View Full Version : ISIS fed murdered victim to his own mother

03-02-2015, 18:31
"She was determined to find her son and went to ISIS headquarters and asked to see him.

"The ISIS men told her to sit down because she had travelled a long way and said she should have some food before they took her to meet her son.
'They brought her cups of tea and fed her a meal of cooked meat, rice and soup. She thought they were kind.

"But they had killed him and chopped him up and after she finished the meal and asked to see her son they laughed and said 'You've just eaten him.'"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2975200/Isis-fed-murdered-kidnap-victim-mother-travelled-headquarters-demanded-him.html#ixzz3THHjFr48

It may not be true, in fact, but just telling her that she ate him is horrendous enough.


The Reaper
03-02-2015, 19:08
Al Qaeda did the same thing in Iraq, killing, cooking, and serving people's children to them.

We need to quit pussyfooting around and get medieval on their asses.


03-02-2015, 20:21
We need to quit pussyfooting around and get medieval on their asses.



03-02-2015, 21:12
As to the authenticity of the article and its claims...I don't know...

As to ISIS' capability to have done what the article claimed...yep, that's something they would do...

As to ISIS...they should be annihilated from the Earth.

03-03-2015, 02:37
Whats everyones problem with this. It was Halaal. They had cut his throat first, so the meal complied with the strict food laws of Sharia. Really, some people are just knee-jerk anti Muslim.