View Full Version : Jesse Watters Asks 'Are You Proud To Be An American?'

03-24-2015, 22:39
'Jesse Watters set out to get answers, asking passersby if they’re proud to be American, what they’d change about the nation and more.'


03-25-2015, 07:09
…so you have a 1000 dollar camera and you’re on food stamps?
…well, nothing is free.
…your food stamps are!

…do you listen to Bruce Springsteen?
…no, I’m gay.

...if you could change something about this country, what would you change
...the biggest things is, I don't think cops should be walking around with arms.
...then how are they going to protect you if you get mugged
...I don't think, well, ok

…do get any students loans?
…see, America helped you out – you’re welcome

silly americans

03-25-2015, 14:25
…do you listen to Bruce Springsteen?
…no, I’m gay.

I also asked him, I said 'Would you die for this country?'

He said 'I can't be in the military...I don't like to wear green'.