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  1. UFC Middleweight Tim Kennedy Has The Attention Of ISIS
  2. Rising use of opioid painkillers and efforts to curb them may lead soldiers, vets to
  3. Are cities the new countries?
  4. Rock Legend Glenn Frey Dead at 67
  5. New Chute??
  6. This explains a lot about the NY cops......
  7. NAVY SEAL with UBL Photo Focus of Widening Federal Investigation
  8. 10th Special Forces Group Airborne photo up for US Army Photo of the Year
  9. Gainesville FL police officer plays basketball with kids ...
  10. The rumors of his death were GREATLY exaggerated!
  11. Members of Congress ask VA to allow medical Marijuana
  12. Good guys 1 - Dirtbag 0
  13. Mystery sniper taking out Daesh leaders in Libyan city
  14. Can you catch the QP reference I slipped into this video?
  15. 21 Ridiculous Things You Only Know If You Lived There: Fort Bragg
  16. New crime fighting tool proposed in DC
  17. Cancer T-shirts for medical expenses
  18. Tennessee's first female 12B goes AWOL
  19. Domestic or International... (Terrorism that is)
  20. New Military Retirement Law Effective 1 Jan 2018
  21. Online groups sleuthing to call out phony military careers
  22. amsec hc1854 horizontal safe
  23. Masters Degree Program in SOF
  24. Pig hat gets the pokey
  25. California Signs Law Allowing Illegals To Vote
  26. TBT,, The Ivory Coast Raid & Edgar Britt, (ret CSM)
  27. Supply Chain Problems??
  28. A Message from Mattis
  29. TOW 2 vs T-72?
  30. Bill Clinton snaps at heckling veteran
  31. Training Facility in Dushanbe
  32. Do you know Vlad,, Where is Vlad??
  33. LTG Raymond Thomas chosen to lead SOCOM
  34. Earning And Wearing The Green Beret
  35. Army set to expand program it claims it killed
  36. Now THAT Is Tough.
  37. Roderick Allison TSA "Special Forces"
  38. Mark Levin endorses Ted Cruz
  39. OV-10 Bronco brought out of retirement
  40. Missing North Korea Submarine
  41. Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland
  42. Nice Range
  43. Soldiers in Toronto stabbed and Quebec murdered
  44. "How else he gonna get his money?"
  45. Bergdahl, coward, deserter & bottom feeding lowlife
  46. Gov. sets new record
  47. General fired over inappropriate emails
  48. Outstanding video - Jihad vs. Crusades
  49. SF Brothers Auction for the GBF
  50. Douglas Godshall remembers missions behind enemy lines with Special Forces in Vietnam
  51. Now, I'm confused
  52. Jon Keyser -- A Real American Hero
  53. All American Marathon
  54. ISIS water
  55. Public Service Announcement
  57. Meditation/Internal Martial Arts
  58. Looking for a Mentor/Helper
  60. The Panama Papers
  61. Drive Through Mess Hall
  62. MFO Duty
  63. Carter proposes sweeping changes to military command structure
  64. Green Beret Foundation NY Gala 2016
  65. Hillary Clinton Ties Emerge In Panama Papers
  66. The Next Rembrandt
  67. ROTC run to mark 100 years of service
  68. Is our system of officers outdated?
  69. Why aren't we educating THIS way......
  70. Vietnam Vet foils Waffle House robbery with cane
  71. 100,000 Veterans Declared ‘Mentally Defective,” Denied Second Amendment Rights
  72. Marine Frauds Devil Dog Arms Joe Lucania
  73. Foxnews and MSM quoting idiots, again. Dennis Santiago "weapons expert"
  74. Land measurement question
  75. Hillary is sure to win in Virginia
  76. SCOTUS upholds 2nd amendment
  77. 5th Group medics who served in Desert Storm and afterwards please contact me
  78. Prince,, He wrote song for The Donald!!
  79. Judge sentences Special Forces vet, spends night in jail with him
  80. Word of the Day - "Bumptious"
  81. Fort Bragg dining facilities should be OK as Army looks to make cuts, officials say
  82. People Want To Put Prince On A $20 Bill And Call It $19.99
  83. Vegan, old Indian word for "Bad Hunter"
  84. What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State - Captured ISIS Headcam Footage
  85. "He cried like a baby"
