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  1. Boko Haram vows to fight until Nigeria establishes sharia law
  2. Muslim's and Obama.........
  3. Not Fade Away - The Myth of American Decline
  4. Reflections.........
  5. Canada Cracks Down On Veils
  6. Last surviving "Original" SAS soldier dies at 92......
  7. Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying
  8. Special Forces equals Green Berets got it........
  9. I'm seeing Red
  10. PCSing w/ children.
  11. HFP now officially pro-rated
  12. Commander of Fort Hood’s 13th Sustainment Cmd died Friday in Kabul
  13. Geithner: US May Close Down Freddie, Fannie
  14. Ambush in Afghanistan
  15. First Special Service Forces Website..........
  16. Super Bowl Ads
  17. Army Times Headlines this week
  18. Meet Iran's female ninja assassins
  19. Malaysian jungle adventurers solve WWII mysteries
  20. A real 'War Horse'
  21. Who Teaches SEAL Team 6 How to Fight?
  22. "Unorthodox:" A Woman's Journey from Repression to Freedom
  23. Tip's for Sheeple
  24. Are you a Union President??
  25. US soldiers train for agricultural mission in Afghanistan
  26. A DC girl gets her gun.
  27. State Department seeks smaller embassy presence in Baghdad
  28. Air Force Trains Flight Attendants for VIP Trips
  29. An Open Letter To John Giduck
  30. Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen
  31. Exhibit at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum shows realities of the POW experi
  32. Check this out........
  33. Happy Birthday Nick...........
  34. Guard Spouses Aren’t “Real” Army Wives?
  35. Risk, Reward Of Criticizing Army Leadership
  36. USS Gabrielle Giffords
  37. Inside The Archaeology Of Paleofeces
  38. Why the World Needs America
  39. New Mount for the Texas Rangers
  40. Bin Laden told children to " Live in peace in the West"
  41. War by Executive Order
  42. Good-bye at Penn Station 1944
  43. Too much time.
  44. DoD Fast Tracks New Bomber
  45. Euro (€) Zone Problems And Youth Unemployment
  46. The Executive Branch
  47. Army Orders Soldiers to Wear Fake Breasts and 'Empathy' Bellies
  48. JFK Special Warfare Museum may close
  49. Viet Nam Pictures
  50. Five Myths About White People
  51. N.J. governor under fire over decision to lower flags for Whitney Houston
  52. Defense Spending on Cyber, Spec Ops Stays Flat
  53. Babeu, Babeu, whatha gona do,
  54. Maldives, The New War on Terrorism..
  55. Fort Bragg may benefit as special ops budget gets boost amid Defense cuts
  56. US officials: Israeli attack on Iran requires 100 planes
  57. Transcendent man
  58. SCOTUS: Stolen Valor Act to be heard Wednesday
  59. Missing Link: A man who kept an MIA bracelet
  60. Show and Tell
  61. Disguting nonsense
  62. Well if she can do it at 51...
  63. Has anyone done a VA Construction Loan?
  64. NKP
  65. "renewable" costs jobs..
