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  1. Married special-operations troops feel strains of war
  2. TSA- And the hits just keep on comin
  3. Fort Bragg soldier kayaking Cape Fear River for a cause
  4. Pentagon officials signals layoffs for Army
  5. House skirmish over defense spending begins
  6. Exec Bonuses Spur VA to ‘Game’ System, Senate Hears
  7. What 'Gutsy Call'?: CIA Memo Reveals Admiral Controlled bin Laden Mission
  8. U.S. Calls for Russian Airborne?
  9. "How Obama Shored Up His Legacy at the Federal Reserve"
  10. Tattoos and the POTUS
  11. VA: State tells Fed to pound sand
  12. ASU jacket same as Dress Blue?
  13. Military-Intellectual Complex?
  14. One of Sudan's 'lost boys'
  15. Farrakhan Says Joining US Military is Fighting for the Enemy
  16. LEOs Adopt COIN Tactics Against Gangs
  17. John Wayne on liberals
  18. Ronald Regan Humor and wit
  19. Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $500G scam
  20. WW 2 Vet Thanking them for sending him on Honor Flight .......
  21. Military Leaders Seek Higher Profile For Pentagon’s Cyber Command
  22. To hell with "swimming with dolphins"
  23. Treasure Hunter Says He Has Located Bin Laden's Body
  24. Veterans Retraining Assistance
  25. When disaster strikes, FEMA turns to ... Waffle House
  26. Defense procurement problems won’t go away
  27. US-Afghanistan 10-year security compact has loopholes for both nations
  28. Odierno says Army Rethinking Training, Ops
  29. Veterans Retraining Assistance Program
  30. Military commanders warned to get troops in line
  31. Radio Stations and programming
  32. US Should Give Stolen Land Back to Indian Tribes
  33. Wife of army officer serving in Afghanistan witnesses his death during Skype chat
  34. Pay to pray crowd at it again
  35. Plane crashes in Hoke County; passsengers parachute out safely
  36. History of ROBIN SAGE...good read
  37. Soledad O'Brien's Fake Navy Seal
  38. DFAS.....
  39. Special Ops doctor to receive Hero of Military Medicine award
  40. Special Forces teach local business.......
  41. Virtual Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial.......
  42. We do not negotiate with terrorists.......
  43. Vietnam Vet - Dog Tags.........
  44. Environmental groups collecting millions from federal agencies they sue, studies show
  45. FBI Wants Backdoors to Facebook, Twitter Immediately
  46. Chinese Computer Espionage
  47. Korea Veteran Protects Home
  48. Mil/Firearms/Etc. to see in Orange County, CA area?
  49. Sharpton: GOP has Declared War on Blacks-Time to Fire Back
  50. Military class suspended for view on Islam
  51. Lawmakers question lack of watchdogs at federal agencies
  52. 82nd's Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair removed from job in Afghanistan
  53. Afghanistan army boot deal row
  54. Mothers Day
  55. SSG Britton-Mihalo: A U.S. Soldier And The Afghan Soldier Who Killed Him
  56. Great Warriors
  57. One state has it right
  58. Flashlight bombs go off in Glendale, Az
  59. VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa
  60. Vietnam War Hero to Receive Posthumous Medal of Honor
  61. Mexican Jihad ? Engaging in da'wa in Mexico
  62. The "Last Hard Class" is coming
  63. Sworn enemy guides aircraft to safety
  64. Rocks ignite in woman's pocket....
  65. Armed Forces Day - 19 May 2012
  66. 30 kids and counting
  67. Man who rode Thunder.........
  68. Difference between DELTA and SEAL TEAM SIX......
  69. Now they know it works
  70. 3 Charged in Alleged Terror-Related Plot in Chicago that Included Obama Campaign HQ's
  71. D&C
  72. Ethics and the SF Community
  73. "You Will Not Disrespect Obama in this Classroom!"
