View Full Version : Student Bail Out Bag.

10-28-2014, 17:22
Jayson here and my school is sending some students to a LEGO Robotics competition. As part of the expectations, our students are required to teach a lesson that will help other students learn a particular skill. After much discussion, they decided to put together an emergency bug out bag that would be suitable for children their ages (the students are in Grades 6-8 so 11-14 year olds) in the event of a disaster. I have worked with a small group to put together the contents for a BOB that would be of use for an urban area in the autumn. The goal was to allow the bags' user to be relatively comfortable for 24 hours. The real catch is that the students are not wealthy so all items would have to be available from their homes. Firearms would definitely be a no-go!

Much of the input I gave came from what I learned on this website and from other readings. Yesterday we were given a rubric so that we would be able to give the judges what they want and hopefully improve our performance. One of the criteria is to speak with a person who would be an "expert in this field". This is the basis for my post. Given the plethora of knowledge you QP's have on areas of discussion like this, would any of you be willing to help? We are not picky and will gladly accept whatever help we can get.

If anyone is interested in helping, please PM me and I will gladly provide more information. And to clarify, this is not a long term thing. The competition is in a couple of weeks. So I am thinking a couple of PM's should cover it. But again we are willing to work with whatever we get. Thanks!