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  1. JM
  2. Letter Home - Translation of Ancient Egyptian Soldier's Letter Home
  3. Army secretary approves new grooming, uniform regs
  4. My Dad's Gonna Quit Smoking.
  5. Seeking advice on family matter...
  6. Cosmos rebooted
  7. If WWI Was a Bar Fight
  8. Nazis Minister at Nuremburg
  9. Florida skydiver hit by small aircraft
  10. 158
  11. Constitution is 400 years old
  12. Filming Police
  13. Need POC and assistance
  14. Obama runs special forces into the ground
  15. The Double Edged Sword of Jihad
  16. New Attempt at Character Assassination of LTG Boykin
  17. A Warrior moves on...
  18. Ares Armor files TRO against BATFE
  19. US to give up control of the internet
  20. Blue Angels to Return
  21. TBI and impact in sports and youth sports.
  22. Not an AD but crowd control tactic
  23. How Women Are Reshaping the Defense Industry
  24. Camelbak Talon J rigging
  25. Painting Auction
  26. No Flags for the Fallen
  27. Veteran Contractors Wanted
  28. Donations needed for Silent Auction to support GBF
  29. What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden
  30. Sunday morning cruising
  31. The US Army in Vietnam
  32. Happy 10 year anniversary PS.com
  33. Lipstick in Catholic School
  34. Uh oh: Rumsfeld says ‘a trained ape’ could outperform Obama in Afghanistan
  35. Problem vs Issue
  36. SECDEF Names 'Military Professionalism' Adviser
  37. Belgian humor and Obama
  38. Man Arrested, Searched For Marijuana Solely For Having Colorado License Plate
  39. Assistance with Fort Benning visit needed
  40. Green Beret Foundation PSA
  41. Moving to SOCSOUTH area...
  42. White House urges changes to clearance rules
  43. The new AR 670-1 explained
  44. Hagal considering banning tobacco on US Installations and ships.
  45. Linking Fort Hood shooting to PTSD hurts vets trying to heal, says Dakota Meyer
  46. SEAL shot in parking lot.
  47. Right out of the Twilight Zone
  48. U.S. Response to Crimea Worries Japan’s Leaders
  49. Assistance needed in tracking down LTC(r)
  50. VW's 300 MPG Car
  51. But Sergeant Major, I can splain everything...
  52. Climate article
  53. God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?
  54. Democrat Runs On Weed and Nuclear Warfare Platform
  55. Inside FBI's relationship with military special ops
  56. New Mosquito Repellent
  57. Shumate Dive Watch
  58. Carney's PR Follies..
  59. Mini FEMA trailers
  60. Police demand DNA from 527 males in rape case
  61. New Russian ICBM, SS-27 M-2
  62. 20 Vintage Ads That Wouldn't Fly Today
  63. Wheeler: Guarantee all Americans an income
  64. ZACHMAN's framework data model process
  65. Camp Mackall boot camp helps children of fallen soldiers learn, heal
  66. Soldier to Receive MOH for Afgan Battle
  67. US Senate Race in Iowa
  68. U.S. special forces struggle with record suicides: admiral
  69. An Officer Corps That Can’t Score
  70. Chicago Crime Rates(changing math)
  71. Kansas families complain about Michelle Obama giving high school graduation speech
  72. SEAL Died in Dive Full of Safety Lapses
  73. SFC Liam Nevins Memorial Trap Shoot
  74. Earth Day FYI
  75. Heroes Left to Die
  76. College After SOF: A Rant
  77. 1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing.
