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S. B. Newman
07-30-2013, 13:59
Hey just wanted to let you guys know I will be in Denver at the Tanner Gun Show with my books this weekend, 3-4 August 2013. Stop by and say hello!

I will also be at the Exchange on Fort Carson 5-11 August, so hope to see you there if you live in the area!



07-30-2013, 14:03
I plan on stopping by Saturday.

07-31-2013, 09:43
me too!!!

S. B. Newman
07-31-2013, 23:10

07-31-2013, 23:28
Will be there.

S. B. Newman
08-01-2013, 08:30
See you there!

Just in case the Gun Show proves to be a bridge to far for some, I will be at the following locations over the next thirty days or so.

My Schedule for this month.
3-4 Aug. Tanner Gun Show, Denver
5-11 Aug. Fort Carson
13-18 Aug. Peterson AFB
20-25 Aug. The AF Academy
3-10 Sept. Cannon AFB, NM

I will have my books and Jrs. Bullet Pens!



08-04-2013, 11:53
Had a good time at the show yesterday, picked up two books with some scribbling in them for a good price. It was good to meet you and your lovely wife. Hope the show/tour is very successful and you are able to influence many.

Ran into another brother who's new to the area. Told me I looked better than my avatar... This whole DADT thing has gotten really out of hand.

J/K, we all had a great time prowling and growling the show. Noticed that ammo prices are only 2-3% over store prices with some still gouging at 10-30% over. Lots of M-4 style uppers and complete rifles with $600 for the basic and cheap to over $2500.

Found a probable poser - more on that one later.

08-04-2013, 13:07
It was indeed a pleasure and honor to meet you and your lovely wife yesterday. Even though you'll be down in the Springs for the next three weekends, you're still kind of "in town" as far as Colorado standards are concerned. May just have to pop down and see you two again.

Continued Safe Travels to you.

S. B. Newman
08-11-2013, 20:52
The gun show was off the hook...I love the eclectic crowds that gather. You never know what you might find! Colorado has some characters that's for sure. I enjoyed it very much.

Fort Carson is a busy place, filled with some incredible American soldiers. The folks there treated us very well! I appreciated that. Now, we go to Patrick AFB and then the Academy.

One snag I ran into was that I blew the engine on my truck as we came over Monarch Pass and I found a place to get it fixed. They replaced the engine in less than five days. Not only did they replace it, they replaced it with a bigger engine for less than I would have ever imagined. Great price, fantastic work, incredible service. If you are in the Denver area I highly recommend, the following.

J.D. Auto Repair
Owner: Beto Hernandez
15900 E. 6th Ave,
Aurora, Co. 80011

Great place to get major work done.