  66. 17 Guard Company Leaders Removed in Abuse Probe
  67. Fake 911 "Hero"
  68. The Apollo Punch
  69. SEALs are too white.
  70. My Apology to President Karzai on Behalf of Americans
  71. In shaa'Allah
  72. The Face of Islam
  73. What Would Happen
  74. Penn Judge: Muslims Allowed to Attack People for Insulting Mohammad
  75. Karma Rules
  76. Interesting take on PMC culture
  77. Ten Commandments for Our New Century
  78. Constructing my new Man Cave
  79. Rising Insurance Costs.........
  80. REALLY Long Distance Trekking
  81. Fantasy And Reality In Afghanistan
  82. Georgetown Univ./Birth control
  83. Gov't irony....
  84. Back to the Emergency room........
  85. Stupid Bumper Stickers!
  86. Birds of a Feather.. GM & ..
  87. I had never heard this song before.
  88. The last day (Israel:Iran)
  89. ATV's in Afghanistan
  90. What's Behind These High Gas Prices?
  91. LulzSec brought down by LulzSec
  92. A Quiet Farewell For the M-2 Bradley
  93. Keystone commentary from a Canadian
  94. Lottery winner STILL collects food stamps
  95. Exposer In Stolen Valor Case Fired
  96. Generals' relationship questioned
  97. Does anyone have Survival-related powerpoint/multimedia items and Teaching Tips?
  98. Diving icon's ashes spread here today
  99. Officials say a charter school at Fort Bragg could happen by summer of next year
  100. Outfitting the troops: Army sizes up today's soldiers
  101. Gun Powder Gals: Women's gun group has blast together
  102. SF Candidate Climbing Near Vegas
  103. Warn Fuzzy, CW2 Romy Camargo warrior meets Tebow
  104. For you history buffs
  105. Army officer charged with harassment at base
  106. Afghan Commandos.............
  107. Army’s Top NCO Talking Radical Reforms to Uniforms, Grooming
  108. Fox News Poll: 78% of Voters Oppose Sending Troops to Syria
  109. Lawyer in CO?
  110. Busted for selling fake military documents
  111. PO Box Fees
  112. It Never Ceases to Amaze Me...
  113. This sums it up for me.
  114. An bhfuil tú ar meisce fós?
  115. Happy St Patricks Day
  116. Meetup: San Antonio
  117. 2012 Alaska Bear Hunt for Wounded SF soldiers
  118. Poser(s) beware..
  119. What not to do with Uncles toys...
  120. Marine ID'd after 37 years
  121. Obama's Policy Pushes Iran War closer
  122. Stolen Valor Act (in somes cases a workaround)?????
  123. Could this device be the answer for some?
  124. WWII Vets Repay 'Debt of Honor' to Myanmar Rebels
  125. Airborne & Special Operations Museum exhibit recognizes Medal of Honor recipients
  126. Gun engraving
  127. Admiral Nominee Once Deliberately Shot Down Friendly Aircraft
  128. Britain's Got Talent .... another dark horse WOWs em
  129. Jeep Mighty FC is a forward-thinking retro concept
  130. New security for US troops in Afghanistan
  131. This is what it has come to
  132. Current TV Dismisses Keith Olbermann
  133. 13-Year-Old Set on Fire in Horrific Racially-Charged Attack
  134. The Reagan shooting: A closer call than we knew
  135. Pool Advice
  136. Karl May, 19th Century Poser..
  137. Pictures frm St. Georges U Memorial to Grenada Raiders
  138. 'Bama Nightclub Raises Eyebrows with "Food Stamp Friday Party"
  139. Home Front: War games are in every little boy's genes
  140. Just some Vietnam era video photos I came across thought some of you may enjoy
  141. Pentagon Activates Missile Shield in Anticipation of NK Missile Launch
  142. "Russian spy came close to snaring a member of Obama's inner circle"
