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Been around for awhile now - I'm amazed some reporter noticed. :rolleyes:

The Joint Special Operations University was established in September 2000 as an institution of higher learning focused on joint special operations education. Army Gen. Peter Schoomaker, former Commander in Chief of U.S. Special Operations Command, envisioned JSOU as an instrument that could meet the specific educational needs of special operators and non-SOF national security decision makers; it is a USSOCOM investment to help ensure that SOF remains a relevant force in the future.

The university was built on a solid foundation, expanding on many academic programs already in existence. Capable of full-spectrum joint SOF focused instruction, JSOU provides cohesive education support to SOF schools, service/joint PME institutions, and other non-SOF decision makers at intermediate and senior levels. The university conducts off-station tutorials and courses as well as video teleconferencing instruction to supported units worldwide. The innovative Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Program is committed to providing instructional opportunities for students that go beyond the confines of the formal classroom.


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