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05-09-2011, 12:50
Stan Krasnoff, an Australian Officer who served in the Third Corps Mike Force Command (B-36) with me and Ron Piper

Born in Shanghai China in 1939, Krasnoff became a stateless refugee in 1949 when communism took over from the Nationalist Chinese government, spent time on a Philippine island of Tubabao before emigrating to Australia. He graduated from the Officer Cadet School in 1961 as a second-lieutenant and served in the Pacific Islands

Regiment in New Guinea for three years. Served in Vietnam in 1967/68 with U.S. Special Forces on Operation Rapid Fire under command of Major James ‘Bo’ Gritz and started the LRRP (long range recon) school at Ba Ria. Worked in Army Office, Canberra as a Lieutenant-Colonel in Operations Branch and commanded an infantry battalion in 1980. Krasnoff has recently had two books published by Allen & Unwin, Sydney: Shadows On The Wall and Krazy Hor.