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  1. Hesco Help
  2. Was the War on Poverty a Success?
  3. 11 year old boy honors D-Day veterans
  4. Stretch of West Virginia road to be named for former Fort Bragg soldier
  5. Spineless coward murders a Pa Cop and runs and hides.....
  6. Widow Fights Army Ruling
  7. Ebola outbreak: Health team 'found dead' in Guinea
  8. The evolution of Chuck Hagel
  9. If true, I'm glad we are talking about it....
  10. ISIS Hunting Calls and Eau De Goats Ass
  11. Who are we & where did we come from
  12. When should military leaders stand up....
  13. So, I married my 1st Cousin....
  14. US Pcht combat jumps
  15. A litttle SF history
  16. Obama Taps 2 Star General to Build Syrian Rebel Army to Fight ISIS
  17. The Barbarians Within Our Gates
  18. Obama Salute
  19. Army chief: Division headquarters will deploy soon to Iraq
  20. China's military is only a paper dragon
  22. Identify the thesis - Aztec conquest
  23. $1,500 permit to take photo of federal land
  24. May the Good Lord bless the Great State of Arizona
  25. 'Withholding sex' now considered 'sexual violence'
  26. The Death Of Shop Class And America's Skilled Workforce
  27. Hail the Slain: Celebrations of Death in Warrior Culture
  28. Where does the phrase 'boots on the ground' come from?
  29. Synchronized Chinese Acrobats
  30. Pentagon Warns It Can't Continue to Police the World
  31. President Obama rides elevator with armed man
  32. Elderly Florida Diner Beaten In Cursing Dispute
  33. Dealing With The Rain.
  34. Coast Guard gives WWII vet a Viking funeral at sea
  35. Another climate change theory goes tits up
  36. Nice gesture but ...
  37. Polaris DAGOR ultra-light truck ready for combat
  38. Return to Mogadishu - A ranger goes back to retrace his experience in 1993
  39. The Marines are coming, the Marines are coming
  40. Silencers probe leads to Pentagon secrets
  41. On the Islamic State front line with Iraqi army
  42. U.S. Needs To Rethink How Much It Cuts The Army
  43. The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons
  44. Utah National Guard "Scandal"
  45. Are America's special operations forces in crisis?
  46. Ancient Commando's
  47. One-third of working Americans support two-thirds of the population
  48. WA state patrol violates law daily
  49. Confidence in Judicial Systems Varies Worldwide (Gallup)
  50. Stockton, Ca police response kills hostage
  51. Fort Bragg cooks tested in Iron Chef competition
  52. Do We Really Understand Unconventional Warfare?
  53. Kansas City Royals hotline to Dept of Homeland Security
  54. Special operations unit receives first new aircraft in 30 years
  55. 'Toxic' battalion commander returns to job despite recommendation of firing
  56. The Five Biggest Disasters in American Military History
  57. Understanding and Countering Nation-State Use of Protracted Unconventional Warfare
  58. Head of Fort Benning Warrior Training Center relieved of command
  59. Alan Eustace
  60. "How Counterinsurgency Has Changed Across the 20th and Into the 21st Century"?
