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11-20-2016, 11:59
If this applies to you then read on

Entitlement attitude is not limited to millennials but to many whom are joining the ranks today young and older the same sense of entitlement seems to be present and has torn away at the good order and discipline that makes the A-Team effective.

We are in a crisis in Special Forces not only from the last 15 yrs of war but also from those that are coming in with expectations in the age of social media and hyper articulation that lacks deeper understanding and thought. We need intelligent, competent, silent and mature soldiers not braggarts and showoffs the tab flexing is not good.

Special Forces is a brotherhood not a college fraternity or a social club or a gang but a group of like minded and dedicated individuals to our country.

If you are joining just to talk about being SF instead of doing what makes us SF then maybe this is not your career.

The world is complex, the global economy and political agendas drive strategic requirements 1 political decision can change the end state. A thriving economy is critical for stability and so is the threat of force critical for good diplomacy to work. Intelligence uncovers hidden agendas and motives. Even when it seems we are doing nothing of value there is a strategic purpose for what we do even if unbeknownst to us.

The problem is today is the entitlement generation never quits talking even about things they do not understand. This generation expects promotions and schools even without having earned them. It isn't schools that makes you effective it is the intelligence, imagination and problem solving individual that makes a soldier effective. Schools do little in the way of making you a better SF soldier schools define TTP's and language across the 5 Operational Groups. The millennial generation simply talks too much gentleman for those of you considering this profession this is bad for us. The more you talk the more you expose who we are and this takes away from how effective we are. The talking also makes it impossible for us to work effectively in the shadows under the radar.

Much like a good ambush catching the enemy by surprise is our strength, slowly silently toiling away building partnership capacity is our projection of strength. Force multiplication is what separates us from other SOF types regardless of what tier they are. More importantly the maturity and professionalism that allows a good SF soldier to realize it is this factor of understanding the long game and having a vision of the future that is as important to us as good maneuver is to an infantry line company. Partnership capacity is the lifeblood of stability that allows economies to freely flow in otherwise unstable markets. This same partner capacity allows the U.S./world market access to resources in unstable regions it increases confidence. If you were a corporation would you invest in a coup prone countries resources?

Social Media has given us unprecedented access to each others lives in ways that have become the norm. For those of you considering this career understand the criticality of keeping information controlled. Understand the 2/3rd order effects of sharing information with someone who has no idea the importance of it and more importantly not to repeat it.

I recommend that before seeking this profession you must develop a sense maturity, read more talk less. Learn to listen and comprehend this skill is more valuable in this job than a million dollar vocabulary and a silver tongue.