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  1. Two mooslems sent to meet allah in Texas, Free Speech upheld, win win.....
  2. Beards
  3. Oregon Background Check Expansion
  4. CNN’s Chris Cuomo claims “hate speech” not protected by First Amendment
  5. Pentagon Audit Uncovers Travel Card Abuse
  6. Special Forces, the mistress
  7. Russian missile system on fire
  8. It's that time of the year, the Special Forces Frauds popping up everywhere
  9. Want to take an exam naked?? UCSD has one.
  10. Complete History of the Green Berets
  11. Special Forces first to use new parachute system
  12. Airborne & Special Operations Museum to open new simulator Saturday
  13. Funny soap and stuff
  14. Starting Strong - 18X Special Forces Candidate & 18D Candidate
  15. Defense secretary names new Army, Navy leaders
  16. Czechs stopped potential nuclear tech purchase by Iran
  17. B.B. King dies at 89
  18. Sharpton's daughter trips and sues NYC for $5 million
  19. Desecration of the US Flag
  20. The Green Berets bit the heads off live chickens.
  21. Dismissal of Mathew Golstewyn
  22. Apostates
  23. What the heck is in Kirksville MO?
  24. Pond Scum
  25. Bin Laden's Bookshelf
  26. 071515
  27. Done Deal or Maybe Not?
  28. Fort Bragg Special Forces memorial: "We are forever grateful for your sacrifice.''
  29. 'Paralyzed' veteran given free home caught walking
  30. U.S. military and civilians are increasingly divided
  31. Memorials
  32. Spy School: valley man teaches techniques to escape and avoid detection
  33. SF/SOF transition programs - Sextant Consulting
  34. SGT Lee Brown, 5th Ranger Bn
  35. In Arizona, Bikers Plan Armed Protest Outside of Mosque
  36. Fort Bragg's JFK Special Warfare Center honors 12 veterans, 3 active-duty soldiers
  37. Tahera Ahmad, an islamic mooslem crybaby.....
  38. Training for the next war
  39. The Interment of SSG Florich at Arlington National Cemetery
  40. Liberalism v. Counter Jihad
  41. Proposal for another Baltic COE on hybrid/non-linear warfare
  42. Windsor, Loveland serial shooter/killer
  43. Brandon Webb & SOFREP
  44. Thank You
  45. Dr. Henry Hagmann
  46. Jade Helm, It has started..
  47. Incredible color WWI photos
  48. 18th Airborne Corps soldiers compete to be named the best
  49. Panel exploring Army restructuring hears comments in Fayetteville today
  50. Sir Christopher Lee
  51. Trade Promotion Authority - Trans-Pacific Partnership
  52. Mother of Washington state NAACP leader says daughter falsely claimed to be black
  53. 315 Psyop Company
  54. Father's Day, June 21st,, hint hint..
  55. Free Range Parenting
  56. Officials Say Deeply Personal Information In Hackers' Hands
  57. Most Common Country of Origin of Legal Immigrants
  58. Reservists exposed to Agent Orange after Vietnam War may receive disability
  59. Army Offers 3-Year Career Sabbaticals to Keep Top Soldiers
  60. A PC Nut-Case on the lose at Ft Carson..
  61. NYPD and BATFE join forces....
  62. 1944 then and now
  63. Support From The Old Guy For Those Who Still Serve
  64. Andrew Getty, an heir to Getty oil fortune.....
  65. New Jersey cop kills ex in front of their 7 year old daughter
  66. California approves health care for children of illegal immigrants
  67. More from the 82nd
  68. Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory
  69. Lets Talk About Rachel's Parents?
  70. Go Red Devils,, maybe??
  71. A racist church shooting in South Africa
  72. Fort Bragg's future: Changes ahead for post
  73. Monday Morning Speed Junkies..
  74. Key Army commander accused of steering a contract to ex-classmates
  75. Former Israeli envoy under fire for essay on Obama's Muslim roots
  76. Army testing real hoverbike
  77. Staying Calm Under Stress
  78. Meet Kristin Beck, a transgender former Navy SEAL running for Congress
  79. Many on this board
  80. The Principle of Self-Government is Dead!
  81. With Knife Murders Spiking After Gun Ban, UK Urges "Save A Life - Surrender Your Knif
  82. Is this Green Beret the last Vietnam vet on active duty?
  83. X15 Flamethrower,, aka: The Ultimate Weed Whacker
  84. LA Kings Hero of the Game
  85. Park Dedication for Fallen Soldier
