View Full Version : How to find out if someone was Special Forces

02-22-2016, 15:23
I am looking to find out if Loyd Paul Singletary 12/23/1946 was in any form in or a Special Forces Member of any kind. I believe Army would be the first place to look. We have found that he does not have a degree from the University of Florida, so we are looking further into his claim about his Military Service. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

02-22-2016, 15:45
Send off a request for his records - if he has any they will respond.

Well, even if they don't find any records they'll still respond with a letter stating that no records were found.

And if his response is "Of course they couldn't. My records are classified and sealed." then you know he's full of shit.

Oh, by the way, this question has been asked many, many times in a number of ways. Learn to use the search function.