View Full Version : 18x Age Waiver under 20

04-28-2017, 23:17

I have personally looked all over the internet, and can't find a concrete answer for this question.

I will be completing my degree in Artificial Intelligence soon, but I will only be 17 years of age. Special Forces has always been a dream of mine, and I wanted to pursue it before getting involved with any research projects that take up years, even decades.

I was just wondering if age waivers for those that wanted to pursue an 18x contract were available if they were not 20 or older.

I knew a man who received one in the early 2000's, but I do not know if they are still being given out.

Thanks for your time, I greatly appreciate it.

The Reaper
04-29-2017, 16:01
Where is the introduction you should have provided before posting, much less asking questions?