  86. French journalist infiltrates jihadist cell for six months
  87. Did the United States steal Texas from Mexico?
  88. The times they are a changin
  89. Airlines Pre-Boarding Announcement
  90. Scholarship for Veterans, Active Duty
  91. Mexican Congresswoman Wants to Ban Internet Memes
  92. Space-X does it AGAIN !!!
  93. 300: Making America Great Again [Donald Trump Parody]
  94. "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
  95. GBF on Fox News
  96. DOJ phasing out the word "criminal" when refering to people with criminal backgrounds
  97. Army shrinks to smallest level since before World War II
  98. Carter announces new Operation Inherent Resolve award
  99. Facebook, the socialist social media
  100. Bruce Jenner, I mean Cait, I mean Bruce nude on Sports Illustrated???
  101. $180M fake psychic scam !!! Fake? Seriously? Fake?
  102. CBO: Nearly 1 in 6 Young Men in U.S. Jobless or Incarcerated
  103. "Certified Sabbath Mode"
  104. No one has EVER shot themselves while cleaning a gun!!!!!
  105. Ayatollah's Book or...some light reading
  106. All Muslim Terrorists are Crazy
  107. 13 U.S. soldiers arrested ater bar fight in Vicenza, Italy
  108. A Recruitment/Enlistment Question
  109. Sullivan Cup: N.C. regiment earns top tank crew honors
  110. Air Force to really Gay Force
  111. Federal-mandated higher threshhold for overtime pay
  112. Apache gunship hit with live rounds during training exercise
  113. "socialist media" stories!
  114. The Gun Bed !!!!!
  115. United States Future Army Soldiers
  116. To Ironman: You're dead wrong
  117. Time to question the "graduation dress code".
  118. Primed to fight the government
  119. BOH,, Snub'd at Hanoi
  120. The High Price of Security Theater
  121. 22 With 22 For 22
  122. Mexican Army shooting us citizens on US soil
  123. Obama in VN
  124. Glenn Beck, Brad Thor, going full retard.
  125. Luke AFB BX, guns and ammo for sale
  126. Fallen Special Forces soldiers remembered in solemn ceremony
  127. WWII ‘Memphis Belle’ gunner, revisits Britain after 70 years and dies peacefully
  128. CCW used as background check in Ohio now
  129. On this Memorial Day..... In Flanders Fields
  130. What's wrong with California? This:
  131. Petersburg National Battlefield desecrated by relic hunters
  132. 13 Hours
  133. Memorial Day 2016 the Presidio
  134. EPIX Pulls Katie Couric’s Fraudulent Documentary “Under The Gun”
  135. Attorney for DOHA
  136. Brian McKinley English Teacher at Medway High School Pedophile & Child Rapist
  137. General Boykin not welcome on Ft. Riley
  138. islamic animals light 18 year old girl on fire for rejecting marriage proposal
  139. Muhammad Ali dead at 74
  140. Fort Carson special forces soldiers evacuated off Longs Peak
  141. Cold War Casualty
  142. Planning to hike the App Trail
  143. DNA Analysis
  144. ‘Terrifying’: Realistic active shooter drill tests Midstate school district, police r
  146. Olive-Garden spaghetti pie.
  147. Faith In Humanity
  148. US Navy, "We're Jamming"
  149. Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23, of Portland, NO "DO-OVER"
  150. Petraeus sells his soul for a few bits of silver
  151. Australian Defense Force Propaganda on Islam Failing
  152. 100 years onward, we can learn from the Battle of Jutland
  153. A black guy, latino and a white guy jump onto the subway tracks......
  154. West Hollywood Inundated With AMAZING Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters
  155. British lawmaker killed in shooting, stabbing attack, police confirm
  156. The FBI screwed the pooch ....
  157. Study authors retract: It turns out conservatives are not psychotic (liberals are)
  158. Diversity for diversity sake
  159. barry soetoro the Greatest Gun Salesman in the History of the World!
