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  1. Could Tricare be going away?
  2. Perfect example of Teamwork in Nature
  3. Gaza in Arizona: The secret militarization of the U.S. - Mexico border
  4. Expired driver's license in Germany
  5. Many researchers taking a different view of pedophilia
  6. DET A berlin in the cold war
  7. Hey Jester
  8. Looking for a house in Langley Virginia
  9. 30% of illegal immigrants have criminal records
  10. An interesting letter
  11. Fort Bragg Report: Gates in Fayetteville to honor Green Berets, new and old
  12. Time to Boycott NBC
  13. Army to award Purple Heart to Fort Hood victims
  14. Operation Underground Railroad
  15. Active Army below 500,000 soldiers for the first time in 10 years
  16. Great movie
  17. Remember Dracula??
  18. United States Post Office, a joke......
  19. Mrs Okie first shots at 100 yards
  20. Changes for NCOs: New writing test, leader course
  21. What happened with the GSA in Vegas stymies federal workers
  22. Florida attorney has new ideas about DUI laws
  23. Washington doublespeak
  24. Chris Kyle murder case....
  25. Marines surrender weapons?
  26. Obama having the time of his life
  27. The Nazis would be proud of NJ
  28. Boy Scout group from DC area looking for help in the SEA BASE Area
  29. Federal judge strikes down another gun restriction
  30. Mapping Migration in the United States
  31. So what just happened here...
  32. U.S. to allow export of armed military drones
  33. One way Mars Ticket
  34. Stupid Vegas mom hunts road rage guy and gets killed.......
  35. Wanted: Jim Jones Franchise
  36. Who is reading What Threads??
  37. Mike Rowe - Answer to Howard Dean re: Scott Walker no college
  38. Improvised amored fighting vehicles built by Mexican cartels
  39. ISIS 'special forces' video reveals ludicrous training
  40. The Japanese-Peruvians interned in the US during WW2
  41. Open Letter to Al-Baghdadi
  42. Saudi Arabia court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith
  43. American Business Needs the Green Berets
  44. What War Has in Store
  45. Is POTUS in Pain because FLOTUS may Walk?
  46. Anyone up for a treasure hunt?
  47. What is your social class?
  48. Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to be published in Germany for first time since WWII
  49. FCC approves sweeping Internet regulation plan
  50. DARPA seeks technologies to improve infantry effectiveness against unseen, unconventi
  51. Goodbye Mr. Spock
  52. Connelly competition raises the stakes for team in Fort Bragg kitchen
  53. Sons of Liberty International SOLI
  54. SF jump into Germany
  55. The Schengen Agreement
  56. Chris Kyle for the MoH?
  57. NBC finds humor in ISIS
  58. liberals making fun of liberals and isis
  59. Greenville, SC GBF Fundraiser - July 25, 2015
  60. Talk about CRAZY religious crap......
  62. ISIS fed murdered victim to his own mother
  63. Robbers take $4 Million in gold from armored truck in N.C.
  64. Your Next Flight Could Be Hit By a Cyber Attack
  65. POT & PTSD..
  66. How To Be A Man
  67. Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites
  68. Looking to make contact
  69. Card Holder Services SCAM
  70. Good news for all tax dodgers and evaders
  71. For the FOG's of Viet Nam, a map.
  72. Euro drops to nearly same level as dollar
  73. Cultural Marxism a History of Political Correctness
  74. Man Has Seizure While Skydiving
  75. California hires workers from India to process unemployment claims
  76. The solar system concept change
  77. Why COCOMs continue calling upon the B-1B Lancer
  78. Pacific Command’s Adm. Locklear Shortlisted for Joint Chiefs Chairman
  79. Poorly written school board letter...need your advice. (Richard)
  80. Think Like a Green Beret: Be a Witch
  81. Bomb-Sniffing Elephants?
  82. U.S. pilots' hands tied in war against ISIS
  83. The post office you've never heard of
  84. Hey Guy! A present for your birthday
  85. VA agrees to inform former McClellan soldiers of toxic hazards
  86. NASA: California Has One Year of Water Left
  87. If your MiL is POTUS, can U B the VP??
  88. Storage space in Fayetteville suggestion and room
  89. Is John Kerry a Moron?
  90. Army to honor special operations leader at Airborne & Special Operations Museum
  91. South African Grandmother skydives on her birthday
  92. Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!
