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  1. Westboro Altercation at Funeral Today
  2. Natl Geographic 2010 photography contest
  3. Strike against austerity cuts brings Portugal to a halt
  4. Military Pegs Hourly Air Force One Cost at $180G, as Obama Sets Travel Record
  5. Who the Hell is Nigel Farage??
  6. Framing US Flag
  7. Wee Houses
  8. Afghan border police officer shoots and kills 6 U.S. soldiers
  9. Hoyer: Military should also see pay freeze
  10. DC area
  11. Anti-Israel Foreign Policy Experts Got Saudi Arabia, Other Arab Countries 100% Backwa
  12. Need a little help with Arabic writing translation...
  13. Man sue's parents of child he killed with his car
  14. Artists using your tax dollars
  15. Obama Traded Missile Shield for Russian Help With Iran That Never Appeared
  16. American Indians In The US Army
  17. VAS may attempt to gain access to military personnel through close resemblance.....
  18. Living In Your Vehicle
  19. $9.95 to $61200 wristwatch!
  20. U.S. 'Connects The Dots' To Catch Roadside Bombers
  21. Just what I wanted for Christmas-more government control:
  22. "Saving Ryan's Privates"
  23. What a week
  24. Women's skydiving jump is one for the record books
  25. Majority of Muslims want Islam in politics, poll says
  26. Christmas with a Captial "C"
  27. Free Internet a Civil Right for ‘Every Nappy-Headed Child’
  28. December 7
  29. December 7 - Addendum
  30. "Billy Graham of Islam" example encouraging?
  31. Small unit dominance
  32. Fat Soldiers
  33. Lowest pay raise for military in nearly 50 years?
  34. Stanley cites benefits of DREAM Act passage
  35. 200 Countries, 200 Years
  36. A "Litery" Story
  37. Home loan opinion
  38. Westboro Baptist Church to Protest at Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral
  39. Wolfgang Hammersmith Thread
  40. Backscatter X-ray machines easily fooled
  41. Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives
  42. Douglas Allen Smith Jr. is (Legally) Awesome
  43. Armadillo
  44. How Important was Hitler’s Mufti?
  45. Happy Birthday National Guard
  46. A duty to Serve
  47. German man castrates teenage daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend
  48. I'll be home for Christmas/ God Bless America-Elizabeth Salvatico
  49. US Navy rescues B-29 crew
  50. Thank a Soldier for the Holidays
  51. Duelling Cacophonies
  52. The day Niagara Falls ran dry
  53. BATFE Requests “Emergency” Authority
  54. Twas a Night in December
  55. DADT Vote
  56. What do you think about DADT?
  57. A re-visit to Social Reform & Political Change we can all beleive in
  58. Man Boards Plane At IAH With Loaded Gun In Carry-on
  59. Interesting Concept
  60. SHOT Show 2011
  61. Digital Story of the Nativity
  62. What's on your wall or shelf?
  63. Witchcraft Torture.....I knew it
  64. Vote for Operation Homefront
  65. Radicalized American Muslims
  66. BLuegrass Jam to help FISHER HOUSE™ FOUNDATION
  68. Nearly 1 in 4 fails military exam
  69. China Offers to Bail Out EU
  70. Merry Christmas...........
  71. Up to 40 illegal aliens employed on Eglin AFB special forces complex
  72. Haiti mobs lynch voodoo priests over cholera fears
  73. A Very Merry Christmas to All...
  74. New Gear, Christmas 2010
  75. Officer won't sign order for troop indoctrination
  76. Trowbridge driver lost for three days
  77. The IRS Strikes Again
  78. Special forces wary of 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal
  79. You want Snow??
  80. "How I Carried the Message to Garcia"
  81. Your feelgood for the day
  82. U.S. Army Waiting List Near Record Levels With High Unemployment, GI Bill
  83. Man's penis amputated following misdiagnosis
  84. Reports of 'disappeared' Pakistanis worry U.S.
  85. Massachusetts criminal incompetence
  86. China's New Missile: A Game Changer?
  87. Conscription to end as German armed forces cut
  88. Pakistan on strike against bill to amend blasphemy law
  89. Bily the Kid Still Guilty
  90. Art of the American Soldier....
  91. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  92. wounded elk - what would you have done?
