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  1. Latin America united against US over espionage
  2. The Iranian Threat in Latin America
  3. Any members want to help wounded veterans learn to surf?
  4. Green Berets take on anti-gunners
  5. Sergeant Major Jon Cavaiani, US Army (Ret), MoH Recipient
  6. Shhhh ... Be Vewy Vewy Quiet ...
  7. Hagel orders 20 percent cut in Pentagon top brass, senior civilians
  8. I Thought I Was Going To Die: An 18X Green Beret’s Story
  9. Jesse Jackson to UN: Investigate the Racial Context Behind Martin's Death
  10. Black Floridians disproportionately benefit from Stand Your Ground
  11. Key witness in ‘Whitey’ Bulger trial found dead on the side of a road
  12. ‘Let’s go mess up Hollywood for Trayvon.’
  13. Lindsey Graham wants to boycott Olympics!
  14. Green Beret Foundation 20% for 20hrs Sale
  15. Next generation bullet proof glass.
  16. US's Role in Preventing Conflict-video
  17. Happy Vince Foster Day!
  18. Zimmerman, Martin, America: Questions Worth Asking
  19. Two SAS(R) Selection candidates die in Brecon Beacons
  20. CDC: Armed Victims Less Likely to be Harmed by Attackers
  21. Rise of the Warrior Cop
  22. Euclid boy adopts Special Forces unit in Afghanistan
  23. Zimmerman verdict spurs talk of Florida boycott, ignores other 'stand-your-ground' st
  24. Gun Rights Group Collecting Donations To Buy Zimmerman New Gun
  25. Special Operations Officials Emphasize Capacity Building
  26. Former Staff Sergeant Stabbed To Avoid PT Test
  27. Return to Black Hawk Down - 20 years
  28. The SOF K-9 Memorial Foundation to Honor Fallen Canines
  29. "Mjölnir" Authorized For Military Headstones
  30. Little-Known WWII Facts
  31. U.S. Congress threatens Afghanistan over exit taxes
  32. 19 U.S. cities have proportionately bigger workforces than bankrupted Detroit
