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11-24-2013, 08:50
Hi my name is Victor. I currently have 8yrs of prior active Navy. I am working with 2 recruiters 1 active and the other National Guard. There is some confusion because the information both are providing contradicts itself. Active duty is currently telling me, yes I could go 18x and if I go NG I will never be able to go back on active duty. They also said the training, skills, and experience is much higher because it is what you do, day in and day out; with that said you will be consider a lot more in the CIA, FBI (Federal Agent is what I want in the future) having active operator experience vs. NG operators. NG recruiter is telling me 18x is only for non-prior service. I will have to take the direction toward SF myself such as attending basic, requesting infantry, requesting airborne school and so on, rather than having a contract mapping me towards SF. NG said training and skills are exactly the same as active duty and now with the war the same experience. Also, during my contract, many opportunities will come to take assignment putting me in active statues. After my contract with NG, if I choose to transfer to active duty than I could do so. Keep in mind; if you choose to go active and you don’t get selected, you will have a PCS based on the needs of the Army vs. going back home and to your unit.

I just need some clarification on some of the info being that I am debating going back on active duty or joining NG. Also, what is the tension between active operator and NG operator when working together? I asked because with my experience there was a constant tension between active and reserves.


11-24-2013, 09:41
Interesting - BUT - go to the following link and follow the instructions for this BB before posting again.


And if you have questions regarding recruitment, these guys ( Special Operations Recruiting Battalion ) will have the answers for you.


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The Reaper
11-24-2013, 11:18
To reinforce what Richard said, there are also numerous threads on NG and active SF that could can read here. The Search button is your friend. Please use it before starting new threads.

And drop the operator label, please.