  143. Top five list of Stupidest individual military equipment
  144. Wisconsin Wife, 80, Lands Plane for Dying Husband
  145. Egypt Rocket Hits Israel
  146. Zombies, Preppers, and Obama
  147. Stoners make better drivers.
  148. They own the night
  149. World's Rudest/Friendliest Countries
  150. New Article on SOFREP -- Unconventional Warfare 101
  151. FBI agent 1 pushup short
  152. New Black Panters.........
  153. Recent Tricare Changes........
  154. The Last of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders
  155. Actuarial Science - Life expectancy calculator
  156. Daily Dose of Drama
  157. Napolitano Perjured Herself to Congress in Fast and Furious Testimony
  158. Best Ranger LIVE
  159. U.S. Secret Service agents recalled from Colombia
  160. The War That Will Kill The Dollar
  161. Trash and a blood trail
  162. Caine's Arcade
  163. TSA Thief
  164. Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think
  165. Livin' la vida loca! Hillary Clinton knocks back a beer and dances the night away at
  166. US Military Static Line Accidents
  167. Duo from USASOC wins Best Ranger Compeition
  168. Obama in Colombia: ‘Part of My Job Is to Scout Out Where I May Want to Bring Michelle
  169. Mitt's VP pick
  170. Beyond my comprehension
  171. PGA Fundraiser for GBF and others in N. Calif.
  172. Why Does America Have So Many 'Peter Pan' Men?
  173. Good news!
  174. If CAIR's Attacking You, You Must be Good
  175. Marine Corps to Open Infantry Officer Course to Women.
  176. Media Matters Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed
  177. MOH recipient passes
  178. Rubber Chicken Flies into Solar Radiation Storm
  179. Speaking of the Doolittle Raiders..
  180. Residents of Condo Told to Leave Chicago During NATO Summit
  181. Teach Tough, Think Tough: Why Military Education Must Change
  182. Attribution?
  183. New Tricare restrictions on referrals draw doctors’ ire
  184. 3 U.S. Army Wrestlers to Olympics
  185. Ancient virus DNA thrives in us
  186. Time Lapse: Birth to 12 years in 2 min. 45.
  187. CJCofS Orders Top-to-Bottom Review of Military’s Islam Training
  188. In This Economy, US Needs a Border Fence to Keep Mexicans In
  189. Married special-operations troops feel strains of war
  190. TSA- And the hits just keep on comin
  191. Fort Bragg soldier kayaking Cape Fear River for a cause
  192. Pentagon officials signals layoffs for Army
  193. House skirmish over defense spending begins
  194. Exec Bonuses Spur VA to ‘Game’ System, Senate Hears
  195. What 'Gutsy Call'?: CIA Memo Reveals Admiral Controlled bin Laden Mission
  196. U.S. Calls for Russian Airborne?
  197. "How Obama Shored Up His Legacy at the Federal Reserve"
  198. Tattoos and the POTUS
  199. VA: State tells Fed to pound sand
  200. ASU jacket same as Dress Blue?
  201. Military-Intellectual Complex?
  202. One of Sudan's 'lost boys'
  203. Farrakhan Says Joining US Military is Fighting for the Enemy
  204. LEOs Adopt COIN Tactics Against Gangs
  205. Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $500G scam
  206. WW 2 Vet Thanking them for sending him on Honor Flight .......
  207. Military Leaders Seek Higher Profile For Pentagon’s Cyber Command
  208. To hell with "swimming with dolphins"
  209. Treasure Hunter Says He Has Located Bin Laden's Body
  210. Veterans Retraining Assistance
  211. When disaster strikes, FEMA turns to ... Waffle House
  212. Defense procurement problems won’t go away
  213. US-Afghanistan 10-year security compact has loopholes for both nations
  214. Odierno says Army Rethinking Training, Ops
  215. Veterans Retraining Assistance Program
  216. Military commanders warned to get troops in line
  217. Radio Stations and programming
  218. US Should Give Stolen Land Back to Indian Tribes
  219. Wife of army officer serving in Afghanistan witnesses his death during Skype chat
  220. Pay to pray crowd at it again
  221. Plane crashes in Hoke County; passsengers parachute out safely
  222. History of ROBIN SAGE...good read
  223. Soledad O'Brien's Fake Navy Seal
  224. DFAS.....
  225. Special Ops doctor to receive Hero of Military Medicine award
  226. Special Forces teach local business.......
  227. Virtual Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial.......
  228. We do not negotiate with terrorists.......
  229. Vietnam Vet - Dog Tags.........
  230. Environmental groups collecting millions from federal agencies they sue, studies show
  231. FBI Wants Backdoors to Facebook, Twitter Immediately
  232. Chinese Computer Espionage
  233. Korea Veteran Protects Home
  234. Mil/Firearms/Etc. to see in Orange County, CA area?
  235. Sharpton: GOP has Declared War on Blacks-Time to Fire Back
  236. Military class suspended for view on Islam
  237. Lawmakers question lack of watchdogs at federal agencies
  238. 82nd's Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair removed from job in Afghanistan
  239. Afghanistan army boot deal row
  240. Mothers Day
  241. SSG Britton-Mihalo: A U.S. Soldier And The Afghan Soldier Who Killed Him
  242. Great Warriors
  243. One state has it right
  244. Flashlight bombs go off in Glendale, Az
  245. VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa
  246. Vietnam War Hero to Receive Posthumous Medal of Honor
  247. Mexican Jihad ? Engaging in da'wa in Mexico
  248. The "Last Hard Class" is coming
  249. Sworn enemy guides aircraft to safety
  250. Rocks ignite in woman's pocket....