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09-13-2014, 12:33
The Next Ridgeline Project, sponsored by the Green Beret Foundation, is all about helping transitioning and transitioned Green Berets successfully negotiate the final trek from military to civilian success. This program was initiated by former Green Berets who recognize the need to provide assistance to our brothers who each individually face a unique, stressful, and uncertain period after retirement/ separation. This program will provide much needed information that will help unlock a Green Berets fullest potential after he takes that uniform off.

Please read the attached PDF if you would like to know more about the Next Ridgeline Project and how it can help those active, transitioning or former Green Berets in your life. Also note, that while the program was designed specifically for a very small group of Professional Solders, the Quiet Professionals of the Army Special Forces, many of the resources and assets do offer assistance to all walks of military and civilian life.

This project is scheduled to live January 2015, and is still very much being built in flight. If you are interested in this program for a family member, friend, or as a role as a potential contributor please contact us. You can PM me here, or contact LTC (ret) Scott Mann, the Program Director, at scott@scottmann.co.



Santo Tomas
10-17-2014, 07:47
This from the GBF.

Watch this vid of Aaron Anderson. He's the original OG of the GBF. I saw Aaron come into Walter Reed a few weeks after XXXXX was boots on the ground in DC. He graduated with his Bachelors in Dec 2013 and is now working for an investment company that only the most seasoned professionals get into. He got hired as a recent college grad which is rare. He is a great example of Green Berets that will be transitioning out of the military and hitting the ground running. The GBF will launch their newest program - the Next Ridgeline 02 JAN 2015- a program to keep the teamroom light on and support the guys as they go through the transition but don't wait to check it out. Watch the vid and visit the NRs website. DOL. http://www.nextridgeline.org

Video: https://www.*******.com/watch?v=WcTbj277kBA

10-23-2014, 13:53