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DA - Direct Action
SR - Special Reconnaissance
FID - Foreign Internal Defense
UW - Unconventional Warfare
CT - Counterterrorism


18A - Commander
180A - Warrant Officer
18Z - Operations SGT
18F - Intelligence SGT
18B - Weapons SGT
18C - Engineer SGT
18D - Medical SGT
18E - Communications SGT

18A - Commander

    Special Forces Detachment Commander (18A). Commands or serves on the staff of Special Forces units. Serves in positions requiring general Special Forces experience or training. Serves as a Commander, Staff Officer, Advisor, Exchange Officer, Plans and Operations Officer, and service school instructor in positions requiring Special Forces experience or training. Conducts area studies of potential operational areas, acquiring detailed knowledge of their geography, economy, political structure, armed forces, and history. Develops and maintains foreign language capability. Plans, controls and executes foreign internal defense, strike operations, strategic reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, and other related special operations. Develops interpersonal and communicative skills to facilitate interaction with foreign officers, soldiers, and civilians.

Special Forces 18A Training Video (approx. 20MB)

Video viewing instructions
- Right Click on video you want
- Left Click on "Save Target As..."
- Select where you want to save the video file at locally
- Open File with any mpg player (i.e. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc)

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