  33. Cops Find Crime Scene Tattooed on Gang Member’s Chest
  34. George Zimmerman does good deed, family he helped won't tell the media.
  35. Japan scrambles jets after china planes
  36. Soldier's parachute deploys, gets sucked out of plane
  37. NON-VA ER Visit Coverage
  38. Remembering
  39. AF Chaplain under fire
  40. Is this an unfixable problem?
  41. Pentagon Mulling Separate Combat Training For Men, Women
  42. New Respect
  43. Good news for NC gun owners.
  44. Review – US Special Forces and Counterinsurgency in Vietnam
  45. Who serves in the military?
  46. Wounded Warrior POC @ West Point
  47. Picking on the wrong woman
  48. Victoria Cross Soldier Was 'Unlawfully Killed'
  49. MacDill AFB could lose 1,200 jobs over five-year span
  50. Colin Powell denies affair after hacker leaks 'very personal' emails
  51. Politically Correct Lunacy
  52. For you historians
  53. Whop, Whop, Whop.....
  54. History- Lake Michigan Aircraft Carriers
  55. Why Did FDR Fail to Relieve MacArthur and 151,000 Troops Fighting the Japanese in the
  56. Due Process
  57. The end of failure in education
  58. Apartment complex orders residents to either give up their guns or move
  59. Switzerland Warning
  60. U.S. Army general improperly accepted gifts in South Korea, report says
  61. “A Way” To Develop a Toxic Leader
  62. westboro baptist clowns plan to protest SGT New's funeral
  63. Senior special agent on the JFK killing
  64. China's Syria Connection
  65. DoD Weighs Major COCOM Realignment
  66. Lawmakers Skeptical of Global Spec Ops Plan
  67. Million man Muslim march.
  68. Comrade Michael Bloomberg
  69. Analyst: End of Bundled Cable Will Kill Over 80 Channels
  70. DO NOT post pics online of your loved ones from a smart phone!
  71. The Roots of Military Doctrine: Change and Continuity
  72. How Laura Poitras Helped Snowden Spill His Secrets
  73. Nation's 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods
  74. America Does Not Need the Air Force...
  75. Rahm's Chicago 'Safe-Passage' Route...
  76. 40 Maps That Explain The World
  77. Woman opens fire on group of robbers at Denny's
  78. A government afraid of itself....
  79. Document: Navy To Reduce Admirals By 34
  80. CCW Safe...How good is it?
  81. The Killing Machines
  82. Unintended(?) consequences
  83. Jeff Carney, spy..
  84. Tawana Brawley starts paying man she falsely accused of rape in 1987
  85. Well, here we go again...
  86. Military personnel punished for posting ads seeking sex in Afghanistan
  87. CT Competition (aka Douch-R-Us)
  88. The Double Edged Sword – An Empowered NCO Corps
  89. US Army Leaders Give Subordinates Two Weeks to Cut Staffs, Budgets by 25 Percent
  90. Soldier charged with role in alleged scheme to divert fuel trucks in Afghanistan
  91. NSA and GCHQ getting more overt
  92. Kid's and Deployment's
  93. Escaped convict shot after home intrusion in Iowa
  94. MSNBC’s Reid: Opposition to Gun Control is ‘Neo-Confederate’
  95. Stuttgart clinic commander, top NCO suspended
  96. Same Sex Marriage Leave
  97. Work vs. Welfare
  98. Contracted Log Hub Fuels Debate Over Excesses
  99. Facebook hacker gets a reward..from other hackers
  100. Official: Troops Look Like an ‘American Baskin Robbins’
  101. On this day in history
  102. Rain in the desert
  103. Handbook for Democrats to deliver the firearm violence message
  104. In Case You Have Forgotten
  105. I have it all, she said
  106. Bad flashback...
  107. The 5 Things Men Notice First About Women Will Shock You
  108. Dialect survey maps
  109. DOD Docs Suggest Mainstream Conservative Views "Extremist"
  110. American Legion: IRS Demands Military Records for All Members
  111. Online master degree
  112. Top Enlisted Soldier Calls Out Trashy Troops, MilFams
  113. The governments latest attack on liberty.
  114. GBF Chicago Fundraiser
  115. Detonation Cord Slow Motion
  116. How To Get Rid of Old Girlfriends ....
  117. Doing the right thing!
  118. Pentagon Can’t Afford Syria Operation; Must Seek Additional Funds
  119. Allies abandon ZERO...
  120. Petition for Chuck Yeager
  121. Nation's Only Unionized Strip Club Closes on Labor Day
  122. A battle between two jurisdictions....
  123. Apache and Red Headed Females
  124. Grounded TV Marti plane a monument to the limits of American austerity
  125. Woman to become Army JAG for first time on Wednesday
  126. Arel Castro found dead in cell
  127. Northern California County Board Votes For Secession From State September 4, 2013 8:0
  128. McCain opposes Syria strike resolution
  129. The future of Warfare is here!
  130. Afghan vets reunited in NY with 8 battlefield dogs
  131. Missouri National Guardsman and his unit protect base from attack in Afghanistan
  132. Global Warming over?
  133. Heart-warming new Guinness advert becomes viral hit
  134. ATF keeps winning...hires brain damaged man then prosecutes him...
  135. Army colonel in Vicenza, Italy, relieved of command
  136. 8 Simple Phrases To Make You Sound Like An Expert On Syria
  137. Report: West Point department head quits after sexual harassment investigation
  138. Fayetteville's Festival Park to host week of patriotic events
  139. Putin's Bluff
  140. The Curious Case of SGM Morrone
  141. Dennis Rodman & Dictator Kim Jong Un (Slave Owner)
  142. Rex Wempen, U.S. Special Forces in Korea
  143. Top States for Doing Business 2013
  144. Special Forces Lt. Col. Scott Mann
  145. Still Adventure Out There
  146. "Helium balloons lift aviator Jonathan Trappe Up for transatlantic trip"
