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  1. CCW Training
  2. Spec Ops University Opens at MacDill
  3. www.dliflc.edu
  4. Big Picture: Operation Montagnard
  5. GBF Article
  6. Excessive sweating
  7. Romy Camargo Bike Raffle
  8. SFA Chapter 78 Event 08Oct2011
  9. Book by Stan Krasnoff of B-36
  10. SOFIC 2011
  11. SF Brotherhood and Fraternal Orgs
  12. Top SF Soldier and NCO Competition
  13. Shipping in July
  14. Presentation of Bull Simons Award
  15. SF trying to adjust Army Doctrine
  16. VA Question
  17. Hey NDD
  18. Looking to vet a retired SF troop for potential employment
  19. SF Birthday
  20. GBF Event Tonight
  21. Plan Turns Green Beret Into a College Degree
  22. New Cammies? Again?
  23. Tactical hats
  24. Ever hear of S.O.R.D.?
  25. Aaron Bank
  26. Verifying credentials CSM Thom Browne
  27. US special forces to be taught how to cook for Afghan tribal elders
  28. Does Attrition Rate reflect Society?
  29. uprising in Herat
  31. Save The Montagnard People / Montagnard Health Care Update
  32. SF NCO to SF Officer
  33. Wounded warrior resources
  34. VN Mike Force
  35. Military Info Spt Grp?
  36. Noriega Heading Back to Panama
  37. Sgt. Timothy Padgett - Invitation
  38. Green Beret Foundation's CFC number - 36874
  39. Analytical Survival
  40. 9/11, A Decade Later -- The importance of Special Operation Forces (SOF)
  41. Fort Bragg team wins sniper contest
  42. Shooter's Cup 10/8/11, SFA 78 Event
  43. Colloton takes command of Special Forces' 1st Battalion
  44. MFF Stand-by...
  45. Parents of First U.S. Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  46. Special-Ops, CIA first in, last out of Afghanistan
  47. 12 Oct 1961 First Public wearing of the Green Beret
  48. a very simple and nice documentary about the QP's
  49. Admiral gets OSS AWD
  51. V-42 Knife & First Special Service Force
  52. General Officer Announcements
  53. Recondo Certificate Hunt
  54. JFK Arlington Wreath laying article and video
  55. Senior Green Beret Retires After 37 Years
  56. pin up girl t-shirts
  57. Article About The Green Beret Foundation
  58. Sleep, food deprivation..?
  59. media censorship...
