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DA - Direct Action
SR - Special Reconnaissance
FID - Foreign Internal Defense
UW - Unconventional Warfare
CT - Counterterrorism


18A - Commander
180A - Warrant Officer
18Z - Operations SGT
18F - Intelligence SGT
18B - Weapons SGT
18C - Engineer SGT
18D - Medical SGT
18E - Communications SGT

18D - Medical Sergeant

    Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D). Major duties. The Special Forces medical sergeant employs conventional and unconventional warfare tactics and techniques in providing medical care and treatment.
  • Junior Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D3). Skill Level 3. Performs and maintains proficiency in all Major Duties-Ensures detachment medical preparation and maintains medical equipment and supplies, provides examination and care to detachment members and establishes temporary, fixed and unconventional warfare medical facilities to support operations with emergency, routine, and long term medical care. Provides initial medical screening and evaluation of allied and indigenous personnel. Manages detachment, allied, or indigenous patients, administration, admission and discharge, care, laboratory and pharmacological requirements and the initiation, maintenance and transfer of records. Orders, stores, catalogs, safeguards and distributes medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceutical. Supervises medical care and treatment during split detachment missions. Operates a combat laboratory and treats emergency and trauma patients in accordance with established surgical principles. Diagnoses and treats various medical dermatological, pediatric, infectious and obstetric conditions using appropriate medications, intravenous fluid support and physical measures. Develops and provides medical intelligence as required.

  • Senior Special Forces Medical Sergeant (18D4). Skill Level 4.Performs all duties of preceding skill level. Supervises and manages field medical activities in a conventional or unconventional warfare environment, Advises and provides tactical and technical guidance to the Detachment Commander, indigenous and allied personnel. Responsible for the planning, execution and supervision of cross training of detachment members in medical skills. In unconventional warfare environment, instructs medical personnel, manages guerilla hospitals and field evacuation nets; coordinates the operation, interaction and activities of medical facilities within an area of operation; manages battalion size troop medical clinic and its administrative and logistical support. Establishes a base stock of medical supplies and equipment, internal or external procurement, storage, security and distribution of those items. Coordinates veterinary training and support for area requiring anima transportation or use. When directed, conducts operational and intelligence planning, preparation and execution of detachment missions.
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