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  4. What is the latest in 3rd GP
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  9. Special Forces Soldier awarded the Silver Star
  10. Picture time
  11. any body
  12. 3d Group Change of Command?
  13. I'm on the way
  14. The Diamond was great
  15. anybody know this guy?
  16. 3rd group specific intro
  17. Medic receives Soldier's Medal
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  23. 3rd or 5th
  24. 3rd Special Forces Group gets new senior enlisted advisor
  25. B/2/3 Turkey Shoot '04
  26. In search of person
  27. ODA 371
  28. Need help finding a friend in the 3rd.
  29. Just dropping in and saying hi
  30. We do bad things to bad people
  31. 19 X Silver Stars to be presented, soon.
  32. The Battle of Shok Valley...
  33. Trying to find my old medic
  34. Selected 12-09 3rd / French
  35. first GB club in Afghanistan
  36. Big Money, 2/3 SFG(A) '93-'97, Intro
  37. 3d Flash Graphic
  38. Looking for an "old" friend
  39. 3rd group specific intro...
  40. Want to PCS to 3rd grp once done...
  41. Photographs from pre-deployment training at Ft. Irwin
  42. Valorous Unit Award
  43. ORDER TODAY...Newly Re-Designed 3rd Group Jacquard Tapestry Throw & Pillow
  44. Coming Home...
  45. Otis Berry, former SF????
  46. Info on Mali?
  47. Current QP's in 1/3 HQ
  48. Want to find out about a possible 3rd Grouper.
  49. Scout shepherds vision of 3rd Group memorial into reality (UPDATE: GO VOTE NOW)
  50. Contact info for 3rd Group OIC
  51. 3rd Group AOR Change?
  52. Info on 3rd group soldier
  53. 3rd group ops det dog handler program
  54. Valor ceremony to recognize 3rd Special Forces Group Soldiers
  55. Lost Contact
  56. Kandahar Oct 2010
  57. Donate to Assist Mrs. Cantrell
  58. 1-3rd SFG Receives Canadian Unit Award For A'Stan
  59. Retirement Ceremony
  60. Col. Patrick B. Roberson new commander for 3rd Special Forces Group
  61. 1/3 Lost three in the last few weeks
  62. 3rd SFG AO and Language?
  63. Raleigh Green Beret Soldier Honored At Boston Red Sox Game
  64. Did American Special Forces kill 18 Afghan villagers?
  65. New vertical wind tunnel dedicated for MSG George Bannar at Yuma Proving Ground
  66. Reporting to 3rd Group
  67. THOR Program
  68. Toby or Tommy Dennis
  69. Strange 3d Gp request, B/2/3
  70. Murder of Green Beret by Navy Seal’s
  71. MSG Matthew O Williams to be awarded CMOH
  72. Navy promoted SEAL who killed SSG Melgar....
  73. Leger?