  93. Rise of Islam in France
  94. Happy New Year
  95. Napolitano Lectures On Border Security
  96. Former Marxist guerrilla sworn in as president of Brazil
  97. SF Scuba guys go FTF with jelly fish
  98. Permanent US bases in Afghanistan
  99. Body found on Fort Bragg trail
  100. Court: No warrant needed to search cell phone
  101. Lance Thomas the watch repairing Gunfighter
  102. Mike Shehan
  103. A vote for Jacop Netzel
  104. U.S. Building a network to hit militants
  105. Paraglide
  106. Impending Military Spending Freeze
  107. Real life "super hero"
  108. Census map
  109. Why Our Best Officers Are Leaving
  110. Nomination for next CSA announced
  111. Obama: No Time to Call Mom of Fallen Soldier
  112. Pole Shift Forces Airport Makeover
  113. Virginia District Court Finds Stolen Valor Act Constitutional
  114. Congress Outlaws The USAF
  115. Westboro Baptist Church
  116. Bottom-feeding humans
  117. Army Mulls Women in Combat Arms Units
  118. DLPT Testing - Waiting over a year
  119. Transgender Vets Want Military Access
  120. Progress or Big Brother?
  121. Vets Angry After Navy Sec. Names Warship After Former Dem Rep. Murtha
  122. 1-11-11
  123. Interesting article on Operation Redwing
  124. Jogger Stands His Ground against Attacker
  125. NC man accused of posing as veteran
  126. Enhanced VA Health Care Enrollment Opportunity Closing for Certain Combat Veterans
  127. A Good Start
  128. State proposes legislation making it illegal for doctors to ask about gun possession
  129. How to Fix Mortgage Mess in Three Steps
  130. Memo to White House: Lawyer Up
  131. Afghanistan's push to tax U.S. contractors could renew tensions
  132. National debt: The ugly facts
  133. SF guy writes new book MI VIDA
  134. 3 students shot in L.A. High School...
