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09-01-2013, 15:36
I do not know how all of you feel about the CIA during Vietnam, including some of you who worked with them personally in SpecOps, but this is worrisome to me. The part I am reffering to is the section of documents under the year "1975". Especially in the one document where-by the Ambassador was in some sort of disbelief and that things would change while his whole world was collapsing around him and allot of friendly nationals and US personnell were still waiting for answers and instructions.

By the way, thanks again BMT for sharing this, and by the way, I am re-reading the book again on CSS. I highly reccommend it to anyone wanting to know what happened in CCS.


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09-01-2013, 16:21
Thanks for the link. Plenty of docs to read, and think on.

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