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12-05-2017, 22:09
Im familiar with the fact that different SFGs have different (sometimes overlapping) languages that they focus on, and that individual Quiet Professionals are assigned there languages according to the needs of the army.

However, Im curious as to how diverse the languages can get in a typical ODA. Does the typical ODA know, between all its team members, every language that its assigned SFG specializes in? For instance, is every ODA in the 10th SFG essentially guaranteed to have at least one speaker of Russian, German, Arabic, and French (plus possible extras)?

Im also interested in hearing any interesting anecdotes any of you might have concerning the most talented linguists you ever met or knew while actively serving with the SF. Did you ever meet anyone that simply blew you away with the amount of languages they knew or the efficiency with which they learned a new language? Do most guys in the SF community typically just stick to their assigned languages?

Thank you for your responses and anecdotes in advance. Im learning so much reading through these forum threads.

12-06-2017, 03:21
Make an introduction in the "Introductions" thread.

12-10-2017, 21:52
Make an introduction in the "Introductions" thread.

My apologies. Mission accomplished.

01-18-2018, 16:32
My apologies. Mission accomplished.

Their are three basic great language guys on teams but most of us are not per sey gifted in language learning but can get by in countries that speak the language they are spoken in.

1. Natives of the country we are in who joined our military

2. 1st generation who grew up speaking it at home

3. A talented language learner

Diversity (I hate that word since Obama) some teams everyone has the same language and some teams can have as many as 5-8 languages depending on whose on their team.....some of the above native guys speak 3-4 languages myself I am trained in 3-DoD 1- Public school and friends but English is the only one I am proficient in.