  74. Watch the solar eclipse live
  75. Unhappy Vets in Chicago
  76. Court-martial set for former 173rd commander accused of fraud
  77. A Welcome Home
  78. Health care inflation
  79. 5th Special Forces Re-Enactment Group (we are not amused)
  80. US Army more selective on recruits, re-enlistments
  81. Labor union suing Obama's Labor Department
  82. Helping an old man...........
  83. Help Tell Bull’s Story
  84. Combat Exoskeleton Marches Toward Afghanistan Deployment
  85. Blood of Freedom.........
  86. Guy makes 2500 foot jump without a parachute
  87. Army Bans High-Performance Rifle Mags
  88. Reluctant Jumper
  89. Vatican confirms pope's butler arrested in leaks scandal
  90. Memorial Day 2012
  91. Stranger Danger
  92. Miami PD kills zombie
  93. US Ready to Stop Iran from Creating Nuclear Weapons
  94. Chicago shootings?
  95. Have you been told you have SFB??
  96. MSNBC Host "Uncomfortable Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'"
  97. Texas A&M Commencement Address, by Neal Boortz
  98. I am thinking about becoming a teacher--looking for opinions
  99. Raid on Oransbari
  100. 32 Years Later Ollie North Reunited with his Marine Sword
  101. Spider Man Suit for the Air Force
  102. Nebraska lawmakers question EPA's aerial livestock surveillance
  103. Made this for a friend
  104. Mothers in Air Force pose for photo; breastfeeding in uniform.
  105. Despite Castle Doctrine, Defendant is Convicted in Slaying
  106. Gas Prices in your AO
  107. Report: Obama Flies Special Barber To WH Every Two Weeks
  108. No Bail for Alleged Kenyan Cannibal After Body Parts Found in Home
  109. The Cable News Nightmare
  110. A suicide truck bomber attacked FOB Salerno!!
  111. Great project for our Injured Service Men ans Women..
  112. A few stories from the ParaGlide
  113. Vietnam opens 3 MIA search areas
  114. 101 Year-Old Woman Drives An 81 Year-Old Car
  115. Anyone recognize this patch...
  116. You have got to be kidding....
  117. The end of UW/ FID as we know it....
  118. Venus transit live(ish)
  119. ........Long-lost medical report..............
  121. Google remembers Drive-In over D-Day?
  122. DEA Bust in Puerto Rico'
  123. D-Day - 6 June 1944
  124. Transgenders not welcome
  125. D-Day Article Pisses Me Off!
  126. More Stolen Passwords..
  127. D-Day Jump Fail..
  128. Headed to LDAC
  129. Tombstone’s Buffalo Soldier Days celebration starts Saturday
  130. This is the story of Taylor Morris
  131. Will You Die??
  132. POW's disillusioned emails to family suggest he deserted
  133. Idiot mistakes house cat for mountain lion.and calls 911
  134. "You Are Not Special" Commencement Speech
  135. Francis Gary Powers to get Silver Star
  136. Texas Teen Walking to DC with Cross on his Back
  137. NYC Principal Bars Students from Singing "God Bless Usa" at Graduation
  138. Been making stuff
  139. A One Man Army..........
  140. Sheriff: Father kills man sexually abusing his daughter
  142. Remember these...Drive-In Theaters
  143. What are your thoughts on this? Grief Camps
  144. Workplace violence
  145. Major General DUI Case
  146. Anyone know this group.......
  147. Special Forces of the 60's........
  148. MARSOC and Green Berets(ODA) in A-Stan.......
  149. Happy Fathers Day
  150. Currently my new favorite rendition of the The Star Spangled Banner
  151. "O's" Selective Service Record..........