  78. Soldier in battle to evict squatters from home
  79. Common core education
  80. Sudden Jihad Syndrome
  81. Michelle Obama Forced to Cancel Speech After Students Stand Up to Her
  82. Cops made no new friends in this one
  83. ID weapon?
  84. Bills call for recruits to be tested for mental health
  85. Former Congressman Bonior, longtime liberal on Capitol Hill, discovers the profit mot
  86. Murky trail of US weapons into Syria
  87. West Point Camporee
  88. Democracy Has Failed Because We Have Failed
  89. Taliban claim they shot down US warplane in eastern Afghanistan
  90. Zoloft & Prozac Linked to Child Suicides & Mass Shootings
  91. Air Force complains of lack of quality drone pilots...
  92. House panel rejects benefits cuts in 2015 defense budget
  93. The Ten Thousand Commandments: The Hidden Costs of the Regulatory State
  94. Another one bites the dust. DIA Director out
  95. 82nd Airborne Division brigade commander relieved of duties
  96. Florida man used cell phone jammer for two years
  97. DIA Dedicates Building to Col. Rowe
  98. 23,169 who gave all
  99. Big budgets, little oversight in war zones
  100. Wicked Tuna
  101. US preparing team to help Nigeria locate kidnapped girls
  102. UKIP ??
  103. DoD makes last-ditch plea for compensation cuts in 2015
  104. Feds reject driver licenses for illegals in California
  105. Another example of how police respond to stress.
  106. White house tells public schools to enroll illegals
  107. Drinkable Book
  108. A tactical technique I've seen used
  109. Where were you on Mother's Day 1970?
  110. 'Climate Change' to Blame for Boko Haram and Nigerian Girls' Kidnapping
  111. DNA test proves Vietnam man is not missing Army sergeant
  112. Stories of alien versus human battles
  113. Dive by
  114. Can wetsuit design prevent attack by shark?
  115. 60,000 to get refund
  116. Non-theism Conduct
  117. Road trip
  118. Military Forced to Get Picky in Recruiting
  119. Utah lawmaker wants to bring back firing squad executions
  120. Police Academy training, in AZ
  121. Towson defeated the University of Oklahoma...
  122. Unintended consequences
  123. A United National Security Strategy: Revision. 16 May 2014
  124. Federal 'biosurveillance' plan
  125. Cpt Tolbert's Watch
  126. USSOCOM CDR's Address To University of Texas
  127. Green Beret Foundation 100k Discount
  128. House rebuffs Pentagon on defense spending
  129. No respect: Navy is the least prestigious military branch in the eyes of Americans
  130. Memorial Day Comments
  131. Memoral Day Picture Thread.
  132. Vets should be wary of CVA pitchforks, torches
  133. For all of you...
  134. The sound of radials!
  135. CNN gun law poll
  136. Retired
  137. May I see you Driver's License please ???
  138. US aims to identify, promote historic LGBT sites
  139. Interesting Armor Auction
  140. Green Beret Vs. Gwyneth Paltrow
  141. SFC(r) Melvin Morris
  142. 55 year old man completes Army basic training
  143. Drafted in High School?
  144. Skull found at Gettyburg to be auctioned
  145. Socialist Seattle
  146. Tactical Hunting Gear
  147. Obit for a friend, LTC (ret) Borah Van Dormolen
  148. George Jung released from prison
  149. Putting a family pet down
  150. D-Day Plus 70 years
  151. Crossword puzzzles nearly compromised D-Day invasion
  152. E&E Training lasts forever....
  153. Toilet Divers Overcome
  154. You Just Cannot Keep An Old Sailor Down.
  155. Phoenix VA salaries
  156. Soldier Gives Car to Platoon SGT
  157. 89 Year Old D-Day Veteran Politely Declines Obama Invitation
  158. Houston woman killed in car crash, onlookers steal her groceries
  159. National Debt?
  160. Paratrooper not happy about where he landed
  161. Social Security judges rubber stamp claims
  162. Airborne Beer!!
  163. Boats for Landlocked Afghanistan Sit in Warehouse??
  164. Idiot drone users
  165. Remembering Pedro 66
  166. A-10 versus B-1 CAS
  167. for Disabled Vets
  168. 100 years ago this August
  169. Benghazi panel gets ugly after Muslim woman asks questions
  170. Obama does as Obama is
  171. The British Soldier Who Killed Nazis with a Sword and a Longbow
  172. Two sides of the same dog turd..
  173. Third World Countries
  174. The PTSD Epidemic
  175. CoLawman checking in!
  176. Veterans Affairs Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry
  177. Fort Bragg command unveils memorial stone at Airborne & Special Operations Museum
  178. Story behind iconic Vietnam War photograph
  179. 'We don't do our job for awards'
  181. Favor for a friend
  182. 2-star general to oversee assessment in Iraq
  183. RU Military to Recruit 500K "Professional Soldiers" by 2022
  184. Cannon shell smashes into family bedroom in Oklahoma
  185. Why the Arab World Is Lost in an Emotional Nakba, and How We Keep It There
  186. AAAaaarrgghhh
  187. Pakistan Family Slits Throats of Young Couple
  188. Military Health Care
  189. When drones fall from the sky
  190. Former OSS spies on a mission to save old headquarters
  191. Iranian Special Operations
  192. PTR Industries: South Carolina Commemorative Rifle
  193. The Little Man Cave
  194. Court: Teen in Mexico shot by US agent had rights
  195. Unknowable laziness....
  196. Ants!
  197. Quality of U.S. soldiers
  198. 707 hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  199. POTUS Ramadan statement
  200. Living in a World That Is, Not as It Ought to be
  201. Crest on a maroon beret?
  202. Louis Zamperini, triumphant 'Unbroken' warrior, dies at 97
  203. Hurricane Arthur
  204. Some light reading
  205. Fireworks - by a Quadcopter w/ GoPro
  206. Nevada sheriff to Feds: rancher must be held accountable
  207. When Should Grandpa Give Up His Guns?
  208. Beekeepers?
  209. Math Equations.
  210. Why Professional Soldiers supports the Green Beret Foundation
  211. Shooters Grill - Rifle, CO
  212. Green Beret Slams Jesse Ventura
  213. GB Club gets a makeover
  214. Veterans and Active Duty…common ground still
  215. Veterans interested in telling their story..
  216. Mexico made deal to send more illegals to U.S.
  217. What’s it Like to Retire?
  218. Northern Colorado BOLO
  219. That Which I Love Destroys Me
  220. How the CIA partnered with Amazon and Changed Intelligence
  221. Cues to Deception in Social Media Communications
  222. Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting
  223. How to prepare
  224. Car Trouble
  225. AAR LZ X-Ray
  226. Article 15 Clothing
  227. Anyone using Zello?
  228. False Valor is False Valor...no way around it, Bubba.
  229. Hero stands up against racism
  230. Brooklyn Bridge
  231. Brain Test, which side are you
  232. Grandma is tired of being robbed. Shoots asshat.
  233. PTSD Project
  234. language school question
  235. New Toy for the battle field?
  236. Ground Zero Ride
  237. The most important battle you've probably never heard of
  238. U.A.E Special Forces Questions
  239. Asymmetrical Warfare - FEMA Preparing For 200 Million Deaths
  240. Guest conductor gives speech on beauty of Islam orchestra walks off stage in protest
  241. Texas Border Rancher Makes Frightening Discovery; Claims Proof That 9-11 is About to
  242. Land for Gas
  243. Good Idea Fairy
  244. Texas LEO Volunteers To Form ‘Border Brotherhood’ To Regulate Immigration
  245. A day at the zoo
  246. A soldier's kit through the years
  247. WW II Aircraft ID
  248. Who said the Brit's don't have a sense of humor.....
  249. Instant promotions: Switch jobs and make sergeant, staff sergeant,
  250. Hamas Tunnels Used To Target Israel’s Kindergartens