View Full Version : What happened to the Veterans March on DC?

04-16-2014, 22:25
What happened to the Veterans March on DC? There was a big push on Facebook to join their cause with 14K plus Likes. This was supposed to be set up by some Special Forces guys, now I can't find nothing.

04-17-2014, 08:39
My personal AAR of this event. It ended up about 997,500 shy of a million. It appeared to me to be steered astray by other political interests/groups. There were a large number of non-veterans (in good show of support) but there were also fringe groups and individuals doing embarrassing foolishness that detracted from the objective, to bordering/downright disgraceful, to the service of the veterans and the monuments, such as the guy running around in front of every news camera waving a USMC flag with a Confederate flag. I had the great honor of going there with a former 1-0 of RT NY, both of us never having been to a protest before. Thus quickly began and ended our protest days, it was my idea to go, not one of my better ideas, but we can now both say we did something we'd never done before. In my humble opinion, considerably more good can be accomplished by picking a singular cause you truly believe in, and writing, and or visiting, your representatives with logical facts, concise positions, and proposed solutions.