? or I should take to my Plt Sgt now while I still in 35p school? I know some DLI student go airborne will get contract and pick up by SOTA while they at DLI, but since I am in 35p school, what can I do to get in? who I should contact?

Was thinking about Psyop before, but now SOTA seems fit me better if I already have the skill to support.

PM me, I am looking really hard into this job and wish this as an career advancement.

Review the board rules and introduce yourself in the proper place before posting further.

Is English not your primary language?


11-26-2013, 14:10
Echo: I am not in the door and appears I will never be.

Thank you to all who offered advice on here and in PM's.

Regretfully I only got a 1 in the listening (Infantry ears I guess) and did not make it. At least I tried to keep my end of the contract.