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  1. Top 10 Ways To Ensure Your Best People Will Quit
  2. Correcting Grammar And Spelling Is Racist, You Racist Jerks
  3. Wanna get revenge on someone?
  4. A GORUCK "Welcome Party".
  5. Jay Kerwin of Boot Camp LA
  6. Building a house and lessons learned
  7. Ghosts of Baghdad....
  8. Senior NCO promotions for February are out!!
  9. SECDEF Suggests Nuclear Proficiency Tests May Be Too Difficult
  10. The Best (and Worst) War Movies of All Time?
  11. U.S. Army correspondence courses.
  12. HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals
  13. Man Fight Shark, finds time for a beer
  14. Opportunity spends a decade on Mars
  15. Pentagon Proposes Plan to Gut Commissary's Budget
  16. Some US Spies Are Saying They Would Love To Kill Edward Snowden
  17. Pentagon will review higher pensions for top officers
  18. Financial collapse??
  19. Viet Nam Memoral
  20. Pre-Olympic Video...
  21. This is how we teach our young....
  22. Green Berets, Nuclear Backpacks, Cold War, Soviet Invasion, Oh My...
  23. Taxes, and 2008 Home Buyer Credit
  24. DOD's Encyclopedia Of Ethical Behavior
  25. POTUS EO's,, who's on 1st??
  26. Buried on his Scooter
  27. American Flag sky
  28. How to make your 18C happy..
  29. Mountain Biking?
  30. Iran Commander: We Have Targets Within America
  31. Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials
  32. IWA and Enforce Tac expos, Nürnberg, March
  33. What's Going On With Military Officers?
  34. U.S. Abortion Rate Lowest Since 1973
  35. Great Lakes water levels in unusual decline
  36. VPN yes or no
  37. A Sailor’s Perspective on the United States Army
  38. FOIA - DEA constructs two chains of evidence to hide surveillance programs
  39. I want to be an NG Recruiter
  40. Congressional Gold Medal To Honor OSS
  41. Republic Suicide
  42. Airlines warned about toothpaste bombs
  43. Area 51 spy plane and other aviation tales
  44. Kalifornicate -vs- New Jork
  45. DNI - worldwide threat assessment 2014
  46. GOP Benghazi Investigation Website
  47. DOJ IRS investigation is a SHAM, NON-EXISTENT
  48. SCSO: Woman shoots gunmen during robbery
  49. Kentucky All State Sings National Anthem At Hyatt Hotel
  50. Kenneth John Boyles; another SF/MC phony
  51. Corruption Blocks Influence of Foriegn Aid
  52. Spice 250 bombs - Israeli Mini-Cruise
  53. Horses That Heal
  54. Suicide Bomb Instructor Accidentally Kills Iraqi Pupils
  55. Obama- I can do whatever I want.
  56. Detroit in the dark
  57. New NC CCW laws.
  58. US States Renamed For Nations With Comparable GDPs
  59. Why I love the Olympics
  60. Seems like they always go in threes
  61. Train derailments-
  62. The Department of Homeland Security is set to activate
  63. Drug kingpin lifestyle
  64. No Guns on Gun Ban Signs?
  65. Snowden Swiped Password From NSA Coworker
  66. Wounded Warrior Project A Legal Scam
  67. Who is TRAAWW??
  68. Islamic food for thought
  69. Is this guy legit?
  70. Two SEAL's found dead...
  71. From flames to fiery opposition, protests rock Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand
  72. Americans forfeiting Citizenship Up 221%
  73. Petition to Split California Into Six States Gets Green Light
  74. Restaurant's healthcare surcharge draws strong responses
  75. 24 soldiers to receive Medal of Honor
  76. Arlington Nat'l Cemetery - Muddy Marker of MOH Recipient
  77. More miltary get food stamps
  78. Joint Statement on the Declassification of Additional Documents Regarding Collection
  79. FFL requirements
  80. Jesus will return with an AR-15
  81. Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level
  82. Can you guess the army's nationality by its ration pack?
  83. Inside The Army’s Spectacular Hidden Treasure Room
  84. Paranoid?
  85. Selective Prosecution in DC
  86. Green Beret Kicked Off Campus For Having Service Dog
  87. SAR in Laos
  88. From Russia to Alabama – investigation into sketchy DOD helicopter contracts
  89. Sons of the American Revolution
  90. Soldiers Songs
  91. Marathon runners pay tribute to WWII vet
  92. Defend your home from burglars
  93. Strength on the Homefront
  94. The Sixth Dimension has Taken Off
  95. JM
  96. Letter Home - Translation of Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Home
  97. Army secretary approves new grooming, uniform regs
  98. My Dad's Gonna Quit Smoking.
  99. Seeking advice on family matter...
  100. Cosmos rebooted
  101. If WWI Was a Bar Fight
  102. Nazis Minister at Nuremburg
  103. Florida skydiver hit by small aircraft
  104. 158
  105. Constitution is 400 years old
  106. Filming Police
  107. Need POC and assistance
  108. Obama runs special forces into the ground
  109. The Double Edged Sword of Jihad
  110. New Attempt at Character Assassination of LTG Boykin
  111. A Warrior moves on...
  112. Ares Armor files TRO against BATFE
  113. US to give up control of the internet
  114. Blue Angels to Return
  115. TBI and impact in sports and youth sports.
  116. Not an AD but crowd control tactic
  117. WWI Battle of the Somme
  118. How Women Are Reshaping the Defense Industry
  119. Camelbak Talon J rigging
  120. Painting Auction
  121. No Flags for the Fallen
  122. Veteran Contractors Wanted
  123. Donations needed for Silent Auction to support GBF
  124. What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden
  125. Sunday morning cruising
  126. The US Army in Vietnam
  127. Happy 10 year anniversary PS.com
  128. Lipstick in Catholic School
  129. Uh oh: Rumsfeld says ‘a trained ape’ could outperform Obama in Afghanistan
  130. Problem vs Issue