  86. Reorganization is Imperative to Fixing Special Forces' Bent Unconventional Culture
  87. 3rd Special Forces Group to return to Africa mission
  88. Task Force Viking
  89. Major Paul Syverson Veterans Sanctuary
  90. Gunman at Cross Creek Mall
  91. Obama and Alinsky
  92. 4th of July
  93. Hybrid Warfare
  94. Independence Day Parade in Dove Creek, Colorado
  95. Grizzly bear shatters barrier at Minnesota Zoo
  96. Shelby church to fly Christian flag over American flag
  97. 450,000 here we come....
  98. We're training ISIL now?
  99. Oregon and Washington going full retard.....
  100. Those Crazy Canucks
  101. The Disinformation Game Continues
  102. Scuba school in Key West to get facelift
  103. Monument to be unveiled at Airborne & Special Operations Museum
  104. Another Great Beer Commercial Stella Artois
  105. Moral Tipping Point
  106. Planned Parenthood exec recorded admitting to selling "fetal tissue"
  107. Next on O's agenda
  108. Jade Helm Patch
  109. U.S. military veterans to aid war against ISIS
  110. Majority of Americans Are Ready For a Muslim President, Including Catholics
  111. So as a parent do you put the gun in your mouth or hers???
  112. I feel this guys pain, we hear you brother (From America)!
  113. Gunfighter Lullaby, by BonesFork
  114. Mysterious LA loner was 'a human-alien hybrid secret agent sent to save human race'
  115. Students preform Haka at popular teacher's funeral
  116. University of New Hampshire's Bias-Free Language Guide
  117. Special Forces soldier paralyzed after trying to rescue drowning girl
  118. Weekly Sexual Assault Reporting
  119. Osama Bin Laden Family Members Die in Private Jet Crash So sad..... (not)
  120. Concealed carry and sexual assault
  121. Jimmy Carter correct that U.S. is no longer a democracy
  122. I rest my case on American De-Evolution
  123. Red Light Cameras
  124. Special Forces bar-bling
  125. Petition --- CCW permits carry on military bases
  126. Poser's and Bling..
  127. Crook with a sense of humor
  128. Vietnam Story: Kevin Wheatley, Victoria Cross Recipient
  129. French couple die hiking in New Mexico desert
  130. Jumpers and riggers
  131. Army celebrates 75 years of the American paratrooper
  132. Changes to basic training will produce better soldiers
  133. Time to Haul Down Another Flag of Racist Hate
  134. Sheriff K-9 left in patrol unit 20 hours, dies
  135. Inspired by Oscar Schindler, Jewish Businessman Leads Effort to Rescue Christian, Yaz
  136. Will this change the way people will go into...
  137. Marines Europe & African Command, 2 star
  138. Navy SEALs prepare to open to women
  139. Batgirl passes
  140. Retired 4-star general jailed over Chinese takeout
  141. Lost NAZI gold train found in Poland
  142. Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim
  143. How does you state rate on the welfare scale??
  144. muslims teaching their child to behead using a teddy bear
  145. Explain this to me, Lucy??
  146. AR 600-8-22, CIB, circa 1945??
  147. Foreign Jump Wings
  148. 71st Troop Command jumps into Key West
  149. Help finding velvet flag bag?
  150. The Unknowns
  151. Burt Munro, The World's Fastest Indian
  152. 39th CSA Initial Message to the Army
  153. Could JFK now be considered a Conservative Republican
  154. Drones, the next threat
  155. Werewolf Muzzle
  157. Why Is the FBI Trying to Bury a Special Forces War Hero?
  158. BRADFORD K. (BRAD) BOUGH of Bedford, Indiana
  159. Fraud? Real? You tell me. Daniel Gippert
  160. Lawyer recommendation
  161. Man kills self while taking selfie
  162. A tragic story with a happy ending.
  163. America is officially dead
  164. Free Economics Course from Hillsdale College
  165. How many Terrorist were involved??
  166. Ben Kuroki, a Japanese-American tail gunner, Dead at 98
  167. Officer Down! Pete Malloy, 1 Adam 12, Dead at 83.
  168. Cop attacked, citizens assist!!! Great story!
  169. The "Bolt Force"!
  170. US taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees
  171. Marine Corps Study on Female Combat Effectiveness
  172. Saudi's offering to build 200 mosques in Germany to help with refugee crisis
  173. 1/2 of Syrian Population has flead??
