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Delay in Basic impacts 18X candidate?

My nephew, 18X, is at Ft. Benning since 16 Oct for Basic. He was recently on a 12 mile ruck and apparently injured his ankle or foot and was OS for three days. He was pushed back 4 weeks to join the following cycle (apparently the Exodus caused a break in cycles).

The question: will injuring his ankle and or dropping back 4 weeks impact his opportunity to remain on the 18X path?

Why am I asking? My info is 3rd hand from my nephew to my sister to me. He is hearing rumors about being sent to Ft. Drum and or Korea for training. None of this makes any sense to me and I'm hoping it's all a combination of barracks rumors and miscommunication from him eventually to me.
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Unless is injured to the point where he no longer qualifies medically they have to honor his written contract. He need not worry. If they try to screw him, he needs to take up the issue w/ his COC. If that does not work, he can always file an IG complaint.

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Thank you.

Not a major injury at all so, thankfully, he should be OK. I'll be keeping a watch remotely.
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