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08-02-2011, 01:31
OK, so I don't know how the hell I missed this, but I was reading through some old information I had on the inital days (2001 months) of OEF-A.

And I read this

"The Afghan war has produced at least one set of improbable bedfellows: the US and Iran. That is why the battle for Herat in southwest Afghanistan on Monday, November 12, stood out from the Northern Alliance's other rapid-fire wins. Beyond giving the anti-Taliban movement a key city and control over the main routes to Iran and Turkmenistan, winning Herat may be remembered as a turning point for America's foreign relations outside Afghanistan too, because it brought the US and Iran together militarily for the first time since the anti-American Shiite revolution swept to power in Tehran in 1979. This landmark conjunction is bound to make waves in the India subcontinent, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East."

So it was planned for the two forces to work together?!

I'm not particulary read up on our relations with Tehran, but I figured it was kind of a kill on site relationship.

Anyone shed any light on this, no OpSec of course.


08-02-2011, 20:09
I apologize in advance if I am out of line for attempting to answer this, however this is what I was able to find out.

The plan, organized by General Franks and General Safavi, was for Iranian Special Forces to discreetly enter the city and form an insurrection against the Taliban. This sudden event was to coincide with the entrance of Ismail Khan’s band of Northern Alliance militia members into the city. Meanwhile, a team of U.S. Special Forces and CIA agents would oversee the operation in Tehran alongside Iranian military intelligence.
Combat operations began on October 7, 2001. Towards the end of the month, U.S. air strikes hit targets in and around Herat, including tanks, communications facilities, and tunnel complexes. This also includes the Herat airport, where Russian-made fighters were destroyed.
As planned, Iranian commandos secretly entered Herat to begin the insurrection on November 12, which successfully gave way to, what Ismail Khan claimed to be, the local uprising against the Taliban leaders. The Northern Alliance, Shi’ite Hazara factions, and a small group of U.S. Special Forces then entered the city. Herati residents also took part in the uprising with sticks, knives, and guns hidden throughout the populace. The city fell as the Taliban fled towards the mountains along the Iranian border, leaving behind several abandoned tanks. Prisoners, including Chechen and Arab volunteers, were taken to undisclosed locations.

Again, if I am out of line just kick me back into the corner:D

08-02-2011, 22:47
Thanks preacher,

No, I get the history, just supprsied we worked with Iran. That's all. However I am not well read on our recent relations with Tehran...


08-03-2011, 18:15

Good info, i wasnt aware of all that either. Also Herat is a major city/hub if will between Astan and Iran. The city doesnt look like your typical Astan city at all, its been funded by Iran with nice roads etc. You can see Iranian influence throughout the city. Theres also alot of work going on there also (OPSEC). To add to statement Preacher made, Kahn is one of Astan's warlords. Instead of getting rid of a warlord, we used him to our advantage . (Its easier to influence an indig leader with ideas that will work towards our advantage than a foreigner to come in and play king). Last im aware of, he still remains in Herat and he has a nice cozy palace there as well. Not too much more info, but it dumbs it down a lil for guys that speak "B" langauge as myself

08-03-2011, 18:45
Sorry.....This is what facinates me....

because it [battle of Herat] brought the US and Iran together militarily for the first time since the anti-American Shiite revolution swept to power in Tehran in 1979