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12-29-2011, 21:06
First, allow me to preface this post with the following:

I have research the heck out of this topic. I understand the basic qualifications and I understand that work that I will have to put into this and the amount of luck that may be required. I have yet to truly find the answer to my question through more than a bit of research. I know what official channels exist to get the answer, but before I put myself on their radar, I thought I would ask here and see if anyone had any information.

I will be commissioned in the USAR very soon. I branched Engineer and have a rediculously supportive CoC. They are supportive of trying to get me to Sapper Leader Course(They stated they could get that before they could Ranger due to being an Engineer BN...but that they would keep me in mind if they thought that I had earned a Ranger slot and they could swing it) and of allowing me to pursue the Call to Active Duty program once eligible. All they care about is that I put my time in as a PL and continue to work past that until I am eligible.

When I review HRC's website regarding the Call to Active Duty program, even though it is not available to 2LT or 1LT's, it states that there is a form for 1LT(P) applying to SFAS. When you click on the link, it takes you to information regarding CPT's and MAJ's already SF Qualified.

Does anyone know how a 1LT(P) in the USAR can apply to AD SF? It really seems as though there is a way, but that the information on HRC's website is not complete.

If there is not a path to AD SF through CAD, I will TRY to transfer to the NG and go SF that way...once I have satisfied my CoC's requirements of me as a LT. IF I am successful throught that path, maybe CAD will open up to me once I have successfully served my time in the NG and done my duty.

I know I am looking at things that are a bit further out there, but I want to ensure that I am putting the appropriate focus on the correct areas to be successful. I know that if given a shot...I will prove myself as best I can. If not selected, then I understand, but I will not quit and I truely feel as though I can be a strong asset to a team and higher as I progress. I have no feelings of grandure here. I just really feel as though this would be the most appropriate place for me to serve considering my talents and my desires. I trust that if I am not what is needed for SF, that I will not be selected. I am okay with that, but I want to show up and give my best and let the chips fall where they may. I also understand that portions of this are not up to me, but I want to make sure to control the elements that I can in order to be as prepared and organized as I can as I move through the next couple of years.

PLEASE NOTE: I just received a PM regarding this post asking me how I would be commissioned as a 1LT(P). I appologize if there is any information posted above that would lead anyone to think that this was what I was claiming. I will be commissioned as a 2LT, just as most Officers enter the commissioned ranks. I have a good amount of time ahead of me to reach 1LT(P). I am just trying to do the appropriate short and mid-term planning to ensure that IF there is an option for me to earn a chance, that I am doing the correct things.

I have NOT edited my inital post, yet wanted to add clarification because the last thing I want to do is misrespresent who I am, or what my intention is. My integrity is important to me and if one person misunderstood what I meant, then others may as well. Please understand that I was trying to be concise and that I wanted to convey that this is something that I have researched and can not find the appropriate answer to allow me to set goals based on the current guidance out there. I undserstand that in the next few years, the CAD program may change and that what is true today may not be true even tomorrow as the Army continues to change.