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11-22-2016, 09:08

First, thank you all for your service and for contributing to this excellent resource. I have searched through quite a few posts - I hope this post isn't redundant.

I am a 30 year old and will be starting a pre-med post-bacc program in the spring. I have spent the last 8 years working in finance - a decision I have always regretted. The post-bacc has a linkage to med school, and I am confident in my academic abilities and CV, so am hoping to enter med school at 31-32 and finish at 35-36. I have always had a desire to serve, so am also considering the HPSP scholarship or FAP program.

I was wondering how the selection process for USASOC doctors is conducted, particularly for people without prior service? Would my age be an impediment? I understand Family Practice and Emergency Medicine are the most desired specialties, which is also consistent with my interests (although I understand these can change). Is SFAS a requirement? If not, can doctors volunteer for the course? What does the job involve?

Apologies for the uneducated questions - it is very hard to find actual information, and you hear lots of conflicting opinions online.

I am absolutely focusing on the 25m target (performing well in my post-bacc and being accepted to med school) and all of this seems like a long way off...but I will start applying for HPSP in a year or so if this is the route I decide, so I'd like to have a firm idea going in. I have also managed to stay relatively fit and injury free.

Many thanks

11-22-2016, 15:07
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07-03-2017, 19:04
My Background
As I have stated on my profile and my Introduction post, I am an Engineering Student that is also taking the prerequisites for medical school. This fall I will become an ROTC cadet as my path to commissioning. My father was a QP turned doctor and worked in the community until he recently retired. I hold a deep respect for the ethos of the Special Forces and the caliber of its members.

What I Believe to be True
If I was to attempt (and succeed) selection before attending a medical school, I would spend mutiple years on a team before I would even possibly be allowed to go to medical school. A different alternative, if I attended a medical school just out of undergrad (and received an educational delay) I would never be allowed to attend selection.

My Question
If I had the chance to become a doctor, and I took it immediately, could I join Special Operations another way (like joining the Ranger Regiment) but later on still work with Special Forces in more of a Staff-level role? Follow-up: If that is possible would I be treated any differently for not going through the same training?

I would like to thank the QP's for the work they do. I am driven to serve the community how I can. I'm not trying to horn in on Special Operations out of some Call of Duty trip or anything like that. I know that all of these guys go above and beyond to accomplish the mission. My goal is to do my part to make sure that they get the best care possible. I know that this is a ways out on the plan but I was raised to always have a plan and backup plan ready. I don't mean to ask out of arrogance that these things are easy or given but as possible outcomes of a plan.