  93. Obama pushes for mandatory voting
  94. Jade Helm Alex Jones, you're an idiot
  95. Army Investigates alleged "Racial Thursdays" at unit
  96. Court Security Clowns
  97. Need a flamthrower?
  98. Physical Education in schools in 1960's - #JFKChallenge
  99. U.S. likely to delay planned closure of two Afghanistan bases
  100. Wet Shaving Kit
  101. Faces Never Forgotten project - VN War
  102. Collapse of the middle class will be felt around the world
  103. Jesse Watters Asks 'Are You Proud To Be An American?'
  104. Springtime is getting shorter
  105. Iran-backed rebels loot Yemen files about U.S. spy operations
  106. Administration Declassifies Top-Secret Doc That Reveals Israel’s Nuclear Secrets
  107. Chechnya threatens to arm Mexico
  108. DEA agents had 'sex parties' with prostitutes hired by drug cartels
  109. Fort Bragg sniper competition tests skills of soldiers, law enforcement
  110. National Guard soldier arrested for terror plot
  111. Night Vision Eyedrops
  112. Arab spring not supposed to be like this
  113. Army Special Operations Sniper Competition
  114. How to Blast Billions from the DOD Budget
  115. Next moves by the BATF
  116. A Special Forces Officer Teaches You 5 Secrets To Overcoming Adversity
  117. Taxpayers Spend $1.4 Billion On The Obamas Every Year
  118. S.C. event marks anniversary of Army's first mass parachute drop
  119. The Most Important Date in American History
  120. SF Facebook Video
  121. Why does an F-35 pilot need $400K helmet? To 'see through plane'
  122. Higher Ed Costs
  123. Bill Whittle: "Sir, I will not obey that order."
  124. Soldiers Sit Through ‘White Privilege’ Presentation — and the Backlash Isn’t Pretty
  125. The Amazing OV-10 Bronco Was Never Allowed To Meet Its Full Potential
  126. Teams from the 82nd to test their limits at 2015 Best Ranger Competition
  127. Addressing racism the right way.
  128. Feds Consider Puerto Ricans Disabled Because They Speak Spanish
  129. The Freedom Stick
  130. Crime rate now vs 1926
  131. Activation Ceremony
  132. 200th anniversary of the Gurkhas
  133. 82nd Airborne Division headed to Iraq for nine months
  134. "A second kiss for Hirohito"
  135. Americans Stuck in Yemen??
  136. Mumbai attack leader released from prison
  137. Military towns hire lobby groups
  138. Asymmetrical Warfare Lesson
  139. communism subversion eduation institutions are key
  140. Other Army Forums
  141. Pentagon deploys 'May I Kiss You?' training
  142. FANTASTIC rendition of an old song.
  143. SOCOM orders Harris radios
  144. Ghairat Brigade
  145. Combat Awards Unit I.D.
  146. FBI Pulls Security Expert Off Flight
  147. Confiscating 'criminals' property is a police racket
  148. Happy Patriot's Day!
  149. DOJ gun ban unfair to veterans
  150. Pressure grows on Marines to consider lowering combat standards for women
  151. Army treasure room
  152. VA Help Desk
  153. I'd buy this legal Colombian immigrant a beer... Well done Mr. Ramirez
  154. Army ROTC program pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event
  155. 7,500 boots to be displayed at Fort Bragg in memory of fallen service members
