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03-23-2015, 12:02

I didn't want to drop this into the Taps forum until we had him verified. I received an email through my work network identifying a Veteran that passed away last week. I'll drop the email thread below so you can see it in its original format. Basically the sister didn't talk to him about his service much and doesn't know anything about the SF Community. She's trying to make sure he has a beret buried with him tomorrow. Anyone know the guy or what Group he was in?


Name: James W Edwards Jr "Joby"
Age: 56
Deceased 3/17/2015 of congestive heart failure (Memorial/Funeral info at the bottom)
Dates of Service: 8/31/76-11/17/93
National SFA does not show him as having been a member.

Medically discharged while on Drill Sergeant Status so his DD-214 doesn't show a Group. I haven't seen it to see if any of the telltale schools are listed.
She has a picture of him wearing a GB with black and gold or blue and gold flash that the Army/Navy store says looks like it might be a 1st Group Vietnam Advisor flash. I'm not sure of the dates, but I think that flash was shut down before 8/76.

Email chain (newest to oldest, sic):

What I have been able to ascertain from the Army/Navy store here in Marietta, the emblem was for the 1st SPECIAL FORCES ADVISORS, VIETNAM. Does this help you help me?

There are two pieces to it. One is a cloth patch that is different for each group and in the center is a black and silver pin that has crossed arrows and a dagger. It says De Oppresso Liber at the bottom.

the emblem on his beret looks like its black and gold or blue and gold

my son just helped me do determine some things he was part of the "depresser libre" . I have a picture of him with the green beret with the and he was special forces.

Thank you for you condolences. I'm not sure what or where to look for that info. I have his dd214 and I read it but I don't see anything listed that would state that. I was told by my younger brother that he was a green beret. But Joby never talked about all of that to me. His name was James W. Edwards Jr. He servved from 8/31/76 to 11/17/93. He was a drill sergent when he was medically discharged due to an accident that render unable to perform as a drill sergent.

I am very sorry to hear about your brother. As ... said, I am connected to the Special Forces community as I was a support soldier in 20th Special Forces. As you may know, it is a very tight community and the members of the community remain friends long after they have left the service. If it is OK with you, Id like to pass along his information to his unit and to some people that served during the same period he served. Also, Id like to make sure that the beret that he wears has the correct insignia for his unit. Every unit has a different flash (the colored patch on the front). If you can tell me which group he served with, his rank and the years he served, I will make sure you have the proper beret for him.

yes he was a green beret. And thank you so much my brother ... found a green beret at a army surplus store this morning. Thank you for your kindness.

<my contact>
My business partner is connected with military folks in general. Was your brother a Green Beret or direct support? What group was he with, when and where (any deployments)? Point being we might be able to help you with the Green Beret request.

Dear Family and Friends,
Yesterday morning my brother died from Congestive Heart Failure. I am grateful to God for the 2.5 months we had to witness, share the gospel and see Joby grow in his faith in God. My heart is rejoicing in his homegoing but I miss him terribly. We will say farewell to "Joby" James W. Edwards Jr. is as follows:

3/24 Tuesday at 11:00 am
Berean Bible Baptist Church
3515 Butner Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331

Georgia National Cemetary
1080 Veteran Cemetery Road
Canton, GA 30114

Hanley Shelton Funeral Home
473 Lawrence St. NE
Marietta, GA 30060

Prayer Request: Keep my family in your prayers.
No rain on 3/24 warm weather
that we would be able to find a green Army beret for burial

The Reaper
03-23-2015, 15:02
I don't see how he could have entered the service in 1976 and claimed to have been SF in Vietnam. He would have also been 15 when the war ended for U.S. ground troops.

IMHO, the guy was a poser.

The DD214 and a SWCS records check would tell for sure, but I suspect at the very best, he might have been peacetime SF support.

On the other hand, the family is not going to want to hear that in the middle of their bereavement, and he will no longer be profiting from the claim, so I would say to let it be.