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09-27-2007, 21:24
Hello Gents,
Deputy right now, coming back in soon as an 18E w/French. I may have an option to come to 3rd. What do you that are in the know have to say about 3rd, perhaps vs. 5th as my other option? I am looking for intel on life at 3rd as well as thoughts on deployements and how the brass supports the troop. I am not liking what I am hearing in the news with regard to the job well done by the "SNIPER." Comments from any one who knows by being there would be a great help in deciding the next ten years of my life. If you could choose right now 3rd or 5th, what would you choose and why?

Thanks for all the sweat and blood given for others my brothers,

The Reaper
09-27-2007, 21:29
This is your third thread on this, and your final warning.

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