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  1. The CRD's
  2. One of my favorite movie endings
  3. World Combat Divers Badges..
  4. New 9/11 footage just released
  5. Willys Jeep
  6. 85 Year Old Army Sniper
  7. Hate Crime or Publicity Stunt in Fairfield,Iowa Beating?
  8. Female GIs struggle with higher rate of divorce
  9. NPR Exec Caught on Camera Slamming Tea Party Republicans
  10. Welfare State: Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages
  11. London judge rugby-tackled sex offender
  12. Wish comes true for 10 year old with cancer
  13. Shrinkage & Shriveling..
  14. The Profession of Arms
  15. Billionaire List Shows Power Of Asia And Facebook
  16. Man Down
  17. CBC Congressman: KKK Bigger Threat than Al-Qaeda
  18. Standards lowered for LEOs
  19. Dolphin Bubbles video
  20. Body scanners radiation10 times higher than expected
  21. The Pentagon’s Biggest Boondoggles
  22. SGM Crump Photo
  23. Explosion at Fort Bragg
  24. Dumb gets Dumber...
  25. Lá Fhéile Pádraig
  26. Goiod on him.
  27. Status update
  28. Weakest President in History
  29. What was high school like for you?
  30. White? Male? Bullying victim? You're SOL, Sez DOJ
  31. Boy, 11, raises $21,000 to honor World War II hero
  32. Felony, confiscation proposed in CT for possession of magazines holding > 10 rounds
  33. The Spies are being spied on...
  34. possible poser?
  35. Giving it your best......no more than 100%
  36. Police Women of Broward County, Reality at it best...
  37. Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth 'Crying In Rage'
  38. It's not the color of the gun...
  39. TX ARNG
  40. NYC Subway Hero Says Cops Initially Left Him to Fend for Himself Against Killer
  41. The Paleo Solution
  42. Seeds
  43. Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy
  44. POTUS Locked Out??
  45. World War II Vet Learns He's Not a U.S. Citizen
  46. Badass of the week
  47. "Life in Legacy"
  48. A New Tool For U.S. Intelligence: Google?
  49. Multiculturalism in France..........
  50. Al-Qaeda snatched missiles in Libya
  51. Special Forces Green Berets show off skills
  52. Media Matters Declares War on Fox
  53. Uk Awards
  54. Is this guy one of yours?
  55. Political Assassination?
  56. Proposed Florida Carry Changes..
  57. Legal question-The idea of implied Consent
  58. Bad News: UBL Plants Nukes in U.S./Good News: Only 160 of 'em.
  59. Micahel Yon vs Rolling Stone
  60. "special features that I believe need to be in limited distribution"
  61. 5,000 non-citizens voting in Colorado
  62. Stetson hat to be new Army standard headgear
  63. French Mayor Upset
  64. toys
  65. A confession
  66. Why did my brother become an extreme Islamist?
  67. Debt limit could threaten military pay
  68. Agent Orange Ship List
  69. Cool PT Boat story of a remodel
  70. An Asbo in 14th Century Britain
  71. Troops First Foundation
  72. We Should Support Libya,, Well Maybe..
  73. poker star
  74. 7 April
  75. Awww geeeze, not this crap ...again
  76. Can You Tell if a Service Member is a Fake?
  77. Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home
  78. SGM Jimmy Judge
  79. Pathfinders.........
  80. I have a plan to destroy America By Richard D. Lamm
  81. McChrystal to Lead Program for Military Families
  82. CSA Message To The Army
  83. Australian women destined for frontline combat
  84. Strategic Confusion: Russia’s Perpetual Brigade Reform
  85. Ft. Bragg garrison command on FB
  86. Land of opportunity??? responsibility???
  87. Welcome Home..
  88. U.S. Army/Military Special Forces Reserve
  89. The Exit: Why the Civilian-Military Strategy Is Failing in Afghanistan by Bob Kinder
  90. Boron Coating for firearms
  91. I need an internet geek
  92. CIA declassifies WWI-era secret documents
  93. We have identified and are tracking . Jess W (Skip) Hall, Special Forces FRAUD
  94. Disaster relief - Bragg area
  95. Fake Vet Scams 16 Million
  96. Goodies for QP's
  97. SF Killing Taliban Upclose
  98. I need help with a VA issue
  99. Quote of the Day
  100. It had to happen. TSA Sex Offender
  101. VA assigns officer to verify claims involving secret missions
  102. DARPA to the Rescue.. Camo on Demand..
  103. The Pentagon's "Y Article"
  104. Thoughts from Kandahar
  105. FEDS mine facebook
  106. Warrior 100K
  107. IED Discovered on Texas Highway
  108. Border Agent Convicted Of Pulling A Subjects Handcuffs
  109. Looking for answer
  110. The "War on Cops" that isn't
  111. Outstanding Story
  112. Petraeus / CIA
  113. How Fisher House Will Use Your Contributions
  114. Muscle & Fitness Mag
  115. Man charged with submitting forged letter to court
  116. The New Geopolitics of Food
  117. Selling a Timeshare
  118. ".. the BPA-is-harmful hypothesis..."
  119. The Patriot's Moral Code
  120. Dissociation and surviving SFAS
  121. UBL Raid WANNABES
  122. Mechanic in Fayetteville
  123. help verifing a person claiming to be Special Ops.