  160. How to stop a mass shooting in less than 30 seconds
  161. Three arrested outside NYC after weapons cache, ballistic vests found in vehicle
  162. San Diego high school cheerleader charged in connection with murder of homeless man
  163. Conspicuous and Persistent Absurdity
  164. Tony Robbins Moron Elite!
  165. Greenbrier?
  166. 'This is the worst,' Alan Greenspan says of British break from EU
  167. Google, Facebook, Youtube, Censoring the Internet
  168. Another Socialist Epic Failure, but we saw this train wreck coming and did nothing
  169. Fake Monks? Buddhist Leaders Warn NYC Tourists
  170. Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law
  171. The United Nations Calls Islamic State
  172. Loretta Lynch going full retard, again
  173. Russians beating up Muslims
  174. Ok, my first "Hollywood" Special Forces "Fraud", Adrian Grenier
  175. Central Park explosion injures 1
  176. The Declaration of Independence
  177. Have a Happy 4th !!!!
  178. Robert DeNiro, Dirty Grandpa. SF Fraud...?
  179. You Owe Them Nothing - Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience
  180. Interstate moving costs??
  181. A bit of "sad" news.....
  182. What's the Left hand doing ???
  183. O.A.S.I.S. Group Seminar, 19-22 July, Fort Bragg, NC
  184. Black Hate Group Urges Gangs To Kill Cops After Dallas Shootings
  185. Veterans say wading in WWII memorial's Rainbow Pool 'disrespectful'
  186. Osama bin Laden’s son vows revenge
  187. What have we said since the invasion of Afghanistan?
  188. While the news cycle is busy, more troops to Iraq.
  189. Roger Ailes can do no wrong, so says his well paid employees......
  190. 22 schoolgirls 'suffered mass demonic possession'
  191. Phoenix has a serial killer, and it only took a couple of months to tell the people.
  192. Nervous! Excited!
  193. Special Forces / Ranger Breakfast Club in the DC Area
  194. Master Infantryman Badge
  195. Massive Bumble Bee Recall
  196. This Pokémon Go craze could get people dead
  197. Report: New Black Panthers Will Go To Cleveland With Guns For Self-Defense
  198. Cleveland RNC thread
  199. France: Muslim Stabbed Three Children For Being ‘Scantily Dressed’
  200. Park Service Denies SF Soldier Employment Due to Hearing Loss
  201. Virginia Govenor Ignores State Supreme Court
  202. Did The Hill have a seizure??
  203. Philadelphia DNC thread
  204. Title Confusion
  205. John Hinckley Jr to be freed
  206. Needed Beer Historian
  207. Man Card
  208. Skydiver Luke Aikins to jump from plane without parachute or wingsuit.
  209. Hillary's scheme to win the White House
  210. Military weapons stolen from arms room at U.S. base in Stuttgart, Germany
  211. Charles J. Whitman - A Half-Century of Time.
  212. Rio Olympics Crime & Terrorism Thread
  213. ISIS hit list targets 700 U.S. Army soldiers: ‘Kill the dogs’
  215. Wayne Simmons and Kerry Patton, a criminal fraud and a joke.
  216. It looks like the FBI fabricated another domestic terrorist then arrested him
  217. Bitcoin exchange loses more than $60 million in digital heist
  218. Scotland Trip
  219. Only Muslims could punish a gay may by raping him....
  220. Do you ERCP,, while turning yellow??
  221. The Hil?? MS?? or IOTV??
  222. Florida woman in training scenario accidently killed by Police Officer
  223. Vietnam Spammers
  224. Watch Navy pilots save plane after it falls off carrier
  225. Louisiana Flood
  226. SAA
  227. Former Navy SEAL on Bin Laden raid to forfeit earnings from book
  228. The 'Great American Eclipse'
  229. Will there be two Ukraines?
  230. Reuters: Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks
  231. Trump says government can 'work with' illegal immigrants
  232. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  233. Army General fired for leading swinger lifestyle
  234. Happy Birthday
  235. Suspicious PMs
  236. The age of drone has begun
  237. Need some help
  238. Tortorella
  239. GBF CFC #
  240. SF MoH Recipient undergoing Chemo
  241. A Federal Law for National Concealed Carry for Current/Former US SpecOps
  242. Fort Bragg soldiers compete for spots in international sniper competition
  243. In what world does this make sense?
  244. The New MARSOC Insignia has a "name"
  245. U-2 spy plane crashes in Northern California
  246. Reagan in Korea 1983
  247. ATTN all you turds getting shot by LEO's:
  248. American College & Universities Special Snowflake Safety Areas
  249. Norman Hall
  250. Vietnam vets to pay homage to Martha Raye at Fort Bragg