  156. Carter: Women in Combat Could Be More Vulnerable to Sexual Predators
  157. Americans, even when they are proud of them, do not like their legions
  158. 100 years of Anzac
  159. Serial Shooter
  160. FB and identity theft...it happened to me...
  161. Nurse dies in fall from hoist on Texas medical helicopter
  162. 40 Years Ago...Seems Like Yesterday
  163. Have lunch with a Green Beret, Phoenix, AZ
  164. LAPD & TSA, the Professionals, not so much
  165. Oxford University Press Ask "What is the history of the Green Berets"?
  166. Two mooslems sent to meet allah in Texas, Free Speech upheld, win win.....
  167. Beards
  168. Oregon Background Check Expansion
  169. CNN’s Chris Cuomo claims “hate speech” not protected by First Amendment
  170. Pentagon Audit Uncovers Travel Card Abuse
  171. Special Forces, the mistress
  172. Russian missile system on fire
  173. It's that time of the year, the Special Forces Frauds popping up everywhere
  174. Want to take an exam naked?? UCSD has one.
  175. Complete History of the Green Berets
  176. Special Forces first to use new parachute system
  177. Airborne & Special Operations Museum to open new simulator Saturday
  178. Funny soap and stuff
  179. Starting Strong - 18X Special Forces Candidate & 18D Candidate
  180. Defense secretary names new Army, Navy leaders
  181. Czechs stopped potential nuclear tech purchase by Iran
  182. B.B. King dies at 89
  183. Sharpton's daughter trips and sues NYC for $5 million
  184. Desecration of the US Flag
  185. The Green Berets bit the heads off live chickens.
  186. Dismissal of Mathew Golstewyn
  187. Apostates
  188. What the heck is in Kirksville MO?
  189. Pond Scum
  190. Bin Laden's Bookshelf
  191. 071515
  192. Done Deal or Maybe Not?
  193. Fort Bragg Special Forces memorial: "We are forever grateful for your sacrifice.''
  194. 'Paralyzed' veteran given free home caught walking
  195. U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided
  196. Memorials
  197. Spy School: valley man teaches techniques to escape and avoid detection
  198. SF/SOF transition programs - Sextant Consulting
  199. SGT Lee Brown, 5th Ranger Bn
  200. In Arizona, Bikers Plan Armed Protest Outside of Mosque
  201. Fort Bragg's JFK Special Warfare Center honors 12 veterans, 3 active-duty soldiers
  202. Tahera Ahmad, an islamic mooslem crybaby.....
  203. Training for the next war
  204. The Interment of SSG Florich at Arlington National Cemetery
  205. Liberalism v. Counter Jihad
  206. Proposal for another Baltic COE on hybrid/non-linear warfare
  207. Windsor, Loveland serial shooter/killer
  208. Brandon Webb & SOFREP
  209. Thank You
  210. Dr. Henry Hagmann
  211. Jade Helm, It has started..
  212. Incredible color WWI photos
  213. 18th Airborne Corps soldiers compete to be named the best
  214. Panel exploring Army restructuring hears comments in Fayetteville today
  215. Obama pushes gag order for internet firearms discussion
  216. Sir Christopher Lee
  217. Trade Promotion Authority - Trans-Pacific Partnership
  218. Mother of Washington state NAACP leader says daughter falsely claimed to be black
  219. 315 Psyop Company
  220. Father's Day, June 21st,, hint hint..
  221. Free Range Parenting
  222. Officials Say Deeply Personal Information In Hackers' Hands
  223. Most Common Country of Origin of Legal Immigrants
  224. Reservists exposed to Agent Orange after Vietnam War may receive disability
  225. Army Offers 3-Year Career Sabbaticals to Keep Top Soldiers
  226. A PC Nut-Case on the lose at Ft Carson..
  227. NYPD and BATFE join forces....
  228. 1944 then and now
  229. Support From The Old Guy For Those Who Still Serve
  230. Andrew Getty, an heir to Getty oil fortune.....
  231. New Jersey cop kills ex in front of their 7 year old daughter
  232. California approves health care for children of illegal immigrants
  233. More from the 82nd
  234. Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory
  235. Lets Talk About Rachel's Parents?
  236. Go Red Devils,, maybe??
  237. A racist church shooting in South Africa
  238. Fort Bragg's future: Changes ahead for post
  239. Monday Morning Speed Junkies..
  240. Key Army commander accused of steering a contract to ex-classmates
  241. Former Israeli envoy under fire for essay on Obama's Muslim roots
  242. Army testing real hoverbike
  243. Staying Calm Under Stress
  244. Meet Kristin Beck, a transgender former Navy SEAL running for Congress
  245. Many on this board
  246. The Principle of Self-Government is Dead!
  247. With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges "Save A Life - Surrender Your Knif
  248. Is this Green Beret the last Vietnam vet on active duty?
  249. X15 Flamethrower,, aka: The Ultimate Weed Whacker
  250. LA Kings Hero of the Game