  60. Actor Dale Dye
  61. socom as a indapendant branch of service
  62. Regionally Aligned Brigades
  63. SOG AAR's (1)
  64. SFA78 2012 Shooter's Cup
  65. NYPD Contact Needed
  66. Friendly Fac And Green Beret
  67. I ETSed and want back in...
  68. Finding a training partner.
  69. Marines Disarmed
  70. Secret Bases, ATVs, Awesome Beards
  71. A Thank You
  72. SFA Convention
  73. Getting out?
  74. General Officer Announcements
  75. My son has stepped into the fire
  76. JAG Contact
  77. Memorial Day, A Sacred Remembrance
  78. Diamond Bar
  79. Looking for a Campground off of I-77 between Columbia and Charlotte
  80. Edward Leach
  81. Another big thanks!!
  82. Recent Encounter in Texas
  83. Coming Home
  84. Any members in Topeka, Kansas
  85. SF Lost data request
  86. A two chemical....
  87. Mike Force
  88. University of Texas Cadet (former 10th SFG(A) 18E) to be on ESPN Radio
  89. Military Focusing on Special Forces Health
  90. Ruck Run Record question
  91. Kenny McMullen
  92. Northrop Grumman unveils proposal for next U.S. Special Ops vehicle
  93. Ben Het
  94. Ain't Heard No Bitchin' About this
  95. Special Forces
  96. SFA 60th Anniversay Book (Scam Alert)
  97. U.S. Spec Ops Head Wants More Control of Deployed Operators
  98. Special Forces Contract
  99. Special operations growth expected after Iraq and Afghanistan
  100. The CIA and its view of the SEA War..........
  101. Lang Vei and Khe Sahn
  102. MACVSOG & Project Igloo White....
  103. 18X Enlistment Option Qualifications
  105. A kinder more gentler grenade?
  106. Leghorn...
  107. More maps including some CCC & CCN...
  108. Lima Site 85.....
  109. question of 1969-1970 SFQC
  110. Importance of Language Skills
  111. Updated: "Project Delta-Tips of the Trade"...
  112. A forgotten part of MACVSOG.....
  113. Looking for info on the "Fading photographs..." author
  114. Why Green Berets Are The Smartest, Most Lethal Fighters In The World
  115. The Special Forces Soldier
  116. Army Wants SF Training for Scouts
  117. Interesting....
  118. More videos...
  119. O-6 Billets are out
  120. WW II Mountain Rucksack
  121. Understanding Special Forces
  122. Guidance on preparing for SFRE and SFAS
  123. Last member of OSS Deer Team dies: Case Study for missed political opportunity?
  124. Afghan Commandos Step Up Their Combat Role
  125. Aging SOF Helicopters Will Have To Fly for Decades More
  126. SOF Commander Wants to 'Change the Narrative'
  127. A Sacred Day
  128. SERE Topics
  129. Airborne Test Directorate Puts New Parachute Through Its Paces
  130. A special welcome home after deployment to Central America
  131. ANZAC's at Long Tan
  132. Nirvana's lost member SF?
  133. CA License Tags: SF
  134. Survey Shows SOF Marriages On Shaky Ground
  135. Gunfighter Head Gear
  136. Kennedy Half-Dollar: Challenge Coin Question
  137. Tanner Gun Show Denver/Fort Carson Co
  138. Special Operations History
  139. FOUND: Old SF Coin
  140. SOF Contract Position Fort Bragg
  141. Was and is this still true...
  142. After Serving
  143. Referral needed
  144. The CIA and the fall of Vietnam...
  145. The Trail as of last year....
  146. GBF CFC Number!
  147. MA-10UD altimeter issues
  148. Not so Special Operations
  149. The golden days of espionage?....
  150. Norco Bank robbery...
  151. Hand job...
  152. Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald...
  153. Vetting
  154. Information about an old friend
  155. Son Tay Raid Anniversary
  156. American Embassy Kuwait Fast rope 1991
  157. 4 American soldiers earn the Colombian title of 'Lancero'
  158. Friendly FAC and Green Beret
  159. Green Beret Foundation
  160. Patches used by Special Forces
  161. Laos video...
  162. Sources: Obama Administration To Slow Special Ops Funding
  163. Active Duty Officer to SF NCO?
  164. Getting out: Question about resumes & jobs
  165. Army needs more 1st lts. for Special Forces
  167. Michigan soldier earns Silver Star
  168. What happened to the Veterans March on DC?
  169. SOF Uses SG Block Procedure for PTSD
  170. GBF Fundraiser: Operator Challenge
  171. $45.3M fund targets mental health in special ops
  172. Car Bombs in Baghdad
  173. Need some LEO help in Pomona, CA please
  174. Boko Predator
  175. Masters of Addiction
  176. Dog of War
  177. MoH recipient, Special Ops legend receives Simons Award
  178. What the Army’s New COIN Manual Is Missing
  179. Can General Linder’s Special Operations Forces Stop the Next Terrorist Threat?
  180. Am I too old?
  181. New horsepower for war zones: Special Forces saddle up
  182. Good Reading
  183. US Sends Green Berets to Northern Iraq
  184. What a Struggle!!!!
  185. Pictures from the Trail
  186. Lessons from the SOG experiences
  187. SFTG in '68
  188. Tales from the Team House Vol. III FREE Download
  189. The Next Ridgeline
  190. FREE Download Davis Memoir Ch 2 Vietnam
  191. Tales II Free and Deal on R-complex
  192. Anyone here know this guy??
  193. Jumping Straight to an intelligence emphasis
  194. Robin Sage Video - Captured Pilot Scenario
  195. Top best & worst rifle scopes
  196. Old SERE and eplanation of Code of Conduct...
  197. Tales from the Teamhouse Vol I Free download
  198. Pentagon Set to Resume Special Foreign-born Recruiting Program
  199. Young QP's
  200. What Your Facebook Posts Mean to US Special Operations Forces
  201. Media request/invitation
  202. ISIS Destroys Artifacts in Museum
  203. FOB-4 Attack 1968 & Marble Mountain Outpost
  204. Viet Nam and SEA Documents Released Under FOIA
  205. LTG Tovo confirmed as new USASOC CG
  206. Anyone know him?
  207. Dan Turner - Son Tay Raider - R.I.P.
  208. History information
  209. New GBF Website
  210. Volunteer Fire Fighting
  211. The Secret World of a Green Beret
  212. Attaining security clearance
  213. Team Coin
  214. The ol "Gabe TM"
  215. awarded medal
  216. 3 Week SFAS vs 2 week SFAS
  217. Tactical proficiency in a particular SOF unit.
  218. The case of 1st. Sgt. Charles Martland
  219. Clearance help.
  220. 1960's video on SF
  221. "Two Weeks in Hell" - SFAS - Discovery
  222. Lets help a Brother on Veterans Day
  223. How to find out if someone was Special Forces
  224. Quick Question about the MATA Mile Train
  225. SGM Dream Retirement job
  226. Prior Service Recruiting Question
  227. Killing Che Guevara
  228. GEN. Stiner
  229. Movie available on Amazon: "The Man Left Behind"
  230. Jim Miur, Friends Of
  231. class 5-83
  232. Keeping prior service rank when enlisting 18x
  233. Offered Pre-Ranger/Ranger before I sign 18x
  234. Prior Service E-5
  235. Missing POWs in SEA...
  236. Interesting article...
  237. Conditional release likely won't be approved.
  238. Battle of Zarga Jan 2007
  239. Why Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world
  240. Civil Affairs hat/lapel pins
  241. Changes to SDAP
  242. SF and SKYHOOK, a historical perspective
  243. Verification
  244. Careerism, cronyism, and malfeasance in the Special Warfare Center
  245. A Brother From the Community Took His Life, Raising Money for the Family
  246. SF Prep Course Attendance by Active Duty
  247. PDSS