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08-03-2015, 13:05
So i was recently denied entry to active duty through the Army and was told the only i could join was either NG or Army Reserve. Since becoming a Green Beret is not an option for the Reserve i chose to work with the NG recruiter. My question is; is there any possibility of going active at any phase after selection (if i get selected)?

08-03-2015, 14:48
Use the search button. I'm sure you'll find more on this subject than you expect.

The Reaper
08-03-2015, 15:19
This question is asked at least once per month, and has been answered repeatedly.


08-03-2015, 16:33
Personally, I would recommend youngsters enlist in the regular army then make a decision to go SF, based on army experience.

08-03-2015, 18:46
Oh wow I apologize. I assumed it wasnt an already covered topic. being it wasnt brought up in the last post somebody asked (being he was immature and disrespectful, I understand now why his question was a priority). The only reason I am joining the Army is for the one goal of earning the chance to become a vital part of a group and team. Ever since the first time I seen a team walking around in Kandahar I idolized Green Berets as my gods, and that have been the only thing I could see me becoming so I have the decision and reasoning behind why all down, in case Im portraying myself as just another kid with a pipe dream and no plan. With that being said, am I allowed to resurrect a thread that is dated and see if anything has changed?

08-04-2015, 15:26
Re-read the responses to your original question and to the responses you have received to your posts in other threads of similar topics. SF is not looking for people who need their hand held. There are many resources out there that can answer your question. Let us know when you've found the answer.