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  1. Osama bin Laden’s son vows revenge
  2. What have we said since the invasion of Afghanistan?
  3. While the news cycle is busy, more troops to Iraq.
  4. Roger Ailes can do no wrong, so says his well paid employees......
  5. 22 schoolgirls 'suffered mass demonic possession'
  6. Phoenix has a serial killer, and it only took a couple of months to tell the people.
  7. Nervous! Excited!
  8. Special Forces / Ranger Breakfast Club in the DC Area
  9. Master Infantryman Badge
  10. Massive Bumble Bee Recall
  11. This Pokémon Go craze could get people dead
  12. Cleveland RNC thread
  13. France: Muslim Stabbed Three Children For Being ‘Scantily Dressed’
  14. Park Service Denies SF Soldier Employment Due to Hearing Loss
  15. Virginia Govenor Ignores State Supreme Court
  16. Did The Hill have a seizure??
  17. Philadelphia DNC thread
  18. Title Confusion
  19. John Hinckley Jr to be freed
  20. Needed Beer Historian
  21. Man Card
  22. Skydiver Luke Aikins to jump from plane without parachute or wingsuit.
  23. Hillary's scheme to win the White House
  24. Military weapons stolen from arms room at U.S. base in Stuttgart, Germany
  25. Charles J. Whitman - A Half-Century of Time.
  26. Rio Olympics Crime & Terrorism Thread
  27. ISIS hit list targets 700 U.S. Army soldiers: ‘Kill the dogs’
  29. Wayne Simmons and Kerry Patton, a criminal fraud and a joke.
  30. It looks like the FBI fabricated another domestic terrorist then arrested him
  31. Bitcoin exchange loses more than $60 million in digital heist
  32. Scotland Trip
  33. Only Muslims could punish a gay may by raping him....
  34. Do you ERCP,, while turning yellow??
  35. The Hil?? MS?? or IOTV??
  36. Florida woman in training scenario accidently killed by Police Officer
  37. Vietnam Spammers
  38. Watch Navy pilots save plane after it falls off carrier
  39. Louisiana Flood
  40. SAA
  41. Former Navy SEAL on Bin Laden raid to forfeit earnings from book
  42. The 'Great American Eclipse'
  43. Will there be two Ukraines?
  44. Reuters: Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks
  45. Trump says government can 'work with' illegal immigrants
  46. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  47. Army General fired for leading swinger lifestyle
  48. Happy Birthday
  49. Suspicious PMs
  50. The age of drone has begun
  51. Need some help
  52. Tortorella
  53. GBF CFC #
  54. SF MoH Recipient undergoing Chemo
  55. A Federal Law for National Concealed Carry for Current/Former US SpecOps
  56. Fort Bragg soldiers compete for spots in international sniper competition
  57. In what world does this make sense?
  58. The New MARSOC Insignia has a "name"
  59. U-2 spy plane crashes in Northern California
  60. ATTN all you turds getting shot by LEO's:
  61. American College & Universities Special Snowflake Safety Areas
  62. Norman Hall
  63. Vietnam vets to pay homage to Martha Raye at Fort Bragg
  64. Our IQs have never been higher
  65. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  66. NC State of Emergency
