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  1. Full Military Honors
  2. These are the Russians you are looking for?
  3. Oakland Raiders Throw the Game???
  4. Don Malarkey, E/2/506 PIR Passes
  5. 22-06 duplex round
  6. Is it time to deploy the giant magnet?
  7. Las Vegas Active Shooter(s)
  8. FOIA request(s) can be embarrassing.
  9. Mrs Denise Burditus, RIP
  10. U.S. Troops killed in Niger
  11. MR2 Transferred
  12. From Son Tay to Lynch
  13. Ireland puts Che Guevara on a stamp?
  14. Harvey Weinstein,, WHO???
  15. Boy Scouts To Admit Girls
  16. LOLZ Sally “White Widow” Jones, given a proper dirt nap.
  17. Do not pass H.R.3999
  18. Ex-Green Beret Nate Boyer writes open letter to Trump, Kaepernick, NFL and America
  19. Iraqi forces drive Kurds out of Kirkuk
  20. MG Jack Singlaub, Prayers Out..
  21. Roger Goodell Killed the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg
  22. Support for POTUS
  23. drone/counter-drone
  24. Triple Canopy, Hiring Guards in Iraq Who Couldn't Shoot
  25. General John Kelly (RET.) WH Chief of Staff
  26. #iknewwhatisignedupfor #andwoulddoitagain
  27. FAKER! Man admits he lied to Fox News about Navy SEAL service
  28. DNA Test from 23andMe ??
  29. The "Men" Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity
  30. Playboy's First Transgender Playmate
  31. November 4th Revolution Declared
  32. Security Force Advisor Brigade are geting GREEN BERETS ??????????
  33. Green Berets honor JFK in Arlington ceremony
  34. Navy SEAL Hits 5,000-Yard Shot???
  35. The White House Petition Needs HELP
  36. Anger as remains of soldiers from Revolutionary and Civil war are dug up
  37. Lost at Sea,, Maybe??
  38. Gitmo judge sends Marine general to 21 days confinement
  39. Armed Shoppers
  40. Ballistic Missile Fired at Saudi Capital Riyadh
  41. Two more moron "celebrities" place their names in the anti-2A hat
  42. Happy Veterans' Day
  43. RIP Lt Col Robert Schubert
  44. Help Requested for Chief Petty Officer Stacy
  45. U.S. to stand up permanent base in Israel
  46. If you're crazy,, Uncle Sam wants you...
  47. Back from combat, guardsmen feel slighted by Army medical care
  48. The Final Countdown, LOL
  49. B-52H land without tail fin
  50. 100 Years of Communism—and 100 Million Dead
  51. Contract Work Questions
  52. Weapon Turn In; England
  53. 40th Birthday Wishes..
  54. 47 Years Ago,, Operation Ivory Coast
  55. 63 yo man takes down bank robber.