  174. British actor: "What September 11th means to me."
  175. Chicago restaurant tells SF veteran to leave ...
  176. Special Forces vets cycling cross-country to raise money to help families
  177. USS Haddad 1,, will be a late arrival..
  178. Be muslim, build something "bomb-ish", go to the Whitehouse!
  179. ISIS-Inspired teen girl kills her mother with Islamist boyfriend
  180. Who Won, Drudge Poll..
  181. The Pilots Fighting ISIS
  182. Robots clear vegetation, search for unexploded ordnance as Fort Bragg builds aerial g
  183. "The Goths arrive to the defeated empire"
  184. BG Khatol Muhammadzai, ANA
  185. EPA, Criminally Incompetent
  186. Sean Naylor Shines Light on the Secret World of Special Operations
  187. Driving Question
  188. The rent crisis in America is going to get worse
  189. The islamic infestation
  190. Female Abuses Army Ranger!!!!!!!
  191. Yogi Berra, dead at 90.
  192. Army's combat patch for ISIS conflict draws flak over design
  193. Scoutmaster help/guidance
  194. Assistance connecting with possible SF member...
  195. Special Forces To Change ‘Free The Oppressed’ Motto After Complaints From Afghans
  196. Go Fund Me: Big John Delavan
  197. The eclipse
  198. More on the islamic infestation
  199. MTV extreme sports star killed in Calif. skydiving accident
  200. Peaceful muzzies father murders daughter for shoplifting condoms and calls it "honour
  201. Civil War caonnons raised from the Pee Dee river in S.C.
  202. These are the thinkers of the world.....
  203. Best Jobs Right Now For Long-Term Army Careers
  204. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) bombing
  205. Colonel reflects on accomplishments of Bragg paratroopers in Iraq
  206. Employment at federal agencies
  207. "I know how to defend myself" (But I was too Stupid to keep my mouth shut)
  208. Multi CCW situations a danger?
  209. Classroom Discipline
  210. PM Etiquette
  211. SWAT team descends on CO school over student’s Halloween costume
  212. Donald Trump says Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed
  213. Terry Baldwin – On Leadership And Training
  214. How University of Phoenix fleeced U.S. Military and America's taxpayers
  215. For all of the Old West aficiondos
  216. Obama to keep troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016
  217. Fox News, quoting frauds and the zero experienced
  218. Thank you Mr. James Vernon
  219. How Much Weight Soldiers Carry
  220. I need a legal opinion, please
  221. Zombies? Has it started? Where's alex jones on this?
  222. America Is A Bomb Waiting To Explode
  223. Green Beret John Smith's Excellent Adventure
  224. Popular monthly jumps resume on Fort Bragg
  225. SF catching the blame for hospital strike
  226. 20 years ago, chaos at Fort Bragg's Towle Stadium
  227. NORCAL School District Gives C's For Free
  228. Another Bottom-feeding saudi prince that needs a dirt nap
  229. U.S. fields new surveillance plane in Middle East
  230. EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl
  231. Quentin Tarantino's House any "intelligent" burglars out there?
  232. World Health Organization (WHO) Gone Full Retard
  233. MOH Recipient "Ordinary" Seaman John Catherwood
  234. Found Treasure(s)
  235. Happy Halloween
  236. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Needs new instructors
  237. "Grandpa of the Decade" award goes to.....Paul Armand Rater of Buckeye, AZ !!!
  238. Army panel backs WWII vet’s posthumous bid for Medal of Honor
  239. Illegal alien advocates push video of little kids cursing at Trump
  240. Donald Trump could win over Hispanics who fear job competition from illegals
  241. "Green Beret" Ray (Paper Tab) Barrera Jr., Albuquerque, NM AMWAY GLOBAL
  242. Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts - Coywolves
  243. Dr. Ben Carson: "The issue is experience."
  244. Ban the box
  245. Under Water with Headgear?
  246. State trooper delays telling children of parents’ death on Halloween
  247. Places to Shoot
  248. A new weapon platform?
  249. Modern Educayshun Neel Kolhatkar You Sir are Brilliant!
  250. Thanks..