  67. SF Poser
  68. October Surprise
  69. Celebrating Dead Che day
  70. Understanding Russia’s Concept for Total War in Europe
  71. Dave Harris
  72. 'I'll humiliate you': Duterte
  73. Jon Voight's plea to save America
  74. College/university SNOWFLAKES
  75. America's Sheriff says it time for pitchforks and torches
  76. New Hobby
  77. Which is worse: Assassination or Stealing an Election
  78. American opposition leaders say they've been banned from leaving country
  79. Guard Bonus's in CA.
  80. Rise of Reichsburger movement in Germany
  81. Hey NFL, SLAP SHOT!
  82. Bottom-Feeding Fraud gets more prison time....
  83. Progressive Hit Piece on the Truth
  84. Bob Hoover - Dead at 94
  85. Unicorn Jockeys: Where college snowflakes come from.
  86. Pope Francis says nope, not gonna happen EVER!
  87. Black Hurricanes
  88. Total Loser? Join the Army!
  89. Benjamin Hall Foxnews "reporter" do you have a clue who the "Special Forces" are?
  90. Outreach and Scouting
  91. 8 November 2016
  92. 3 USA SF Killed in Jordan
  93. Thank you
  94. Veterans day 20% discount for dog owners - posers beware!
  95. You should piss you off
  96. Never leave a soldier behind
  97. Bring Skillie Home
  98. 60 Minutes interview with George Soros from 1998
  99. Turkey Day
  100. Self-cleaning gene pool?
  101. 350 Feet
  102. Denver Sheriffs Dept. fined
  103. UK Snowflakes safe...from canned beans
  104. Hacking 4 Defense
  105. Fort Bragg tree arrives
  106. Paratroopers ready for annual Toy Drop
  107. Marine Batallion goes silent....
  108. AR Option
  109. BLM & Hamas
  110. 600 possibly infected
  111. SMALLPOX ??
  112. Such a thankful nation
  113. Survey finds Army at a crossroads
  114. Afraid of the cops? Call the cops!
  115. The Scary Ghost of Ayn Rand
  116. NYC Tax dollars at work
  117. Army recruiter in San Antonio busted for providing guns to Mexican cartels
  118. Handheld TESLA COIL GUN at 28,000fps
  119. Trump? Sheeple? WTF
  120. Snopes.com Corrupt and fakebook's "fact" checker
  121. Merry Christmas
  122. European Lefties Plan to March on ISIS While Waving White Flags
  123. China's first aircraft carrier heads for Western Pacific
  124. The "Sheeple" are scared and "Free Speech" isn't Free!
  125. Another reason why not to legalize pot
  126. Inside the DEA: A chemist's quest to identify mystery drugs
  127. Gotta love HuffPo...
  128. Mike Rowe-American
  129. Happy New Year!!
  130. Who the hell is Jeff?
  131. Top Secret -cleared SOCOM staff in 11GB Govt contractor breach
  132. Arizona Cops and Robbers.......
  133. POTUS gets participation award?
  134. Well here we go again
  135. Still getting your news ...
  136. First feel good story of 2017
  137. Thugs and criminals, I've told you about Arizona
  138. 623-476-0333 Veterans Scam
  139. Chimney sweeps!
  140. Next FBI Director
  141. US quietly sent $221M to Palestinians in Obama's last hours
  142. Apollo 1 Fire 50 yrs. ago
  143. Robert Burns Day
  144. Over 4000 MAVNIs stuck in DEP
  145. Power outage in Albuqureque and Santa Fe
  147. MC as model for democrat takeover
  148. Dealing with 'dead weight'.
  149. Super Bowl Ad edited and fixed
  150. AC-47D call sign "Spooky"
  151. Front Range of Colorado, at night, from space
  152. LTG Hal Moore Passes away
  153. Camouflage Challenge
  154. Trump IS a leader ...
  155. University of Michigan students demand a non-whites-only space
  156. ‘Post-election stress disorder’ Sweeps the Nation
  157. Trump meets with SF Candidates
  158. Goodbye Mr. Bill Paxton
  159. Ranger Roll to Firemans Carry - Advice?
  160. Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem
  161. I Celebrated Black History Month...
  162. 'Star wars' actor Riz Ahmed, going full retard......
