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11-03-2013, 19:20
This is part of the previous question I asked here before on Dr Aquino.

I would like to talk to anyone who new/knows Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald and his case of supposedly murdering his family. You can either PM, e-mail, or we can talk about it here.

There is good evidence that the "Process Church" had members at his house during the murders and that these people did in fact participate in the horrendous murders.

11-04-2013, 09:47
I am familiar with the legal parts of his case, the location (I was at Bragg a few years sfter it happened, was at law school in North Carolina when the trial took place so it was a topic of intense conversation) and had a passing contact with the family of Helena Stoeckley (her father ran a paper and printing business in Fayetteville).

What in particular were you looking for? Last I heard he was awaiting DNA tests on old evidence that "would prove he was innocent." That was at least a year ago.

There were some earlier DNA tests that didn't help him one bit.