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  1. Advice, guidance and clarification on pursuing a SF career path.
  2. Question
  3. Support to SF
  4. 7 Easy Steps That Guarantee You to Pass Any SOF Selection
  5. Student Bail Out Bag.
  6. Authoring the story
  7. What Advice Would an SF Soldier Give?
  8. Family questions
  9. Has there been a lowering of standards?
  10. "Green Beret 2014" Documentary
  11. Ranger getting RFS'd, any chance of going to SFAS?
  12. 18X - Possible New Pipeline
  13. Special Forces Flag?
  14. Questions
  15. Land Navigation For 18x's
  16. Medical Retirement and returning to go for selection.
  17. NG to active
  18. Am I too short?
  19. Not sure where to go from here
  20. Special Forces and Medical School
  21. Wanting to become SF
  22. Leg training
  23. Psychology major. Collar bone plate General advice.
  24. USAR Assistance
  25. Language study during school
  26. What were some of the biggest personal challenges you faced in your life?
  27. Medical Question
  28. SF....Nightstalkers
  29. Group Life/Team Life
  30. Family Life
  31. De Oppresso Liber pin
  32. National Guard to active
  33. Considering my situation, which is the best path for SF?
  34. qualifications for army SF
  35. How much does political leadership affect the job?
  36. 18x time line quesetion.
  37. Support to SF
  38. 18X Program
  39. Med Waivers
  40. Graduate or dropout?
  41. When is to Old too Old
  42. Choosing the correct path
  43. Credit PreReq
  44. Nystagmus Medical Waiver
  45. Land Navigation
  46. Wife Ultimatum
  47. Career and 18x help
  48. special forces/ Army Ranger
  49. Contemplating 19d VS 18X
  50. Advice for beginning Cardio and my routine
  51. Open compound fractured tibia
  52. 18x/11x Option 40
  53. SF members in Georgia
  54. Trial Camo
  55. NG 11B to Active 18x
  56. Likelihood of a Middle East Deployment?
  57. Effects of traveling to Russia on future clearances in Special Forces
  58. Use of SF images
  59. What if I'm your teammate?
  60. Questions about family benefits
  61. Upon being corrected by a team sergeant
  62. Mission Briefing- how it happens
  63. 18x leaving for osut oct 24th question regarding physical training
  64. Regarding age, skills, and REP 63
  65. 18x contract details/timeline?
  66. Citizen-Soldier in the NG SF?
  67. USAR to USA 18x Age dilemna
  68. Letter to entitlement generation
  69. Military Medicine
  70. US SOCOM deployments
  71. Is Thalassemia minor without any anemia a disqualification for 18x contract?
  72. Blue print to get me to SFAS NEED HELP!
  73. Stuttering in SF
  74. Is being a wrestler a predictor of success in SFQC
  75. 18x Age Waiver under 20
  76. Green to gold program?
  77. "Outside" Training courses/ "experience"
  78. Moving the Family
  79. need some info stat
  80. Were all MOS's eligible for an SQI S before the 18 CMF?
  81. SF combat proficiency?
  82. Murder in Jordan, Ambush in Niger.
  83. Rank among SFQC grads
  84. Diversity of languages in an ODA
  85. 18X and Family
  86. Graduation Logistics
  87. Prior Service Marine Hearing Waiver
  88. Joining SF
  89. AD Enlisted to AD Enlisted Interservice Transfer
  90. ROTC Culture how to Respond to it
  91. Ranger School Before SFAS?
  92. Question regarding group placement upon graduation
  93. Troop Leading Exercises?
  94. Nabbing 18x While on Sand Hill
  95. Rep 63 and RSP (Recruit Sustainment Plan)
  96. DUI PTSD
  97. 19th/20th, state-to-state
  98. 18X/REP-63 After Master's?
  99. lower standard in SFAS, Q school
  100. Task Force Viking Map
  101. Threat Finance
  102. Earned an 18x on sandhill (OSUT FT. BENNING)
  103. Team Moves
  104. Overseas Contracting
  105. Low Testosterone SF Wannabe
  106. Picking up 18x at OSUT as PA NG soldier
  107. Stuck Afghan Allies