View Full Version : Moving the Family

06-22-2017, 12:38
I have a question specifically for the Xrays and Rep63s, ideally for those contracts whom have/had families prior to the pipeline. What processes did you go through to move your family if you did to Ft. Bragg?

I've read Guerrilla Factory and Chosen Soldier ; these books have given me insight into the family changes when a contract is signed and I would like some personal accounts or stories to help me wrap my head around the idea. The pipeline timeline looks like a solid 6 months or more (if selected) before Phase III begins as gauged from these books. My estimates may be off and the books are a few years old however. 2 1/2 years average if not recycled is the timeline from basic to ODA, the option for the family to stay right where they are is viable, but I'd like to look into moving them to Bragg if and when the opportunity arises.

I'll reiterate, I'd like to really know at what point in the pipeline did you move your family if you did. What sort of time frame did you have to accomplish this (PCS)?

All insight, advice and comments are welcome, but my situation will eventually mimic those in a Rep63 contract and I am looking for anything on the topic that will prepare me before this step will happen.