  152. Female soldiers need better health care........
  153. Tommy Prince; Pretty Much a Bad Ass
  154. Duke's Green Beret Picture.......
  155. War Zone
  156. Bad Deal Lump Pension Payouts........
  157. It just ain't right..........
  158. What you won't see on the media tonight.....
  159. Brother in arms could use our moral support.
  160. Test your knowledge of the War of 1812
  161. Retired Army Baseball Caps
  162. No Need for language
  163. What color is your current habitat??
  164. Do I need a Search Warrant??
  165. US Tornado Tracks 1950-2006
  166. Iran's 'hidden' alcoholism problem
  167. Bill approved in State House could mean cheaper price on motorcyle insurance for sold
  168. I keep seeing bumper stickers that say "navy seals 1- bin ladin 0
  169. Irregular Warfare and the Two Minds of the Venture Capital Green Beret
  170. Senate committee OKs Mulholland nomination for Special Operations Command
  171. Over 75% of Egyptian Americans Voted For Islamist
  172. D.C. Decoder 101: How Washington Spends Your Money
  173. Retiring Dem: 'The People Have Gotten Dumber'
  174. Pentagon recommends tiered system for combat pay
  175. EPA blasted for requiring oil refiners to add type of fuel that's merely hypothetical
  176. Duluth Flooding 2012
  177. A Little Walk About,, The Denali Challenge
  178. ACC Commander Releases New Strategic Plan
  179. 14-Year Old Phoenix Boy Shoots Armed Intruder While Babysitting
  180. Legislation to let slain soldiers' families cancel leases awaits governor's signature
  181. Long Street Presbyterian Church
  182. China Shenzhou-9 spacecraft makes first manual docking
  183. Debby is about to visit the 7th..
  184. The Two Minds of the Green Beret......
  185. Who won? Arizona or Holder??
  186. Roger's Rangers Rules for FOGs........
  187. Look who NBC finds to represent illegals in AZ
  188. $5Billion CAMO SNAFU
  189. New Insurgent Group ?
  190. MSNBC Hints Military Might Have Wanted To Silence Tillman
  191. Pentagon Holds First Gay Pride Event
  192. The First Female Navy SEAL
  193. Female CST Special Forces Enabler Speaks
  194. Military One Source eNewsletter
  195. Visit from Fort Bragg soldiers makes veterans' day
  196. A good laugh about a poser
  197. Homeland Security to Border Patrol: Run and Hide
  198. Decorated aviator CW5 David Cooper retires....
  199. Fayetteville's Veterans Day parade to salute Iraqi war veterans
  200. Celebrate the Fourth on Fort Bragg
  201. A Young Boys Dream.........
  202. July 4th...........
  203. Muslim Brotherhood in America.........
  204. Former PTSD Advisor Charged with Bogus Records
  205. Retirement of Cherry'1...........
  206. Navy's 'Great Green Fleet' @ $26 Per Gallon Fuel
  207. What Russia gave Syria.........
  208. National Anthem is stupid..........
  209. The Hubris of Obama on Vietnam........
  210. SF looking for new off the road vehicles.........
  211. Joint Staff Study Of The Post-9/11 Wars: What They Meant
  212. Returning troops find new enemy..........
  213. Covert Korean War Unit Forgotten No Longer......
  214. Your Old Frags
  215. The one golf course Obama should be forced to play
  216. White House considering Nuclear Arms cuts
  217. Americans have more confidence in military than any other institution
  218. SOG sold out by NVA Traitor.........
  219. President Bush Opens New Health Clinic in Zambia
  220. Rita Hayworth is Stayin' Alive
  221. Obama's Arms Treaty.........
  222. Vietnam Kingsmen.........
  223. Salute to England's Bomb Squadron........
  224. TSA & Cheese
  225. Knife Making Skills
  226. Today,in 1972..........
  227. US Soldier Told "WE DONT SERVE YOUR KIND" By Middle Eastern Folk ........
  228. Special Forces Warrior Foundation..........
  229. Are standards plummeting in the Ranger Assessment and Selection Program?
  230. Officer marches into woman's home..........
  231. Pro-Gun Group Uses Chicago Firearms "Buy-Back" Program to Fund Shooting Camp for Kids
  232. Welcome Home Parade
  233. Welcome Home Parade (2nd printing)
  234. White training guide
  235. Return to Makin Island..........
  236. Experts Tell Congress SOCOM Needs to Shift Focus
  237. Terrorists Aren’t “Aggressive Offensive Foe Seeking Domination”
  238. Olympic uniforms "Made in China"..........
  239. Greatest Nation in the World..........
  240. Wounded Warrior Hunt
  241. DoD Weapons Chief Signs Off on Big Army Radio Buy
  242. "O"s plan doesn't make Dem's to happy........
  243. How we nuked our own communications satellite......
  244. Toledoan, 92, mistakenly shoots officer
  245. Anyone know this?.......
  246. Executive order - communications functions
  247. Drug Tunnels Discovered Between U.S.-Mexico Border Contained Railcar System
  248. Two Very Troubled Fighter Jets
  249. Help-for a QP Brother (Don M.)
  250. Gary Sinise