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10-05-2011, 19:12
Is there anyone on the forum who works at the MFF schoolhouse? If so, can PM me the proper procedure to get an individual on the stand-by list?



10-05-2011, 19:26
If you belong to USASFC(A) the only way to get on the standby list is through your SFG(A). We (USASFC(A) G3Training) have a representative at every class sign in with a roster. If you're not on it, you will be turned away. Sorry - those slots are valuable; we have a better knowlege of the Regiment's requirements and we can't afford to allow much leeway.

10-05-2011, 21:45
The MFFS doesn't put you in as a 'stand-by.
USASOC manages the slots based on input by USASFC
PM sent

10-06-2011, 21:55
I'm with 19th Group and on a MFF Team. I've sent two guys from my ODA on stand by (each in a separate class). It's a complicated process on the guard side.

First: your state has to buy off on sending a guy who may or may not get in. So figure in P & A and O & M and a 3 day set of orders though DTS.

Once you get support from your Troop Command and State, your AOB needs to push the request to your Bn, Group, and NGB. NGB will then push the request up which then mirrors what the other guys stated.

Like I said, I sent a total of 2 guys (2010, and 2011), both got in and graduated.