  147. Obama Outlines Mil Pay and Retirement Guidelines
  148. War Decisions Rightfully Belong To Elected Civilian Leaders, Not Military
  149. Los Angeles GBF Fundraiser
  150. Military Pay Raise Cut: DOD “We Will Go After Military Compensation Aggressively”
  151. PETA Crashes Biker Gathering
  152. Sine Pari print
  153. Surprising Trends in Americans’ Drug Use
  154. What War Means
  155. First USAF Same-sex Couple Granted Joint Spouse Assignment
  156. Vaccine may clear AIDS
  157. Obamacare will question your sex life
  158. The Soldier of Your Dreams?
  159. Police Search for Active Shooter(s) at DC Navy Yard
  160. The Price of Syria
  161. The Devils Brigade
  162. Truckers Threaten to Shut Down DC for 3 Days
  163. Former British PM Blair's daughter held at gunpoint in London
  164. Anyone else get this offer?
  165. Inside the Muslim mind....
  166. Toby Keith
  167. New Murder Capital of U.S.A.
  168. Art leason for the morning
  169. Kurdish men in drag promote feminism in the region
  171. Va-Va Va-Vooommmm
  172. Afghan troop deaths hit record amid US exit
  173. What will you make sure and teach your son
  174. How A Nuke Almost Exploded In North Carolina
  175. 93 year old Rosie the Riveter still going strong
  176. My life of hell in an Afghan harem
  177. Army to regulate tattoos
  178. International Folk Festival
  179. Vietnam pilots' remains discovered and retruned, AF can't afford flyover of funeral
  180. Online Color Challenge
  181. U.S. moves drone fleet from Camp Lemonnier to ease Djibouti’s safety concerns
  182. Job Opportunity in FL for a QP
  183. Gun Group Plans Shotgun Giveaway in Fla to Stop Crime
  184. Question for scout leaders?
  185. Reviews: 'The Little Prince' and 'Rent'
  186. Forcing Recruits To Sing Nursery Rhymes Is Hazing
  187. Question for the Legal Beagles of the board
  188. Viet Nam POW Reunion
  189. ....Weapons, vehicles, and NODs go missing in Libya....
  190. Looking for questions?
  191. Protest Signs
  192. Commandant of Marine Corps Calls For Arming All On Duty Marines At All
  193. Medical retirement benefit question
  194. Fiscal Year End Spending Spree
  195. 4 PA Family Members Killed in Gunfight
  196. Two Marine generals fired for security lapses in Afghanistan
  197. VA Not Closed....... Yet
  198. Sandy Hook Bell Stolen Hours After Opening Of Playground
  199. Salute!
  200. Tin foil hats? Conspiracy?
  201. Author Tom Clancy (1947-2013)
  202. Clapper: Shutdown harms spies' mission
  203. Museum of the U.S. Army
  204. Shots Fired at the Capitol
  205. Sams Club open to all military members during shutdown.
  206. Video of shooting involving an Oregon state Trooper
  207. 'Black Hawk down' relic comes home to Fayetteville
  208. Safe or unsafe diving
  209. DoD Cancels TDYs and Skill Courses in Shutdown
  210. U.S. Says Navy SEALs Stage Raid on Somali Militants
  211. Police; Soldier Fatally Stabbed; May be Hate Crime
  212. Illegal immigrants allowed to practice law in California.
  213. Bill Maher Mocks WWII Vets
  214. Iraq War veteran denied university's lottery win, so rival school pays up
  215. New Air Force cargo planes fly straight into mothballs
  216. Least Essential? Some agencies have 0 employees on job during slimdown
  217. New Site
  218. NBC report on SEAL op
  219. Green Beret Foundation - Dinner at the Fort Press Release
  220. A New Low for CNN
  221. Would you like some good news instead?
  222. You're still legally dead, judge tells Fostoria man
  223. Visiting WW2 Memorial in DC on 13 Oct ?
  224. Debt ceiling and Moody's
  225. Classes and Certifications
  226. Scott Carpenter, Mercury astronaut, dies at 88
  227. Barrycare numbers "leaked"
  228. Special Ops Nominee Wants Review of SOCOM Initiatives
  229. Did Barry order the deaths of Clancy and Breitbart
  230. Laramie military family seeks exception to abandoned vehicle law
  231. Vietnam Versus Afghanistan
  232. Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to be "De-Americanized"
  233. Could the Kenya attack happen here? It did
  234. JPAC Admits to Phony Ceremonies Honoring Remains
  235. Lawmakers grill POW/MIA officials on inefficiencies
  236. POC's for training resources at Ft. Bragg (SWC/SERE)
  237. Reaper 6 Andrew J. Rafkin a book of lies
  238. Hillary Gets a Ticket, UK Media Goes Wild
  239. Army Ranger believed to be unconscious salutes during Purple Heart ceremony
  240. After Sept. 11, Special Ops Were 'Injected With Steroids'
  241. A Day at the Lake
  242. Was the Govt. shitdown a "Wag the Dog" type seniero?
  243. US Army in the market for 'Light' Tanks
  244. Red Dawn
  245. Boyhood is not a mental illness
  246. The Cultural Cognition Project
  247. NYC schools may close for muslim holidays.
  248. DC Army 10 mile race
  249. Afghan special forces commander defects with guns to insurgents
  250. Airborne Systems Features New Military Parachute Capabilities At AUSA 2013