  124. Storm mountian training ctr
  125. House panel OKs more money for Special Forces
  126. The Man who got UBL
  127. Nearly Half of Detroit Illiterate
  128. Basic Graduation
  129. Video of Mob of Thieves Storming Store
  130. IED Found Near Chester Train Tracks
  131. MFF Dogs??
  132. "And A Splash of Water"
  133. Serbian Special Forces
  134. What do you guys think? Was DEVGRU the right choice?
  135. The Maine Troop Greeters Official Web Site
  136. Operation Resolve
  137. UBL down,, 10,000 more to go...
  138. More Muslim Terror: Bomb Threat Forces Evac
  139. Man airlifted after fight with cat.
  140. Martha Raye...........
  141. Do you believe this sh*t?........
  142. Paki PM Warns of Full Force Response
  143. NY mosque leaders object to neighbor's 'bomb' sign
  144. Pocky's Hint That China Wants Peek at Stealth Chopper
  145. Navy would allow gay weddings on base
  146. Frontline: "Kill/Capture" (2011)
  147. Obama Preparing Fresh Worldwide Muslim Appeasement Effort
  148. Vanity License Plates
  149. Quote of the year…
  150. House committee advances $404 million for Bragg projects
  151. Operation Crossbow: How 3D glasses helped defeat Hitler
  152. Report: Helo Pilots Get Secret Care to Save Careers
  153. USS Yorktown back on the air
  154. Strange Organism That Could Destroy Monsanto
  155. When the hunters become the hunted: Sea Shepherd outruns Somali pirates
  156. How speech patterns sway opinions
  157. Israelis Fire on Palestinians at 3 Locations on Border
  158. Infantry Company Commander
  159. Twilight of the $UPERfluous Carrier
  160. FP War Dogs Article
  161. The (military) wisdom of a 9 year old
  162. (G)overnment (M)otors Cheers ChiCom Propaganda Film
  163. Did the Palistinians cause the rise of Israel?
  164. Annual run starts All American Week
  165. Flags dedicated to veterans at Field of Honor
  166. Warrants Let Agents Enter Homes Without Owner Knowing
  167. Women in Speical Forces ..Made you look
  168. VA I moved now what?
  169. Deal with the VA
  170. Interesting blurb from Men's Health, Index vs Ring Finger length
  171. CDC Seriously Warns Public to Prepare for Zombie Apocolypse?
  172. In the bleak light of the Depression:..........
  173. Please Vote
  174. Special Warfare Magazine
  175. KUMBAYA by Fareed Zacharia
  176. What Arabs expect of Obama
  177. Islands in the stream
  178. Lifeguard, 98K to 210K Annual.. U got what it takes??
  179. Man Runs To Support Wounded Warriors
  180. Philly Fuzz Threatens to Make Life Uncomfortable for Legal Open Carriers
  181. Best Boonie Hats
  182. Ceremony honors 'Red Hats' who trained Vietnamese airborne troops
  183. Thank you for those who served and those who continue to do so.
  184. How to move money..
  185. Quiet revolution: New research spotlights role of black Catholic nuns in desegregatio
  186. O'Bama
  187. Parents keep child's gender secret
  188. ASVAB Paper version no longer given?
  189. Cambridge Arms
  190. Inside Edition phony SEALs
  191. USASOC to honor soldiers killed in past year
  192. Experience prior to training for a mission/researching book idea
  193. Trip to Vietnam
  194. Westboro Baptist Church Memorial Day Protests Planned
  195. Queen Humiliates Obama
  196. Record-setting performances highlight a bizarre week on Mt. Everest
  197. Congress-Critters Invest Well..
  198. Ratko Mladic arrested: Bosnia war crimes
  199. Rep. Barney Frank Admits to Helping Ex-Lover Land Job at Fannie Mae
  200. WTF -soldiers in NYC?
  201. AF General: China Military Buildup Incredibly Disturbing
  202. Vid: DC Libs Sign Petition to Ban Conservative Websites
  203. Airborne school problem
  204. A birds eye view of Joplin
  205. U.S. official cites misconduct in Japanese American internment cases
  206. Seismologists Tried for Manslaughter
  207. Going to the USMA Cemetery?
  208. $32 Billion Spent On Abandoned Weapons Programs
  209. Memorial Day - "This story is about..."
  210. The REAL Patton Speech
  211. How America Screws Its Soldiers
  212. To all active and retired military
  213. Memorial Day read
  214. Women Breaking Barriers in Navy, Not SEALs Yet
  215. Google is making us stupid
  216. Libyan rebels continue to struggle,, with outside help..
  217. Did the SEAL visit your AO??
  218. Citizenship and memory (National Review)
  219. Sergeant First Class Leroy Arthur Petry, Awarded Medal of Honor
  220. MythBusters! Tonight! 01-June-2011
  221. ‘Handcuffed by policy,’ fire and police crews watch man drown
  222. Help this kid please
  223. Ancient cave women 'left childhood homes'
  224. The Blurring of CIA and Military
  225. Military's Tricare benefits are too sweet a deal
  226. A pretty good song...
  227. Presidents G20 Entourage
  228. Good News
  229. Army Air Crews
  230. Leftist legislation from the bench
  231. America’s Corporate Partners - OIF/OEF Veterans
  232. James Arness Passes
  233. UK spies hack al-Qaida
  234. Pimpin my song
  235. North American Union???
  236. Anyone Ever Hear of ITS Tactical?
  237. Pig fat bullet oil artical
  238. Cup cakes for al qaeda?!
  239. Like risk, Got skills, hows your SA????
  240. Register Phone, Stop Telemarkters from calling you
  241. Kids and Scholarships
  242. Half of Job Growth comes from McDonalds
  243. 82nd paratrooper to help lead observance of D-Day
  244. Evan Ratliff attempts to 'dissappear' and start a new identity.
  245. Stolen Valor Act in California
  246. Question about appearing on TV.
  247. Sex Slaves
  248. Another SWAT hit.....
  249. Does this make sense?
  250. The future of Fifth Generation Warfare: Follow the food!