  61. Green Berets tell of Afghan National Army soldiers’ incompetence
  62. Country singer Raelynn surprised by Green Beret brother
  63. The Calibration Boogie
  64. So you thought it was impossible?
  65. Veterans Day military discounts
  66. So it begins......
  67. Now for some good headlines......
  68. FBI screwing with the media.........
  69. If you like Corvettes
  70. Holder and his...
  71. DHS is protecting who????
  72. Who shot Bin Laden? This guy. That's who....
  73. Controversial Assignment on Islam gets Marine banned from Daughter's School
  74. Hollis vs Holder
  75. Triple dippers:
  76. Former Spec Ops Vets launch Operation Limitless Compassion
  77. Why buying nickels makes more sense than gold.
  78. Infantryman named new sergeant major of the Army
  79. 1/19 SF troops take a hit over MWR calendar
  80. BlackEnergy: Russia has Trojaned America
  81. Ain't this just great
  82. Thought this might be of interest
  83. Mystery Iran General behind recent success
  84. Remembrance Day
  85. Happy Veteran's Day, Brothers!
  86. Pepper Spray Clean-up
  87. NRA Life Member
  88. New education course to fill E-8 'knowledge gap'
  89. Ronald Reagan's expert apology to Margaret Thatcher
  90. 30 nations at MacDill AFB to plot Islamic State’s demise
  91. 4 Turkish terrorists caught in Texas after being smuggled across border
  92. No Blacklist Yet for Islamic State Banks
  93. Syrian Boy Hero, back-side story..
  94. 23 Toughest Militaries in the World
  95. Twitter nuts and Twitter Sucks
  96. Ft Bragg opens housing to retirees, DOD Civs and others
  97. Medal of Honor Recipient Goes Against the Status Quo
  100. Battle of Tarawa
  101. Son Tay, 21 Nov 1970
  102. VA Loan Experience
  103. Hagel Said to Be Stepping Down as Defense Chief Under Pressure
  104. Netherlands Repatriating its Gold
  106. Smithsonian magazine's list of the 100 most significant people in U. S. history
  107. Shawdowspear.com Shuts Site Down
  108. US lacks strategy to counter unconventional warfare threats from states and terrorist
  109. GBF (Green Beret Foundation) Reminder
  110. Happy Thanksgiving!
  111. Russia Allows Citizens to Carry for Self Protection!
  112. Rural/Metro Fire Department, Arizona , incompetent & lazy
  113. 1st Special Forces Command?