  56. Going Full RETARD
  57. Enhance Mind IQ
  58. Contractor Opening(S) for SEALs
  59. Will NAMBLA be finally exposed
  60. Happy Thanksgiving! 1621 (real menu)
  61. Roadtrip Mindset Exercise
  62. 02scuba Ebay selling Counterfeit Harsey Knives
  63. SFC Lance Trimmer (ret), hospice
  64. Wanna bet it's a SF fraud that was busted?
  65. Medical Marijuana Cardholders to Surrender Their Firearms
  66. Elitists, Crybabies and Junky Degrees
  67. liberals going nuts
  68. Verdict
  69. Air Force cans Thunderbirds commander
  70. NZSAS Trooper Steve Askin for NZer of the Year
  71. SAS Females, in the air...
  72. The Murky World of the CIA...
  73. WTF, Does Everyone have PTSD
  74. Snowflakes
  75. Black Rifle Coffee & Evan Hafer
  76. December 7th, 1941...a date which will live in infamy
  77. Daniel Shaver shooting, Murder by Coward
  78. Wild Boar kills hunter
  79. A look inside the Nor California pot industry
  80. Server Maintenance 9-11 Dec
  81. For that someone Special on your Xmas list
  82. Inside The Botched Raid That Left Four US Soldiers Dead In Niger
  83. 2018 Defense Bill Signed
  84. Here’s how to shut down the internet: Snip undersea fiber-optic cables
  85. Academic Rigor Reinforces Privilege
  86. This is how green beret frauds are caught, a simple tip
  87. Dem Andrea Ramsey, accused of sexual harassment, will drop out of US House race
  88. Keeping clearance after ETS?
  89. Chicago "Father of the Year!" Chicago Police Sergeant Raymond Leuser
  90. HALO 43,500 ft, Dec 16 1963
  91. Richard A. Root, 21, of Oshkosh, Wis. Bottom-Feeder
  92. Mooslems "Triggered" by Sex Robots!
  93. Don't eat GOAT.
  94. Tired of winning yet
  95. 94 Percent of All Confirmed Aliens in DOJ Custody Are Unlawfully Present
  96. Merry Christmas to all...
  97. Pentagon leaders looking to make a culture shift within the military
  98. Bump Stocks, thoughts?
  99. And another one...
  100. Happy New Year! (2018)
  101. State to state migration
  102. Oregon Residents Panic Over Pumping Their Own Gasoline
  103. Gift ideas for newly commissioned officer
  104. Who's online.
  105. California being sued over 100% voter registration
  106. Military explosives unearthed in Northern Arizona
  107. Old SF tradition questions
  108. Satellite total loss or tail wagging the dog?
  109. 25000 California ballots thrown out.
  111. Sh!thole...
  112. Where will your remains rest?
  113. So you have 30 minutes before the nukes land, what do you do?
  114. New California
  115. Celebrity Nude Photos "hacked" “Retards in Action”
  116. New Rifle Qualification and Standards for the Army?
  117. Why wages are lagging in the US.
  118. Border Wall Models Thwart US Commandos, seriously, commandos?
  119. 70t'y down,, XX to go..
  120. Kabul Intercontinental Hotel siege leaves more than 40 dead
  121. The Fake Restaurant That Was London's Top Rated on Trip Advisor
  122. The papal pedophile protector gets pissed!
  123. Viet Nam era SN# question
  124. Do you Botox?? Saudi Beauty Competition Disqualifies Twelve
  125. Same-Sex Active-Duty Couple Marries at West Point
  126. Do U SCOTTeVEST?
  127. jet lag tips and tricks
  128. Do you know Kirsten Joy?
  129. Life Boat Test,, Whoops...
  130. Terry Ward, 1946 - 2018, Obituary
  131. No cure for stupid
  132. New CSA Gun Ship,, Whoops..
  133. Socialist Stockton California and their Standford grad 27 y.o. mayor
  134. FBI kills hostage "victim".
  135. PSA: RUNE Alphabet
  136. Eclipse
  137. Hamas Leader, Imad al-Alami died
  138. Mattis wants to ban cell phones in pentagon
  139. Melena Trumps guest last night.
  140. D Day C-47 that led the invasion
  141. LtC George W Gaspard, Jr, August 5, 1926 - January 30, 2018
  142. My G-Daughter is learning way to fast..
  143. BIO of Robert Mueller, USMC
  144. Russian Pilot uses grenade to avoid capture
  145. Deploy or get out:
  146. John Steinbeck's 1st Huey ride
  147. What’s your “Citizen Score?”
  148. Ring-knocker wants to be Governor of Illinois.
  149. We need a Grand Jury NOW..
  150. The Olympics will be inclusive??
  151. Golden Brigade marks 50th anniversary of Vietnam deployment
  152. Liberal Media gives Jeff Sessions credit
  153. California is imploding
  154. Army Basic Training to Drop Hand Grenade Competency
  155. GOP CRUMBS Act
  156. Campaign ads
  157. Going Full Retard.........where do these morons come from?