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Austin J Rogers
01-18-2013, 12:22
My name is Austin Rogers. I am a Junior at Olympia High School at Stanford, IL. I am turning 17 in 5 days. I will be enlisting in the Army around May of June this year. I have done a lot of research on this topic and I still have been reading different things. My recruiter personally told me that I can not join the Special Forces until I am 21 years of age. But according to my online research, under this contract you can join right after Basic and AIT, which would put me at almost 19 years old. My question is how old do you how to be to obtain this contract and what other qualifications are there besides the physical standpoint and mental standpoint (GT score and overall ASVAB score)? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you,

Austin Rogers

01-18-2013, 13:59
Sometimes I wonder if people do this just to get the regulars all fired up. Good luck kid.

01-18-2013, 14:04
If I were you I would READ the sticky and maybe follow directions before starting a new thread. But that is just me.

Austin J Rogers
01-18-2013, 15:30
I understand, I'll keep looking. Sorry for the post. Thanks,

Austin Rogers

01-18-2013, 16:46
Like someone already said, read the stickies and search. I know what sort of information you're looking for though. Go to the SFAS forum and you will see there are a lot of threads in there that have exactly what you want.

01-18-2013, 16:53
Too early to worry about being a Green Beret. Try being a 16 year old first. Live your life, enjoy!! Get in trouble, or avoid getting in trouble if you like. 17? Great! Bang the Prom Queen, shoot a deer, build a car,,,,, Get drunk in a bar at a minimum!

Or maybe you could use that energy to read and research??

SF (or any other unit worth shooting for) will always be there for those who are worthy.

Whats the rush?

01-18-2013, 17:41
Too early to worry about being a Green Beret...

Totally concur.

At 16 you should be concerned with girls, sports, and friends (not necessarily in that order.) In the spare time you should be thinking about what college you want to attend and what your major may be.

At 17, and 21, you will be too young for Special Forces. Those years should be spent gaining the life experiences that will make you a more valuable SF soldier.

Lastly, you need to read the stickies and rules for each of the forums here and post an intro in the appropriate place before you post elsewhere.


01-18-2013, 17:58
I rarely disagree with my Brethren, but in this case, I'll go a little off azimuth regarding the previous advice.

Keep the Green Beret in your mind always, but concentrate on being the best soldier you can until it's time to get selected. Have not one doubt that someday you will be.

Get almost as strong and as fit as you can get, and stay that way.

You'll be stunned at how fast four years can go by, and-who's to say there won't be an age/rank waiver?

Stay out of trouble, train your body, be an excellent soldier, and be patient.

Don't worry about the prom queen-when you get the Green Beret, you can take your pick. :cool:

Austin J Rogers
01-18-2013, 19:42
Thank you all for the advice. I have high aspirations to join the Special Forces or even the military for that matter. I have been dedicating a lot of my time to PT and the ASVAB and I will continue to do so. Again sorry for the lack of research. But thanks again everyone for the valuable information. And thank you all for what you have done for our country. With great appreciation,

Austin Rogers