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11-19-2011, 00:31
I have had the honor of meeting some of your members at a charity event, hosted in Dallas on Veteran's Day last year. Thank you for your service and continued dedication of helping those who deserve to be helped.

On to my question...

I am an 11B E-4 in the NG, I am located in the DFW area. I have an active secret clearance, GT 117, CO 121, Physical Profile is 111111. Based on the numerous resources I have viewed (including the links on here), I am completely qualified. I also am confident that I have the intestinal fortitude to earn a "cast or tab."

The only concern (and a big one at that) is that I got a DWI in January. I made an irresponsible decision in an inappropriate state of mind and have learned from it. Will this prevent me from being able to pursue the SF route? I've researched thoroughly but have found many conflicting answers from individuals not qualified to answer.

11-19-2011, 03:13
"Will this prevent me from being able to pursue the SF route?"
I sure as hell hope so.

Re-read your welcome e-mail.
Then, search "FTFSI"
Then, contact a Special Forces Recruiter and listen closely when he tells you that we're not looking for people who are so stupid they get behind the wheel of a car when they are so undiciplined with alcohol and so selfish to think the rule shouldn't apply to them.
Then, since you won't pay attention to that -- because you're "completely qualified" and so confident about your intestinal fortitude -- just go buy a green beret and award yourself a tab.
Then, see what happens.

0308 local, that's why. Don't wake me up for this crap.

11-19-2011, 19:30
To each his own. I feel I have much that I could contribute and would be a good addition to a team. I will absolutely contact a recruiter as this seems somewhat like a "calling" for myself. For you to call me stupid and make assumptions (based on little information) that I think I am above rules/laws are just that. Assumptions... In no way have I ever denied responsibility for my own actions or tried to dodge the consequences that have come from them. Also, I'm actually quite intelligent. Show me a single person that has never made a poor choice and I will show you a liar. I am a firm believer that people can change for better or worse. I constantly make decisions to improve myself and those around me. I do not have a record of making multiple bad decisions, just a single one. On the other hand, I am constantly acting in a way to benefit myself and my community.

Last but not least... The qualifications to be sent to SFAS are listed in multiple locations. According to those, I am "completely qualified" to attend SFAS. My drive is much stronger than my peers and I have what it takes to give it my all or push myself until I'm dead trying. I don't pose to be something I am not and never have. The green beret and tab are not worth purchasing but rather earning for myself.

11-19-2011, 19:36

Use some that intelligence and re-read your welcome message and follow the simple instructions that most intelligent people can follow. If you can't follow simple instructions don't waste your or our instructors time going to selection.

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11-19-2011, 19:54

You still haven't followed the directions in the email you recieved when signing on here. Don't post again until you have followed all the instructions enclosed in that email.

11-20-2011, 07:06

That question can only be answered with certainty by DA upon submission of your packet w/CofC recommendaton(s) and its request either being approved w/waiver(s) or denied.

IMO - based on the many things I saw, experienced, and learned over the years during and after my AD service - it would be doubtful that such a waiver would be granted...especially now and in the near future when the Army is planning to again 'draw down' and execute yet another RIF. All this means that right now might not be a good time to seek such a waiver and bring unnecessary attention to yourself from USAHRC.

I think you are lucky to still be with your current unit after having recieived a DUI and, if I were you, I would become the proverbial 'grey man' in the unit in regards to anything but being seen as the epitome of a motivating and professionally capable Infantryman whenever anyone mentions or hears your name.

Some choices in life are more limiting and difficult to overcome than others - good luck with yours.