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Nice find, It should be put up as a sticky. :lifter

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I find it interesting that in the after-action comments of commanders of SOG that they were just as concerned then with the lack/loss of UW skills as we are today ... to the point that they were identifying cadre for future slots because SF did not have a branch, but had to go through Infantry branch to secure qualified personnel.


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Thank you for the heads-up.

Now bookmarked for future research.


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Thank you for the heads-up.

Now bookmarked for future research.

SusanIME it is better to use a download manager to grab materials of interest ASAP before IT types reconfigure websites so that collecting materials is more difficult.

When downloading materials that don't have clear cut file names, one can save the HTML source code on a personal computer and tweak it so that serves as an index/finding aid.


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Find more and more released every year! Do save these now as links have changed in the past! Also some interesting notes/links:

For google Earth users or those that aren't:

1. Download Google Earth
2. Files in this link are to various provinces in SE Asia that contain all the information regarding ordnance drops (ie. Target, date, aircraft, drop, etc..)
3. Once added into google earthe you can visually search time/targets/etc.

More on targeting data released from NARA:
http://aad.archives.gov/aad/series-description.jsp?s=464 (http://aad.archives.gov/aad/series-description.jsp?s=464)
These appear less complete that the google earth data, I see missions that are not listed in this data

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Thanks for the link BMT!

A lot of the documents concerning Vietnam are highly interesting. The Garwood case alone beats quite a few books I've read.