  135. Toronto Mourns The Loss of Police Sergeant Ryan Russell
  136. The Ho-Chunk Nation & Sacred Tobacco
  137. Plaques honoring Veterans Stolen from VFW
  138. Time For Kids Person of the Year Award
  139. Organizers of Vietnam veterans' tribute to include complete picture of era
  140. John Taylor: The Republicans' Shadow Fed Chairman
  141. Sprint, WTF
  142. Federal Budget Cut
  143. Boy Scout Troop from Tampa looking for help in the DC Area
  144. Military Chaplains' Faiths Fail To Mirror Service Members'
  145. Here comes the next Discovery Channel Joke series.....
  146. US Post Office, 2010 losses at 8.5 Billion
  147. Why China Does Capitalism Better than the U.S.
  148. Sultan Ameer Tarar
  149. NatGeoTV ( Taliban Uprising)
  150. Tooth-to-Tail (T3R)
  151. Warm fuzzy feeling (Hillar in the brig)
  152. Professional Soldiers - Casting Call
  153. Muslim Population growth projections
  154. Utah Base Lockdown
  155. Vodka Eyeballing
  156. Machine Guns WEREN'T Banned?
  157. Assignment Iran (Old SF Video)
  158. GEN McChrystal Recounts US Roadblocks To Taliban Manhunt
  159. Belated Happy Birthday to PS.com
  160. Why Your State Sucks
  161. Suez Canal
  162. The day part of the Internet died: Egypt goes dark
  163. Anyone Up to the Task
  164. Warrior Dash
  165. New paleo reconstruction shows warmer periods in Alaska over the past 3000 years
  166. Heck of a thing to find on police call
  167. How much money is actually lost?
  168. www.covered6.com
  169. Steven Nicely - K-9 Trainer
  170. Man arrested with explosives at Michigan mosque
  171. Report: Pakistan Doubles Nuclear Arsenal
  172. Business in SF
  173. VOTE NOW
  174. Domino Principle?
  175. Looking for info on Bob Towne
  176. Looking for info on Harold Lorenz
  177. Congressman Allen West, LTC(r) is trying
  178. WikiLeaks founder Assange's 60 minutes interviews
  179. Electronic Toll on Golden Gate Bridge Can Cost Tourists Hundreds
  180. Thomas Sowell, Milk and the EPA
  181. A Gurkha soldier with a kukri is really a handful!
  182. ATF Report on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and the Military
  183. Hickam C-17 Drops a Navy Boat Over Pacific
  184. Mourners salute beloved Hmong leader Gen. Vang Pao
  185. Russia in Uproar Over Adopted Boy's Hot Sauce Punishment
  186. Big Obama donor quits envoy job amid criticism
  187. The Deficit Americans Should Think About Most: Personal Character
  188. The Reality of Virtual Power
  189. Funny, touching and inspirational speech…
  190. new army service uniform - DA photo question
  191. Happy 100th Birthday Ronald W. Reagan
  192. Alaska Bear Hunt for Wounded SF soldiers in 2011
  193. Kids Traveling
  194. This week's Army Times
  195. Enhanced Combat Helmet to Be Fielded in Fall
  196. EVERYONE please READ!!!!
  197. Heroe's Highway article series
  198. Special Operations 'Fraying Around the Edges,' Commander Says
  199. Anger Over Deporting (Criminal) Haitians
  200. Widows' Tax?
  201. Lost Generation -
  202. Who Tracks the Fed Reserve?
  203. 'Sexually Transmitted Debt'
  204. Obama campaign machine now has competition
  205. A Special Date
  206. Hubbard Miltary Service Claims Investigated
  207. Hate Crime?
  208. 4-star general, 5-star grace
  209. Truth about "Mistake" bombing of Chinese Embassy
  210. Peaceful, neutral Switzerland cherishes its armed tradition
  211. Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2012
  212. Weight of War
  213. Islamists spark anger after calling for gay-free zone in East London
  214. For the old women of Afghanistan.....
  215. Colombian narco-sub
  216. Obama's Media Machine: State Run Media 2.0?
  217. Circus in Texas
  218. The Experience Economy
  219. Bible Edited Out of "Soul Surfer" Film Edited Back in After Family Complains
  220. Baghdad wants U.S. to pay $1 billion for damage to city
  221. [BMWMc] Motorcycle Checkpoints to begin in March in GA
  222. Jesse Jackson Rallies Protestors-Is Jesse the New MLK?
  223. Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan…
  224. Pro-Nazi US Army Unit In WW2
  225. Proper Speed Enforcement
  226. Do NOT miss Extreme Home Makeover TONIGHT
  227. Last Female WW1 Vet Turns 110
  228. Police Captain Goes Rogue....or...It Ain't Good To Piss Off The Big Boys!
  229. [VIDEO] Blood And Dust .. US Medics In Afghanistan.
  230. Arizona State Firearm!!!!!
  231. Panama Security Companies
  232. $220 Oil?
  233. Pretty powerful Image
  234. Controversial Imam to Speak at U. of Central Florida Draws Protests
  235. Out of the Wild
  236. 173rd Airborne Brigade Commander Suspended
  237. President G.W. Bush Nixes Denver Trip, Citing Assange Invite
  238. Veterans Service Organization
  239. Last US veteran of WWI dies in W. Va. at age 110
  240. Foreclosures Help Change Color Of Suburbs
  241. Low-flow toilets cause a stink in SF
  242. Authorities Investigating How Goat Herd Ran Into Traffic
  243. I have a solution to Libya
  244. WW2 Sniper Ted Gundy Honored
  245. DC Cup Cakes...
  246. This is fun to play with
  247. We May Have Less Than Two Thousand Years to Save Biodiversity!
  248. History Channel - After Armageddon
  249. Did Muslim Lobby Force Firing of Popular Radio Host?
  250. First Jump!!