  131. SECDEF Names 'Military Professionalism' Adviser
  132. Belgian humor and Obama
  133. Man Arrested, Searched For Marijuana Solely For Having Colorado License Plate
  134. Are these guys legit?
  135. Assistance with Fort Benning visit needed
  136. Green Beret Foundation PSA
  137. Moving to SOCSOUTH area...
  138. White House urges changes to clearance rules
  139. The new AR 670-1 explained
  140. Hagal considering banning tobacco on US Installations and ships.
  141. Linking Fort Hood shooting to PTSD hurts vets trying to heal, says Dakota Meyer
  142. SEAL shot in parking lot.
  143. Right out of the Twilight Zone
  144. U.S. Response to Crimea Worries Japan’s Leaders
  145. Assistance needed in tracking down LTC(r)
  146. dying ACU uniform
  147. VW's 300 MPG Car
  148. But Sergeant Major, I can splain everything...
  149. Climate article
  150. Unconventional Warfare in Communist Strategy
  151. God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?
  152. Democrat Runs On Weed and Nuclear Warfare Platform
  153. Inside FBI's relationship with military special ops
  154. New Mosquito Repellent
  155. Shumate Dive Watch
  156. Carney's PR Follies..
  157. Mini FEMA trailers
  158. Police demand DNA from 527 males in rape case
  159. New Russian ICBM, SS-27 M-2
  160. 20 Vintage Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today
  161. Wheeler: Guarantee all Americans an income
  162. ZACHMAN's framework data model process
  163. Camp Mackall boot camp helps children of fallen soldiers learn, heal
  164. Soldier to Receive MOH for Afgan Battle
  165. US Senate Race in Iowa
  166. U.S. special forces struggle with record suicides: admiral
  167. An Officer Corps That Can’t Score
  168. Chicago Crime Rates(changing math)
  169. Kansas families complain about Michelle Obama giving high school graduation speech
  170. Happy Easter
  171. SEAL Died in Dive Full of Safety Lapses
  172. SFC Liam Nevins Memorial Trap Shoot
  173. Constitution Check: If the President signs a bill into law, must he obey it?
  174. Earth Day FYI
  175. Heroes Left to Die
  176. College After SOF: A Rant
  177. 1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing.
  178. Soldier in battle to evict squatters from home
  179. Common core education
  180. NRA seeks universal CCW at national level
  181. Sudden Jihad Syndrome
  182. Michelle Obama Forced to Cancel Speech After Students Stand Up to Her
  183. Cops made no new friends in this one
  184. Shooting ranges in Olympia WA area
  185. ID weapon?
  186. California gun laws are based on racisim.
  187. Bills call for recruits to be tested for mental health
  188. Former Congressman Bonior, longtime liberal on Capitol Hill, discovers the profit mot
  189. Murky trail of US weapons into Syria
  190. West Point Camporee
  191. Democracy Has Failed Because We Have Failed
  192. Taliban claim they shot down US warplane in eastern Afghanistan
  193. Zoloft & Prozac Linked to Child Suicides & Mass Shootings
  194. Air Force complains of lack of quality drone pilots...
  195. House panel rejects benefits cuts in 2015 defense budget
  196. The Ten Thousand Commandments: The Hidden Costs of the Regulatory State
  197. Another one bites the dust. DIA Director out
  198. 82nd Airborne Division brigade commander relieved of duties
  199. Florida man used cell phone jammer for two years
  200. DIA Dedicates Building to Col. Rowe
  201. 23,169 who gave all
  202. Big budgets, little oversight in war zones
  203. Wicked Tuna
  204. US preparing team to help Nigeria locate kidnapped girls
  205. UKIP ??
  206. DoD makes last-ditch plea for compensation cuts in 2015
  207. Feds reject driver licenses for illegals in California
  208. Another example of how police respond to stress.
  209. White house tells public schools to enroll illegals
  210. Drinkable Book
  211. A tactical technique I've seen used
  212. Where were you on Mother's Day 1970?
  213. 'Climate Change' to Blame for Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls' Kidnapping
  214. DNA test proves Vietnam man is not missing Army sergeant
  215. Harvard’s War on Christianity: Defends Satanic Worship in Selective Defense of ‘Free
  216. Stories of alien versus human battles
  217. Dive by
  218. Can wetsuit design prevent attack by shark?
  219. 60,000 to get refund
  220. Non-theism Conduct
  221. Road trip
  222. Military Forced to Get Picky in Recruiting
  223. Town's white police official calls Obama N-word
  224. Utah lawmaker wants to bring back firing squad executions
  225. Police Academy training, in AZ
  226. Towson defeated the University of Oklahoma...
  227. Unintended consequences
  228. A United National Security Strategy: Revision. 16 May 2014
  229. Federal 'biosurveillance' plan
  230. Cpt Tolbert's Watch
  231. USSOCOM CDR's Address To University of Texas
  232. Green Beret Foundation 100k Discount
  233. The Tribe Scenario
  234. House rebuffs Pentagon on defense spending
  235. No respect: Navy is the least prestigious military branch in the eyes of Americans
  236. Memorial Day Comments
  237. Memoral Day Picture Thread.
  238. non kinetic kill
  239. To those who gave their lives serving
  240. Vets should be wary of CVA pitchforks, torches
  241. For all of you...
  242. The sound of radials!
  243. CNN gun law poll
  244. Retired
  245. A CNN piece I agree with
  246. May I see you Driver's License please ???
  247. US aims to identify, promote historic LGBT sites
  248. Interesting Armor Auction
  249. Green Beret Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow
  250. SFC(r) Melvin Morris