View Full Version : California hires workers from India to process unemployment claims

03-08-2015, 17:26
First the company makes you train the foreign worker replacing you, then after you're laid off the foreign worker processes your unemployment claim.


03-08-2015, 17:33
That article is aggravating from start to finish. It's bad enough to be laid off after losing your job to someone else rather than simply downsizing , but it's insulting to lose it in the way they are having to.

x SF med
03-08-2015, 17:48
My only response to his is.... WTF? Over.

03-08-2015, 19:39
Isn't this but a logical consequence of the so-called "Global Marketplace" initiatives we (US govt and corporations) created and taught the rest of the world? :confused:


03-08-2015, 19:42
And this surprises you? I would have thought that they would have hired illegals to do that, seriously. :mad:

03-08-2015, 21:20
I think its awesome and I think America needs MUCH more of this.
...in your face America. Its time to take your medicine.

-foreigners coming to take our jobs? hogwash it could never happen - not in the USA
-besides they only do the jobs no other Americans want to do

That worm the liberals dangle in front of you is connected to a hook and no one wants to believe it until you are put on the stringer.

We wanted multiculturalism, we got it.
Welcome to the new world.

03-08-2015, 22:17
We wanted multiculturalism, we got it.

It's not "multiculturalism" - it's "out-sourcing" and we invented it and sold it to the world.


03-08-2015, 22:22
Call it what you want, I just know I want to see more of it.
...since we sold it to the world we should be making a hell of a profit and since the only people that care about us squandering Americas future are accused of being conspiracy nuts, then I say lets outsource it all. The stingy American citizens ask for too much as it is - minimum wage increase my ass - outsource it and hire some foreigners!!!!
Hell, lets fire some Generals and Cabinet members and replace THEM with low wage foreigners - THEN we'll start seeing some noticeable changes in how government is run.

more more more - I want more

Yes indeed, just wait until they start outsourcing cabinet positions; hell the Clintons are already working that angle with all of the overseas campaign donations that they collect.
Lets get this nation sold off ASAP so we can all quit our jobs and enjoy life like the democrats have been asking for.

03-16-2015, 12:04
Well, as I recall, Hillary the Shrew "outsourced" the security of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi to the "17th February Militia". We all know how that worked out. :(

03-16-2015, 20:57
Gee whiz, I wonder if they outsourced storage of their back up hard drives (DMV, Vital Stats, Medicare etc), and if so which country won the contract, and who actually owns and runs the company. Just curious!:D