  163. 2017 Inauguration Invitation
  164. Pentagon investigates Marines for posting nude photos online
  165. Internet Streaming with Android/KODI Box?
  166. Solid Western
  167. The U.S. Border Patrol "tunnel rats"
  168. Mark Cuban kudos!
  169. Two decades later, 'Phoenix Lights' remains a mystery
  170. Long Tab beret flash question
  171. Most disturbing photo I've seen in a decade
  172. Just when you think humans could go no lower, they find a new low.
  173. Ready to be the next Governor of California
  174. Shadow run
  175. Transgender for the WIN!
  176. Jade Helm 2017
  177. Malhama Tactical, Job Openings??
  178. Well done young man, well done.
  179. Gold coin in Guinness Book of Records stolen, worth as much as $4.5M
  180. This is a very bad week for burglars.........
  181. Buried explosives found at Frito-Lay factory in Charlotte
  182. WSJ Story on John Allen
  183. Moving to a new area?
  184. S.E.A.L. get help passing ASVAB
  185. Lt Ridley (w/Power Loader) goes to SFAS
  186. Most impessive person you've met?
  187. Happy Birthday to us..
  188. Train Your Brain
  189. Law Enforcement Overreach
  190. Bug ID?
  191. Perpetual Crisis
  192. SEAL Porn Star
  193. Research Argument Essay
  194. Are the Berkeley PD unnamed co-conspirators?
  195. The Patrouille de France
  196. 'Super-mighty pre-emptive strike'
  197. blame the FOG!
  198. Certified Porkified
  199. Camp MacKall Classroom Named for SF MoH COL Bob Howard
  200. Kids do the darndest things
  201. Military Industrial Complex (aka Cluster-Gaggle)
  202. Need NK ODCS G-2? Google Map is your friend?? :]
  203. Tactical Rifleman
  204. Green Beret Appalachian Trail Walk & Fundraiser
  205. 72 years ago today
  206. EOTech Class Action Settlement
  207. WannaCry and Wanna Decryptor ????
  208. Man calls 911 - asks to be deported
  209. Army uniform board to consider bringing back iconic 'pinks and greens' uniform
  210. Can't fix Liberal Stupid
  211. Racism, alive and well and endorsed by the ivy league schools
  212. Julian Assange after rape charges dropped: Prepare for 'war'
  213. First we had "Dances with Wolves" Now we have "Talks to Retards"
  214. Anyone going to the Stone Mountain MG shoot?
  215. Wreath Laying Memorials - Question
  216. Banzai, Out - Baizuo IN
  217. Bond, James Bond
  218. Amazing..... no more standards at harvard.
  219. Cultural Appropriation
  220. Nash Battlefield Farm closes June 1st
  221. Wow! What a Memorial Day gift
  222. Apoc-Eclipse!
  223. Shooting at Sheraton Hotel, Memphis
  224. Why the Green Beret wears a green beret.
  225. Jeremy Christian, WHITE SUPREMACIST???
  226. 8 More State IDs Will No Longer Be Accepted at Bases
  227. Local billboard upsetting Muslims.
  228. Scientists Find Oldest Known Specimens of the Human Species
  229. Do not read if you have not seen the movie Logan
  230. Loujain al-Hathloul, changing the world.....
  231. A bit too forward, perhaps?
  232. First female commander of Marine One fired
  233. TDIU??
  234. Puerto Rico, the 51st State?
  235. PTSD Fraud
  236. Note to Self
  237. We Can't Afford to Wait on the Attack
  238. Special Operations Now Primary Mission for Marines in Africa
  239. NBC and American Idiot, Megyn Kelly
  240. New emails emerge on the "climate change" farce
  241. UPS Shooter Was Armed With Assault Pistol
  242. Left-wing Ice Cream, ben & jerry's
  243. And away we go
  244. Females attending Special Operations Courses
  245. 3rd annual SF Brothers auction to benefit the GBF
  246. BRAC? Policy Experts Urge Congress to Back New Round of Base Realignments
  247. Civilian heros! Joel Jones & Greg Bunting
  248. Proud Navy father
  249. Canadian Sniper Gets Confirmed Kill 3.5km Away.
  250. You can't fix stupid, but you can kill it......