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04-29-2007, 00:56
I had two family members over in the Middle East. One was an 18B with 3rd Group in Afganistan and another was a Medic with 1st Armored in Iraq. It was pretty easy to figure out what to send my relative with 1st Armored. He had Army issued bandages for sucking chests wounds but no simple bandaids for glass cuts on the hand. I kept him well supplied will all sorts of medical items.

Now that I no longer need to support family members in a combat zone, I would like to help others. I never did know what to send my realative in 3rd Group because I never knew if he was home side training or overseas chasing Osama. Kudos to his parents for keeping it all quiet.

I would like to help others in 3rd Group by sending over some packages. As I am not a family member of those currently deployed and as I am of the Male persuation, letters from home and sexy photos of my hot body needless to
say are out of the question. Considering the special role the ODA's play, I am a little at a loss as to any items I would send over that would be considered good stuff as oppoessed an extra burden left behind. I guess what I am asking is aside from direct famly contact, what is most needed and or appreciated over there?

The Reaper
04-29-2007, 09:18
Is the search button broken on all of the new members' computers, or do they just have an irresistable desire to start new threads?:rolleyes: