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06-06-2010, 05:03
I thought I would never miss Bragg while I was there but after being gone and stuck in CA for the last two years I can't wait to get back.

Also on that note I've got a bit of a situation and was wondering if anyone knew the answer. I'm currently assigned to USASOC w/duty at NAB Coronado. Clearing here and getting my stuff shipped back east isn't an issue but what about when I get back to Bragg? Do I clear Bragg before I head east or do I clear and re-inprocess when I get there?

06-06-2010, 07:26
If only assigned, you should just ba able to leave. Depending on where your orders send you, report there, and inprocess.

You probably will have to clear USASOC also.

Welcome (I guess) back to Bragg

07-12-2010, 17:36
If you have to be stuck in California, San Diego ain't bad...

07-12-2010, 17:58