  114. 4lb Compact Rotary Engine
  115. Revisiting the Social Movement Approach to Unconventional Warfare
  116. Barry to order more training, oversight for military gear to cops
  117. Would You Support a Longer or Lifetime Military Career?
  118. Posers...They're everywhere Sean Yetman; Black Friday phony Ranger
  119. Sheriff strips feds of LW powers in county
  120. ISIL claims they made a dirty IED
  121. GoPro Experiences
  122. NYC Grand Jury Returns No Indictment in Police Choke Hold Case
  123. 17 States in lawsuit vs amnesty
  124. The Real Forrest Gump
  125. IMI CombatGuard
  126. So there is this...
  127. Deathlist 2015
  128. U.S., Baghdad reach deal on troop immunity
  129. Oregon Christmas tree harvest...
  130. Congress Orders DoD to Justify Enlisted Aides for Generals, Admirals
  131. Congress docks pensions for generals, admirals
  132. Special Operations Recruiting holds grand opening for new center
  133. "This is no joke: This is War" 7 December 1941
  134. US frees six Guantanamo detainees to go to Uruguay
  135. Expedient Concrete Cratering, non-explosive?
  136. NYPD to becom the San Angles PD of Demolition Man Fame
  137. Magnificent
  138. Hikmatullah Shadman started working for American Special Forces teams in 2002
  139. CIA interrogation files
  140. When will the F-35 Madness Stop??
  141. It's killing time.....
  142. Outgoing Sgt. Maj. of the Army calls for return to basics
  143. Sponsor A Wreath
  144. CRISPR-cas9 for A Brave New World
  145. Bill would let ‘Grow the Army’ officers retire with full pension
  146. Fort Bragg to get movie theater
  147. Worse than a Defeat.
  148. First Grandson
  149. Commissary money restored, base tobacco prices rising
  150. Green Berets took center stage in war to rebuild Afghanistan
  151. Masive 100 Aircraft Jump, w/100 jumpers?
  152. Fort Bragg special operations leaders say sacrifice in Afghanistan making a differenc
  153. Ayn Rand on money.
  154. Why Veterans Hate Posers So, So, So, SO Very Much
  155. West Point Deserter Convicted.
  156. U.S. Special Forces Conducts Urban Training in North Texas
  157. Manila seeks custody of U.S. Marine in transgender murder case
  158. Canada "Kid" Militia school project
  159. The Siege of Tsingtao
  160. Head of DoD equal opportunity training suspended
  161. A French Soldier's View of US Soldiers in Afghanistan
  162. Stop the planet, I want off
  163. Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released in Syria
  164. US-Cuban relations thaw
  165. ISIS soundly defeated in first engagement with American forces
  166. Discussion: Stolen Valor Act 2013
  167. Supreme Court Upholds North Carolina Traffic Stop
  168. Ohh stooop it, you're making my sides hurt!
  169. Sony, North Korea and 'The Interview': When lack of principle meets personal cowardic
  170. Putin Press Conference
  171. Ranger candy may lead to longer life
  172. Band of Bros. good story
  173. America Reveals Who It Really Trusts in Poll of Most and Least Honest Jobs
  174. Santa Tracker began with a wrong number and a red phone
  175. Southern Boys: Yaupon tea?
  176. One of the best responses ever
  177. Obama Support among Military Plummets to 15 Percent
  178. So i finally did it.
  179. WWII vet re-enacts parachute jump that almost killed him 70 years ago
  180. Male rape prevalent in UK army
  181. Court rules against environmentalists seeking EPA regs for lead bullets
  182. Merry Christmas to All
  183. How France has forgotten the Christmas truce soldiers
  184. Vets and the KKK
  185. Green Berets cleared in Afghanistan friendly fire deaths
  186. Does this sum it up?
  187. Army Captains invite Obama to their wedding. Get more than planned...
  188. Pennsylvania boy, 9, goes hunting in South Carolina after asking wrong sheriff to tak
  189. .... back in the day .....
  190. Lang May Yer Lum Reek
  191. O-5 fired for wearing unearned tabs still in uniform
  192. Anybody know him?
  193. Happy New Year
  194. For special military occasions, whiskey better by the barrel
  195. AQAP "Inspire" Magazine
  196. A small thank you as I start my journey.
  197. Large Bitcoin Exchange Halts Trading After Hack
  198. Mystery of the glowing orb
  199. Baltimore police: Armed BGF gunman sent into police station
  200. Female RANGERS
  201. British SOE
  202. Air quality in Dc
  203. US scaling back bases in Europe in cost-cutting move
  204. Sledging bans - coming to a town near you?
  205. Emails: Michigan county's veterans services director sought cash, gifts from veterans
  206. Experimental Marijuana Use
  207. Rob Konrad
  208. SHOT Show 2015!!
  209. The Scottish mother of Japanese whisky
  210. Giving fucks
  212. Protest Signs - Where do they come from?
  213. "Toilet Bomb"
  214. Patricia Driscoll, ASSASSIN!
  215. 132 y/o Win 1873 Found Leaning Against Tree
  216. Tanzania bans witch doctors for albino murders
  217. Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University
  218. Conservative Leaders: Stop Obama's Fundamental Transformation of US
  219. Man kills cop caught on body cam
  220. Fort Bragg Report: Looking back on Operation Power Pack
  221. DOJ blocking gun shops from banking
  222. WH Claims it has Power to Regulate, Tax the Internet
  223. SEALs Being SEALs: When Is the Swagger Too Much?
  224. The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia
  225. Holder & Seizures ??
  226. Shooting instructors in Ft Lewis area?
  227. Close call
  228. "God and Country" recruit post axed
  229. Video: Lamborghini Huracan crashes at 200 MPH
  230. Where is the potie??
  231. "The Vagina Monologues"
  232. seth rogen, bottom feeding Canadian
  233. Age aint nothin but a number
  234. From MG Singlaub
  235. Is Technology Making All of Us Less Trusting?
  236. Disneyland for Special Operations Forces
  237. Fort Bragg Air Assault School renamed for Medal of Honor recipient
  238. Nate Boyer...SF Texas Longhorn
  239. Think you know Archery
  240. Working in Middle East
  241. Super Bowl Security
  242. Praise from...the French?!?!
  243. Islamic Tribunal Confirmed in Texas; Attorney Claims ‘It’s Voluntary’
  244. Combat Dive Prep
  245. Peeling the Onion Back on the Pentagon’s Special Operations Budget
  246. CA DA shows some common sense ?
  247. Veteran Harold L. Eatman to receive the French Legion of Honor award next week
  248. My indoctrination into my Liberal school has begun
  249. "The Great Raid" 70 Years Ago Today...
  250. Report: Pay and benefits panel to recommend killing 20-year retirement